Two Guiliani associates arrested for campaign finance violations, had one-way tickets to Europe

The Hill's Julia Manchester has the latest on the arrest of a pair of Rudy Guiliani's associates and what it could mean for U.S. President Donald Trump.


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    1. So when someone says ASSOCIATES of someone.. what does that mean to you?
      Are those friends, co-workers, someone he may have known? They use the word associate because they have weak evidence that they have any relation to Guiliani and if weak, an almost non-existent connection to Trump.
      Seriously, for fuk’s sake can you use your brain just a little bit?! I swear it won’t hurt, and you might even like it !

    2. jabberwolf They definitely WOULD NOT like it. It leads to things they refuse to know no matter how true they are.

  1. 0:30 – these men are not connected to (the ukraine thing), but are believed to have connections to that

    What kind of a commentary is that

    1. This whole thing is a stretch.. The guys had nothing to do with the Trump campaign.. They are just some guys Giuliani met before.. If knowing campaign law violating criminals implicates you in something then Democrats are in trouble too..

    2. The arrest* wasn’t connected to it, but the men were. Comprehension can be hard sometimes I’m sure.

    3. You literally left out key words.

      She said they don’t have “direct” connections to the call itself, meaning they weren’t involved when the call took place, but that it is believed that they do have some connections, working behind the scenes in some capacity.

    4. @Machete Yo Try to follow along. Guiliani has *admitted* going to the Ukraine with the intent to “gather dirt” (his exact words) on Biden.

    1. Randy Smith – I have no problems with Republicans cause I too sometimes agree with conservatives. But how can you defend trump when you know he’s totally unqualified for the job and nearly 1/2 of his cabinet has quit or got fired?

    1. Arrested for the same thing that two congresswomen were only civilly prosecuted for. Wrong for thee, but not for me. Once again!

    1. G probably doesn’t even know them. Just like all the other witch hunts, dirty pawns! Set up by the dirty filthy left

    2. What about ilhan omar and aoc? Why are their campaign violations civil offenses? Shouldn’t they be held to congressional Codes of conduct, or perhaps criminally prosecuted as well?

    3. @Joshua Smith Of course. AP News said that they “had key roles in Giuliani’s efforts to launch a Ukrainian corruption investigation” and he had lunch with them at the Trump International Hotel yesterday but there is NOTHING to suggest Rudy knows them at all. You cannot convince me otherwise.

    4. @Nicole O’leary Are they the ones that that still haven’t been proved? They started in March, if I remember correctly (AOC’s anyway) and nothing ever came of it. The only criminal things for Omar are her traffic violations and the arrest where the charges were dropped. If you’ve got any links to reliable sources, though, I’ll happily stand corrected.

    1. @The Nimble Ninja I suppose you think it’s ok that ilhan omar and aoc did the same thing, and got away with it, huh?

    1. They had proof they were doing illegal activities on behalf of the Republican Party. Downplaying it or ignoring the facts only serves to keep enabling corrupt politicians to undermine democracy.

    2. It’s a one way ticket to Europe but they had to fly here first so that would make it a round trip from where they started so what’s the point of calling it a one way ticket back? Just sayin’

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