Two things Kamala Harris wants 2021 graduates to know 1

Two things Kamala Harris wants 2021 graduates to know


Vice President Kamala Harris congratulated 2021 graduates for overcoming the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and encouraged them to consider their role in making the world better.


  1. Vice-president Harris graduates all high school students and college students alike in 2021.

  2. We need a compilation of Kamala’s bouts of laughter. Anyone would like to volunteer for doing this?

    1. Is this an SNL Skit? After this Ridiculous Incompetent Debacle going on in the WH, there Won’t be another DEM in the WH for 4 terms…..and the Dems are going to get Crushed in the 2022 SENATE and HOUSE Seats….

    2. @Bailey, L M oh my god you don’t actually believe she is honest do you? I didn’t think anyone was fooled. It doesn’t matter be cause she is an equality of outcome (equity) hire. As for competence, she is in charge of the border for how long now? She hasn’t visited or talked about it, so that pretty much answers that. However she “identifies” as female and she is definitely not white. I hope we are both using the same definitions now and can avoid any confusion in the future.

    3. @MostRobust Portfolio Oh, my God. You really don’t know that much about what she does, and you are repeating general criticism news that was posted a month or two ago. You haven’t really argued your point, but more or less proven mine. You should look up and read more about what she has done, is doing and why before tripping over yourself.

  3. I have one thing to add, it’s ok to also just work, as long it brings happiness and joy. Simple and grateful is good

  4. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016
    You don’t want to be in that group.

    1. @Free Speech The theft of 2020 was the death of some of these graduates grandparents, parents, and loved one by an purposefull pathetic response to the pandemic by an absolute fraud and con man. You people are sick.

    2. @Alex Liberals suffered from high anxiety and severe depression during Trump’s presidency. Many even made Youtube videos chronicling their TDS.

  5. I am so appreciative of this as a Professor of first year college students in fall 2021. Dr. Harris is speaking to all of us and reminding us of how wonderful you are, graduates of 2021. It won’t be easy to start college but we will be there for you hoping to guide you into your future careers. You are the most important people as you lead us out of the pandemic. Your courage will help us to face the future. All of you are so welcome to our colleges and your legacy will be a great addition to knowledge. Come to learn; to be challenged, and to excel. Above all, don’t stop advancing yourself even when other people get in your way. Go forward in your path and be encouraged by those who came before you. Believe in yourself and write down your ideas every day in a journal. Be true to yourself and encourage yourself to explore. Your ideas are only as good as you can show them. Always be clear and honest in your work. In a loving way, I hold all of you dear to my heart. This was written to encourage young people to venture into college and university life, and I only express my views of how important these students are. Thank you to the Vice President for these encouraging words!

  6. Someday in the future you will have stories to tell your grandchildren of the struggles of the Pandemic. Best of luck to every last one of you

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