TX Dem: ‘I’m Fearful My Son May Get Pulled Over Because Police Officers Were Looking For Me’ 1

TX Dem: ‘I’m Fearful My Son May Get Pulled Over Because Police Officers Were Looking For Me’


TX State Rep. Jarvis Johnson joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss why a routine traffic stop in America is “never routine when it comes to Black men.”
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  1. You know who else imprisons opposition democratically elected members of Government – Authoritarian Regimes.

    1. @Reg U Joe Biden is trying to silence anyone who calls him out over his rigged election. He would jail half the country if he could.

    1. Because conservatives have kinda been molly collyed for decades at this point and they’re for the first time hearing no and not getting it.

    2. This is what we call Texas Law. It’s only illegal when Democrats or Blacks or Native Americans do it. Otherwise its perfectly legal especially if the person doing it has a gun.

    1. @Otto Awqatty, that’s an ironic statement considering he was democratically elected.

  2. What is wrong with this country? We’ve regressed 75 years. Like this is going to keep us in in position in the world. We’ll stand strong in a new direction or forever live in a pre civil rights era controlled by autocrats.

    1. The monsters trying to cancel democracy are not going to stop at 1964. They are going to stop at 1984. Full autocracy with each and every one of us slaves to a tyranny of lies.

    2. @Reg U a rather silly moron who doesn’t understand what an opinion is.
      But since you want an explanation: conservatives stop progress.
      If you can’t figure out why that’s bad, and why it makes it so that nothing ever changes and no real problems get solved, then you don’t understand logic.

  3. Nice to see there are still some decent politicians willing to stand up to the fascists. All men are created equal.

  4. That was a Great Hour with the Brave Texas Dems! I’m so sorry that many of them got sick! Doubt it would have happened if they hadn’t had to be around so many more people, both in Texas, for the Town Halls and then in DC, for lots more Meetings! Those repugs are ruthless!!!

  5. This is what autocracy and totalitarianism looks like. We can not let them destroy Democracy in America.

  6. I hope they see me more as an ally not a threat. I have been giving you a heads up on everything you miss because I know what it means.

    I am not saying that because of this video, so don’t panic MSNBC.

  7. Unreal! Is this America today 2021? A state employee has to fear for his son’s life all in the name of politics today!! This Trump republican party has put this country in a very bad place!

  8. Matthew 27:5
    And he departed, and went and hanged himself.
    Luke 10:37
    Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.

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