TX Dem Invokes Grandmother's Poll Tax In Voting Rights Push 1

TX Dem Invokes Grandmother’s Poll Tax In Voting Rights Push

Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson recalls how her grandmother bought poll tax in order to vote and talks about the “chilling effect” that the GOP provision allowing partisan poll watchers to have “free reign” to intimidate Black and brown voters: “We’re Americans like everybody else and we should have the same privileges as everyone to go and cast our votes.”
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    1. @bob smith there were and still are many problems with voting, like when black people were 3/5 of a person and they had to pay a poll tax to vote.
      Grats on not needing an ID to vote, why won’t you fight for that essential American freedom for all americans? The right to vote is FOUNDATIONAL to our democracy, a well armed militia hasn’t been useful AT ALL since the Brits were our enemies. We have coast guards and national guards for that.

    2. @DivineDefecation agreed all American citizens have the right to vote in their district. They just have to prove they’re eligible. You know the 3/5 compromise took power away from pro slavery democrats right? You understand it was to lesson their influence in congress right? 2A rights have been beneficial to people who have defended themselves using firearms. The national guard isn’t a militia. The whole point of the 2A was to guard against a standing army and the preservation of our rights.

    3. @DivineDefecation also I don’t know if you’re aware but gun control began to keep guns out of the hand of racial minorities. I keep hearing from liberals we need to defund the police and our society is racist also we need to disarm citizens. Weird message.

    4. @bob smith wow, you just made an apologetic for the 3/5 compromise. Good on those southern dems for not giving freed black men ALL the power…

      Again, no standing army since the Brits has ever been on our soil. Militias are just breeding grounds for radical ideologies (and the most armed are of course the racist conservative ones). Your ‘self defense’ scheme on a massive scale sees more innocent bystanders injured by collateral damage than bad guys brought to justice.

    1. @fuzzymalaga in Georgia numbers were changed from trump to biden, duplicate voting, and falsifying tally sheets… that qualify as one or shall I continue… all info taken from official ga senate and Arizona senate hearings….

    2. @Billy Goat

      Absolutely correct- well stated—

      And don’t forget that does not even touch the voting machines—

      Arizona state ordered by a federal judge to provide the machines for audit—

      Funny how Arizona elections still has not provided the router passwords so investigations can take place—

      The court order is being ignored—-

    3. @mtavarez4561 yeah that alone should be enough to justify further investigations. And thanks btw, it’s been a rough go for a bit, I’m just glad we are finally getting the information out and they can’t gaslight us anymore. Changes coming!!!

    4. Hundreds of thousands more votes cast and counted in one state than actual registered voters.

  1. If it’s common place, I’m sure there’s plenty of cell phone video of those “big mean proud boy looking poll watchers” intimidating black voters into voting Trump.

    1. The Proud Boys were just a group of bikers who wanted to show their support for their candidate (That’s legal). Now they have been demonized as voter suppressors. Why am I livid about this is because Democrats are always talking about old irrelevant issues like voter suppression and anti- lynching laws, as if that’s an every day occurrence. This is not an issue today, but they are making it out to be because they need a platform to run on. If they were smart they would be better off sticking with the pandemic bc it’s a present day issue. Democrats love to play the race card bc it’s the only thing they have. Racial profiling the Proud boys but yet glorifying ms-13 is ridiculous. I’m against that regardless of what color or side you are on. These Democrats are lying, cheating, stealing to stay in office as career “do nothing-ers”. They use their office to get rich and scheme in their best interest. These people don’t do anything for their communities and constituents but maybe host a job fair every now and then. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican racism is wrong. Period.

    2. @Mimi Baldwin word… that’s why no video of those intimidation tactics exist. Democrats just can’t stand the fact that it was a Republican president abolishing slavery against DEMOCRAT opposition in the House and the fact that Jim Crow laws stem from Democrat-run southern states and counties (“black codes”) and not the (then) Republican-run northern states. It’s an embarrassment for that party to this day, that’s why they’re virtue signaling every chance they get.

    1. Because Democrats think blacks are subhuman and incapable of basic responsibility so the have to play white savior.

    2. Exactly! The only reason that they don’t want people to show ID is so they can have more votes double votes or votes from undocumented folks!

    3. @john lin Some states do not have voter ID requirements. And weirdly it’s happened more recently… Gee I wonder why

    4. Texas previously did not require you to show ID; just tell them your name and confirm address. Boom
      Go vote

  2. We need to recall
    All demócratas in Texas it is absolutely unacceptable their behaviors . We need people who work for American people not interested in their agendas . I hope try are going to jail !

    1. @Claire Deiotte I remember actually and how the press as well as Dems were screaming they were “destroying democracy” and some other nonsense. Yet the Dems do it, fly out on 2 private jets after getting taken to the airport in a chartered bus and they are hailed “heroes”. A partisan press isn’t good for anyone regardless of which side they choose. Getting just the facts is near impossible it seems at this point. That’s why I watch the hearings in full myself without talking heads with all their partisan bs.

  3. The leaders just reflect the people who voted them in office–but the people are never blamed. I wonder why?

    1. Because the people don’t actually get to decide who runs in those elections in the first place.

      Gone are the days of the log cabin presidents

  4. TX Dem makes analogy between two things that have nothing in common. There, I fixed the headline.

    MSNBC going on in with being the US Pravda, I see.

  5. And anyone that’s ever been voting knows that most of the time it’s senior citizens that actually volunteer to do the work so I don’t know what the problem is I’ve never been looked over when I voted

    1. Yes….the sweet, short, frail 65 year old black lady was very intimidating when she calmly asked to see my ID and told me which voting station to use.
      It was very scary….I felt very afraid.

  6. Everyone has an ID including black people are dems assuming they dont or cant have an ID present?

    1. @Bingeman Because it’s been their biggest whiny Battle cry. My best friend who is intelligent & normally sane person… A professional for 45 years has looked me dead in the eye and said that black people can’t get ID. She has ID and has had fir 45 years! My family members that include black, brown & white all have ID. Just an insane statement because you need ID for everything from prescriptions to banking.

    2. You are assuming that lack of ID is the only thing that is being done to suppress the vote. It isn’t and if I have found this out from England why cannot you be more aware of what your governments are doing to stop people voting. The GOP even want to have the ability to change the result if it goes against them.

  7. She talked about the past, which has nothing to do with the present. Creating an issue when there isn’t one!

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