TX Dems Force GOP To Walk Back ‘Horrendous’ Provision To Overturn Elections 1

TX Dems Force GOP To Walk Back ‘Horrendous’ Provision To Overturn Elections


Texas GOP claim they don’t know who added what they now denounce as a “horrendous” provision making it easier to overturn elections. Texas State Rep. Julie Johnson says Senate GOP “slid it in at the last minute” trying to catch Democrats off guard, but “we didn’t let it happen.” Texas State Rep. John Bucy III said Democrats gained “multiple wins” after their walkout forced GOP to walk back several bad provisions and vow to continue the fight for voting rights.
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  1. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. Hey Witless Nosepicker,
      English isn’t your native tongue (hopefully for you.)
      Your English is a good laugh.@Junie Jake

  2. The Texas republicans know their voter fraud rules are so anti-Democratic that even the two GQP-ers who wrote the bill won’t admit publicly that they wrote it!

    1. Because they didn’t
      It was written by the Heritage [Koch] Foundation they put the bill forward without reading it

    2. @James Ricker Ah yes, the man who would replace King George III. Karma would seem so sweet if it came in the form of the government seizing all of his assets for sedition then using them to pay for the entirety of either the infrastructure bill or give us all universal health care.

  3. Texas! YOU can change this attempt to mismanage YOUR votes! YOU should decide, NOT THEM! Protect your rights to vote by voting OUT the GOP who thinks of their PARTY and not YOUR VOTES! Remember! YOU VOTE THEM IN! THEY WORK FOR YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! YOU ARE BOSS! SHOW THEM!!

    1. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR Explain that to the 620,000 families of those that died from the pandemic.

    2. I agree with your sentiment, but you are talking about a state that voted for Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert. There is no hope for them.

    3. We, democrats intend to vote these corrupt good for nothing people out. I might suggest Texas be audited for voter fraud by the GOP. Paxton admitted to not sending out 2.5 million mail in ballot applications to Harris County bc it’s blue and if those people had voted, Trump would not have won Texas and I’m sure there were other democrats that might have won had Harris County got to vote by mail during a pandemic.

    1. @Gordon Dwyer Boris Johnson Calls Trump ‘Previous President’ | NowThis is the title of the video if the link keeps getting blocked

  4. Trying to Trojan Horse their suppression laws in, so they can later claim the measures were passed with bipartisan support. They do this all the effing time.

    1. When even the votes that are cast despite suppression don’t count anyway, that’s not suppression, that’s one-party fascist rule.

    2. @Jonathan Boullion Don’t reply directly to Putin’s influencers. That’s how they get paid.

  5. Why are we letting this happen

    1. Totally agree with you,, the stupid republicans are destroying America with lying.

    2. @DJT lying POS Sucks both sides lie. They are in it for themselves. The sooner you dems get that the sooner we can take our country back

    3. Its a out in the open insurrection in your face insurrection what you gonna do to STOP IT

    4. @Jarry Sciligo and this was what Trump wanted. His call to Georgia is known. Other swing state representatives were contacted.

  6. I just can not express fully how disgusted and disheartened i am at the actions and behavior of the GOP. They’re acting like they own and rule our country, alone, all for their benefit. They’ll never win elections honestly or because of merit or they have something to offer. Nope, they are working on rigging the votes.

    1. @Thomas Kremer Wealthy and corrupted CEOs, Politicians. The top 1%. In the meantime, the ignorant masses who are usually poor or working class will continue to vote for them because they believe anything these politicians tell them. Ignorance can be very profitable for the corrupted and greedy.

    2. *THE GQP HAS GOT TO GO.* _They ignore the will of the people in favor of their agenda which serves only themselves and the wealthy. They continue to support Trump and his ongoing attempts at the overthrow of a free and fair election, as well as openly racist attempts to restrict voting in future elections. They lie, cheat, promote racism and a Russian agenda, allowed hundreds of thousands of us to die needlessly, they support and protect organized criminal activity, and are openly destroying our freedom and system of justice for _*_ALL._*_ How long are _*_WE THE PEOPLE_*_ going to let a minority of hate mongering traitors control our country?_

    1. @Daniel Gallegos

      No need for data lol, just look how angry these democrat leftists get if they even HEAR any opinion that is different , that’s what woke supremacists are, people who actually try to suppress ANY idea that’s not in line with theirs.

  7. When GOP are incapable of working for the people… It’s much easier to destroy democracy.

    1. @Joe Mama I already agreed w/that. Bring me something else, because this is circular as arguments go. What I’m saying is there’s no side to pick here. They’re only talking about one side in this story. Stop w/the whataboutism. It’s BS!

    2. @Joe Mama Nope! I like that you’re allowing me to have that kind of control over you and point out your hypocrisy. Carry on!

  8. At this point the republican party should change their parties animal mascot from a elephant to a snake

  9. I feel like this is how it may have felt in the 1930’s in Europe when Fascism started to take its grip on the world.. Let’s call this what it is: Fascism. And stop calling it anything else, like “Trumpism” or “ultra right wing conservatism”. It is Fascism, plain and simple.

    1. It is fascism or technically fascist adjacent. They’ve shown us how fragile our democracy is, and how Trump had no intentions of honoring the election results. We’re living in dangerous times because of the ultranationalist who hate the country and are the biggest national security threat.

    2. Maybe the fascist agenda of Trump? There are still too many people who either haven’t put that together yet, or else have decided the Axis powers of WWII were okay after all. Need to keep that point in front of people, whatever the case.

    3. People are starting to wake up. If the shovel has a pointy tip call it a spade. The GOP trying to install one-party rule state-by-state is a creeping fascist takeover of our democracy.

    4. @D RiteMoLawzBks Agree, it’s fascist adjacent. The motivations felt by the Germans in the early 1930s are very different from this attempt which has more of a feudalist bent to it. Whereas in Germany, the working class were eager and willing to trade their vote for food on the table, this time out it’s coming from the top down, the 1% and connected trying to bring back taxation without representation. A version of the same system we fought a revolution to end.

    5. Actually it is coming from both directions. The DJT cult are not the top 1% but. are the worst part of America who have crawled out of the woodwork because their leader made it OK to hate, use violence and discriminate against anyone they don’t approve of or who doesn’t share their belief systems.

  10. Good Job Texas Democrats . The Texas GOP strategy looks increasingly like white nationalist accelerationism.

    1. Got that right! Bannon and Miller’s main objective in getting Trump elected….along with Putin: White Nationalism.

    2. @Junie Jake I think you could use your time more wisely than trolling lefties.. Why don’t you spend your time getting a qualified Republican candidate worthy of running for president in 2024?

    3. @America Unite

      Your worry whether or not the candidates are republican or Democrat and I’ll just look for policies, I don’t really go with the R or D ya know

    1. The coup continues. The GQP are trying to install fascism one state at a time. They’ve succeeded in creating one-party fascist rule in Georgia and just tried the same in Texas. They’re also trying the same thing in many other states.

  11. _“Whatever is my right as a man is also the right of another; and it becomes my duty to guarantee as well as to possess.”_
    *- Thomas Paine – The Rights of Man*

    1. @lifecloud2 Thomas Paine was, arguably, the most brilliant & insightful of all the founding fathers.

      I would encourage everyone to read his publications, like “The Rights of Man” & “The Age of Reason”

    1. @Kit Cumbie lol. Nope. Spoken like a truth teller. Sorry but the constitution says We the people, not we the government.

    2. @Joe Mama the “both sides” cry is another way of saying really one side….and the side that keeps saying both sides is the side doing the most evil…..there is no both sides here…..the rePUGNANTklans are is the party who’s trying to muck up the elections…..because they have to cheat to win

    3. @Cj Shannon you are blind. I’m very scared for my children. You’ll get it when you’re older. But itll be too late.

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