1. “TX GOP Ask Dems Not To Say ‘Racism’ In Debate On Voting Bill”

    Bahahahahaah best joke I’ve heard so far.

    1. Americans did the same thing for decades. Remember all those “armed conflicts” you refused to call “wars” in the last few decades? Yeah being a hypocrite seems to be the only thing Americans do well.

  2. Daily Reminder: Trump signed a peace deal with the Taliban in 2020 that gave Afghanistan to the Taliban in 2021.

    1. The US Military in Afghanistan was down to 2,500 on January 15th 2021, President Biden was Inaugurated on January 20th 2021.

    2. Lets not forget that trump also released the Taliban leader from prison over the objections of the Afghan government just so he could lead his men and take power…Its almost like trump was working for the Taliban. You only have two choices, either trump was working for the Taliban or trump was incredibly stupid?…Or it could be both.

    3. @BTM well considering I generally dont like trump, he isn’t my god, although u seem to enjoy defending Biden after all the crap he has done. Well, he also saved 1000 afghan lives in that deal which was the trade off. Obama did the same thing. He released 5 worst of the worst taliban leasers from Guantanamo Bay for 1 us sargeant. Also, Biden allowed the taliban to release other taliban members and Isis members from prisons in Afghanistan when we quickly withdrew. He also donated 85 billion worth of us military equipment to them including 600,000 machine guns, 2 billion worth of humvees, and more apache helicopters than 85% of militaries around the world have. Keep on protecting sleepy joe the Angel.

    1. @Click Clack look out. All of the Marxist Socialist commies are gonna get you. You’ll be safe if you continue to hide in your mom’s basement.

    2. @Click Clack says the guy who supports terrorists backed by socialists and communists. Don’t forget Terrorist Trump is supported by Communist and Failed KGB Spy, Vladimir Putin, and he even has Chinese bank accounts. McConnell is married to a Chinese Communist, whose family is apart of Xi’s business infrastructure. Nunes is constantly traveling to Russia and took donations by Oligarchs before the 2018 midterms. The father of Rafael Cruz, the Canadian Senator of Texas, was directly involved with Russian spies and Lee Harvey Oswald in the Kennedy Assassination. The entire Tea Party wing of the Republican Party is corrupted by Communist influencers.

    1. @Sharon Durschlag “making it near impossible for people of color to vote isn’t racist”
      thats not happening tho
      why are u lying?
      nothing else u said is true or has anything to do with racism

    2. @Click Clack YOU are completely wrong, and your repeats don’t make it true either. Geez, this is just too easy!!! 😝🤣

    3. @Sharon Durschlag “No matter how you play it, it’s complete voter suppression chock full off racism”
      in which u have yet to describe
      u only call it racism which means absolutely nothing

    4. @Cid Sapient When the left has no real argument they just call it racist. Notice how that’s most of the time.

  3. The GOP believes if you don’t hear, see, or speak of racism, it doesn’t exist, and they wouldn’t feel bad about themselves for being racist.

    1. @Cuz R …And Repubs are racist because they know that they can no longer win an election without making racist laws to make it harder for certain people to vote, if that’s not good enough, now they want to draw more boundaries, change voting laws in order to cheat their way into office. Yeah, just about everything they do or legislate IS racist especially if they benefit from it.

    2. @Essex121514 Sure, we label things like giving hand outs to people based on skin color racist. (Just ruled discrimination by the courts) Democrats call things like voter ID racist. News flash, black people are just as capable of getting an ID as anyone else.

    3. @Lex Ruptor im not black or white
      i find it rather insulting when white liberals try to speak for me and say my community has problems getting IDs or voting
      u know absolutely nothing about us other than we are a minority…

  4. The GOP have this way of thinking where they believe if their legislation also harms some white people then it cant be racist. You can show them stats that show how blacks will be harmed far more than whites by what they want to do but they will still tell you its not racist because it also effects whites, just nowhere near as much…This is such a dishonest argument that you have to conclude that being slightly more clever about the racism is the point of the GOP legislation. But they are being slightly more clever and at least not being blatently racist and they want recognition for it? I suppose its an improvement, if you can call slightly hiding your racism an improvement….its still racist though GOP.

    1. Pretty sure the TXGQP will put in some Grandfather Clauses if it turns out the bill hurts some of their own base. 🤷🏽‍♂️


  5. Republicans and Facebook have flagged calling out racism as political talk that is not allowed. It’s a con job we need to demand Facebook change their racist algorithms.

    1. @Alli P The racists aren’t the adults silly. So pipe down and the Real Adults will figure out how to get all the racists back under the rocks y’all slithered out from.

  6. “Disparate results” is by function how systemic or institutionalized racism works. Not everything that is racist is intended to be so; although, here in Texas it’s often not hard to see the intent.

    1. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck , it’s most likely a duck. Racism reduces us all .

  7. Silence from Republican voters who aren’t racist. Silence from Republican voters who are racist. A friend of our enemy is our enemy.

  8. This is just laughable , republicans are wearing the white robes and burning crosses in their legislation

    1. @Sharon Durschlag Because you think Blacks need special treatment! Exactly! that is racist. Blacks don’t need YOU to take care of them! You think blacks are less capable than YOU. You think YOU are better than Blacks. YOU are a racist!!

    2. @Sask Sun seekers Yet,YOU think YOU are better and more capable than Blacks. YOU are so special. I’m way down on the same level with the Black community,so YOU probably think I’m dumb Too.

    3. @Sharon Durschlag lol u keep just calling things racist but never explain wht they are in every thread…

    4. @David Eby Duh huh! Stop with those stupid assumptions! It’s not that we think POC don’t know how to get ID cards. That is your evil thoughts, not the Democrats.

    5. @Cindy Lynn So,If you think POC are capable of handling the voting process,what’s the problem? We Republicans think POC are every bit as capable as you,Cindy Lynn. Guess you have no problem now.

  9. Repubs: “It’s not ‘racism’, it’s our constitutional FREE-DUMB of selective ethnic distinction. STAHP infringing on MAH RIGHTS!”

  10. Bigots “Can’t handle the truth”; state government defied the 1st Amendment with a ban on teaching truths about America’s abhorrent extermination/exploitation of people of color. The denial of institutional racism is a testament to their awareness of how despicable it is in reality. A country that claims to promote justice/democracy has become more offensive with its contradictions each day.

    1. critical race theory that was presented in school systems is much more than teaching about americas past
      thats why its banned from k-12
      the critical race theory in college is not even the same course and is only taught to law majors

  11. Let me guess, they’ll also ask Dems not to say “Gerrymandering” when the Reps try and redraw the redistricting lines.

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