TX State Rep. Crockett On Voting Rights: ‘We Are Handing The Baton Off’ 1

TX State Rep. Crockett On Voting Rights: ‘We Are Handing The Baton Off’


Texas Democratic State Representative Jasmine Crockett says that Texas Democrats will pass off the baton on the fight for voting rights and that she feels confident that they have given it their all.

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    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 : Well, before the pandemic ? we had the lowest unemployment in decades, and after 3yrs, that’s NOT Obama’s economy anymore.

    2. @Phred Barnay so You have problem with rich corporations paying higher taxes to help middle and poor classe to survive and prosper. While people are barely surviving with pitiful wages, CEOs are giving themselves bonuses and fat paychecks. What is wrong with helping elderly with free dental, hearing and vision. The Medicare doesn’t cover any of that. Free childcare, free education, payed maturity leave are some of things that we desperately need. Don’t you think it is a time for helping us instead of them?

    1. The fight to use blatant election fraud to create a permanent one-party Democrat dictatorship? I don’t think so, ladies

    1. @OliveKatz Yeah, that and intimidation and standing in line and lying about where the polls are (I bet that happens) and just plain meanness.

  1. But what good is getting people to register and vote if the state republican legislation can now just overturn the election if republicans don’t win?

    1. @Mark M Yes, people get that. Get out and vote.
      The issue comes when Republicans pass laws which let them throw out all the votes and declare themselves the winners regardless. Doesn’t matter if every single Democrat votes and not a single Republican turns out… the Republicans in power will simply negate the election and declare themselves the winner.

    2. @Adam Taylor Yes, all of that is true. Nevertheless, voting in mass is the way to fight or one way to fight. We must fight every way we can or we WILL LOSE. If we get a massive turn out and the opposition does ignore democratic votes it may well be enough to spark democrats into useful action. I will stop calling republicans the opposition and call them what they will have become. I will call them the enemy. I suspect many others will feel the same.

      At the moment there simply isn’t the energy to make our nation what I believe it should and must become. The path is through voting, any other path gets real ugly real fast. Look at the view count on this video, just about any stupid cat video gets more action. That must change and it will change if we VOTE!

    3. @Mark M Oh, I agree. EVERYONE should turn out to vote.

      But until people can pressure their politicians enough to make them take action and pass the voting rights bill… it won’t matter.

      People need to be calling their local politicians daily reminding them that if they don’t pass the voting rights bill, that the people will have them recalled.

    1. @BidenForRetirementLiving Trust me, I double checked my spelling. It’s you that doesn’t know how to read.

  2. Democratic party stand your grounds don’t let that devil governor of Texas run you off your square stand your grounds, too many people died for what you are fighting for today do not let their death go down in shame

    1. People died so the Democrat party could use systematic and wide-spread election fraud to create a permanent one-party dictatorship? I don’t think so, ladies

  3. I applaud your strength and you standing strong on the right side of the story! President Biden, SUPPORT TEXAS DEMOCRATS! SUPPORT VOTING RIGHTS OF AMERICANS, DO YOUR MIRACLE WORK OF MAKING SURE THE BILL OF VOTING RIGHTS DOES PASS!!!!

    1. @Oppressed Speaker of truth I am perpetually amazed at how accurate your aim is when you infantile petty MAGA snowflakes describe yourselves when projecting your childish insults and accusations at others. Who dismantled LBJ’s Civil Rights Act of 1964? Who is attempting to change the voting rules in every state? Who has gerrymandered their way into surreal absurdity, little girl? So what was it was you were saying about who it is that is changing the rules, genius?  

      Who is it that knows they can’t win a fair election, so is dedicated to cheating? Your orange messiah is headed for prison where traitors and criminals belong. And you are so deluded you think you presented a credible argument, when in reality what you did is prove you are dumber than a bag of doorknobs and pathologically blinded by your own arrogance.  

      Keep pretending you are not supporting white supremacist fascism and betraying your country.  You fool nobody but your true enemy in your mirror. You are an OPPRESSOR, and a SPEAKER OF LIES. But you know that. But keep trying to deny it and see how long you can lie to yourself, junior.

  4. yea ..Abbott get out of your masters rear and worry more about the Texans your suppopsed to be protecting from a deady virus, keep them in thier homes making sure they get the rental assistance need, and protect the children who have looked up to you . Kids you may have inspired to be you one day . ..take care of them and us texans..protect us from death

  5. Too bad manchin and sinema don’t actually support our right to vote. They have chosen the filibuster over our democracy.

  6. Imagine Democrats issuing arrest warrants for the State Representatives involved in the Insurrection? IMAGINE how Republicans would respond. Yeah you know they have no problem with double standrds.

    1. @littleangel4780 Start with everyone who voted against investigating the insurrection. Republicans didn’t have a problem with the 911 commission. So why not find out what happened when some of them claim it was blm and antifa?

    2. @Mr Young-lane ask Nancy! She’s the one who is blocking 14,000 hrs of video surveillance, including the cops waving these a-holes in! My guess is that she and the FBI really did plan it. The Republicans voted down the insurrection commission because it was NOT an insurrection! It was a riot staged by the left. The left are the insurrectionists as you soon will learn! But the Republicans told Nancy “NO! We will not be part of your lies!” Good for them!

  7. Waiting for these Dems to fly to Chicago and ride along with Chicago’s finest to solve the out of control crime in that city (Dem).

  8. Why do they have to threaten them as Democrats… when the Gov. Abbott has such a problem over being in dc and just…filibustering??? You never know in Texas though. Please resolve this messy…fight over voting rights. It’s silly!

  9. Joe Manchin and sinema let them down by holding on to the fliburster. We proud of Texas Democrats keep fighting. We have to pass voting rights don’t let Republicans get away with this undemocratic voting restrictions.

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