TX State Rep. Jasmine Crockett: GOP Colleagues Have 'Lost Their Minds' 1

TX State Rep. Jasmine Crockett: GOP Colleagues Have ‘Lost Their Minds’


Texas State Rep. Jasmine Crockett says “people are just now starting to understand why we walked out.” More than 650 new laws are set to go into effect in Texas, including bills on permitless gun carry, education and abortion. She says her Republican colleagues have “lost their minds,” and at least two lawsuits have already been filed over Texas’ strict new voting rules. Conservatives “have the ability to appeal” to Black voters, says Crockett. “They choose not to,” and suppress the vote instead. 
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  1. Republicans lost their minds a long time ago. The fact that they can’t win elections without suppressing votes has only made them crazier.

    1. @Willliam Fish. You wouldn’t know what’s disinformation if it was shouted into your ears 24 hours a day, you MSNBC viewers are really easy pickings.

    2. @Willliam Fish. Look at you, liking your own comments to make your smooth brain feel better about itself 🙂 how pathetic

    3. It’s such a sign of insecurity! Nobody who is secure about themselves behaves like the GOP do. Trust me— deep down they KNOW they are wrong and they know they’ve lost the argument long ago.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera the God of Abraham
      Biblical babbling baiting brainwashed
      The written word of whom? Y’all’s enemies whose religious faith was flailing

    1. @Bruh okay, so can we drop all the kids you force us to have off at your house then? I mean since you care so very much about the children…..

    2. @KentBalzer What a stupid comment. Anti-vaxers and anti-maskers should be prosecuted for criminal negligence, instead.

    1. @Thatcher2.0 lol, that is NOT propaganda sweety, russia gate was real and so is the steele dossier. They were true NOT misleading in nature.
      We got plenty out of them, there was plenty of evidence that the republicans refused to listen to yet their intel report says quite the opposite.


    2. @psycobleach46 tullis truly shows you know nothing. And yes the original intent of the convictions was that Russia had interference in our elections, did any of those things ever pan out? Did anyone get locked up for election interference? All of the convictions made were things that were completely unrelated to what the case was about. Even poor old Rachel maddow crying in her little chair wishing things would have happened the way she completely mis reported, you’re so far gone man, youre hopeless. Only brainwashed tribalists like you don’t want to see the truth, you’re so far gone . Are you a man? If so why are you calling me sweety? Or are you something else in between? Kinda weird don’t you think?

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis keep enjoying your propaganda you looney lefty, I’m sure you’ll be on here crying about how your precious democrat politicians loose the house and Senate next year, so many of you morons are having regret and I am loving it

    4. @Thatcher2.0 lol I see you have NO PROOF to back yourself up with, typical of your kind. You just proved my point on wh at liars you people are.

  2. Rep Crockett smart young lady putting her heart and soul into working for the people! We appreciate you and need more like you!

  3. So nice to see this intelligent, sensible Texan. How she can handle dealing with so many ignorant, backwards bible bigots, I have no idea.

  4. 0% of abortions are for convenience. ZERO. I’ve never met anybody, or heard of anybody, who thinks an abortion is just the greatest thing, something that everybody just HAS to try. Never heard anybody say: “I can’t WAIT to get pregnant, so I can get one of those awesome abortions”.

    1. Anti-abortionists are like child groomers in that once their object of fascination gets too old (or actually born, in this case) they promptly lose interest and abandon them. Not a coincidence that many anti-abortionists also oppose social services like child care and welfare because saving their own money is more important than the wellbeing of children they considered sacred while they were still gestating.

    2. @Irisheddy Of course not. They’re supposed to burden lower income women then either die or keep private prisons lucrative.

    3. @Reason Anti-abortionists like you assume most if not all abortions are contraceptive in purpose, therefore “convenient”.

  5. I just want to send a personal Thank you to all the Texas representatives that tried to help all the American people…. Thank you Jasmine Crockett!

    1. Hey, Texas has a brilliant new legal strategy!
      Next bounties for nuking anti-vax websites!
      Also bounties for lawsuits on the anti-vax people!
      No Free Speech problems if it’s private citizens.
      The Supreme Court can’t touch ’em!

    2. Thanks to the GOP that stood for Texas against the crazy leftists’ ideas. Thank you for standing for life and election integrity. Kick racism and the left ideas out of Texas

    3. @Herbert Twiine “left ”, “left ” you are stuck a century into the past. Back then was “oh the communist ”, “oh the socialist ”. Grow up. Say it by the correct name: you can stand progress and progressive thinking. You feel safe in the past and in order to remain there you need to others so that no change is made and you can feel ok.

    4. @Option Z ok protecting life not destroying it, ok treating minority groups as humans not manipulating them for power, ok not yelling at people for not supporting destructive ideas, ok with out your racism and hatred. …..

  6. ‘tired of being sick and tired’ is exactly what Rosa Parks said when asked why she took a seat at the front of the bus.

    1. “Sick and tired of being sick and tired” was actually Fanny Lou Hamer, a very interesting character you could read about on Wikipedia (for example).

    2. @Scott Covert Hundreds of years ago, yes, now they’re the countries people move to for a better life. Where you get livable wages, free healthcare, social security, safety, proper rights and freedoms, no worries for minorities of being slaughtered by cops in the street, etc…

  7. So the GOPs solution to reducing gun violence is more guns in hands of people who shouldn’t even have a gun? That’s like saying to make the flood go down, add more water.

    1. There is an equivalent that actually works, back burning works with wildfires. Not saying it works with violence or guns though.

  8. Have they lost their minds, or have they simply revealed what their minds really hold? Criminals prevail as the healthy minds get stuck in the paralysis of analysis. Shock and awe strikes again.

  9. The motto of the new Taliban movement, American or Afghan,”Ignorant,and proud of it”. Remember that name, Jasmine Crockett. Moderation,intellect and sanity are so sorely needed. If we had both parties full of people like her and Adam Kinsinger,perhaps the Ship of State wouldn’t lurch between powerless and the rudder being stuck in the far-right position.

    1. The rudder has us storming to fascism.
      Texas is already there.
      Madison Cawthorn, congressman from NC has gone full blown Taliban holding an assault rifle and threatening bloodshed for “fellow Americans”.
      No repercussions for anything. He’s still in Congress.

    2. @Shane Alan
      Greetings from Europe.

      How is opposing murdering democracy and supporting bodily autonomy being brainwashed??

      Or is reality inherently left wing in your opinion?

    3. There is no future under conservative rule. Humanity won’t make it 2 decades under these circumstances.

      ’22 needs to be an unequivical routing of the GOP in all 50 states. We need to push them out of the federal govt. once and for all. Time goes forward, so should policy.

  10. Everyone whom is not a wealthy, conservative white man within the boundaries of the state of texas NEEDS RESCUE!

    HELP US!!!

    1. The 2nd Amendment was the only statement Congress made about National Defense, the Articles of Confederation having had no teeth in its provision for a standing army (there was no stated way to pay for it). The 2nd Amendment was purely a means to be sure that the state miliitae would not have local laws barring them from being armed, in case of continental invasion. Importantly it is not a tool for anyone to TAKE UP ARMS AND OVERTHROW THE YOKE OF TYRANNY. I say again, the 2nd Amendment is not so you in Texas should TAKE UP ARMS AND OVERTHROW THE YOKE OF TYRANNY. It was a statement about national defense before there were national guard units.

    2. @Jansen Art Everything racism, election integrity, protection of life, sports, education…..all you feed on is racism. We know you have used the race card to get power wherever you managed to but can’t you for once stop manipulating and hurting people with your racism ……

  11. Wild horses couldn’t get me to go to Texas! I’ve felt this for a long time. What is going on in America by noodle heads ?

  12. We need to all go out in force & vote any GOP people out. They have proven themselves untrustworthy & quite frankly, insane.

    1. @Herbert Twiine I could say the same thing except the rescue comes from Republicans dying from Covid or being REPLACED because mothers of color have more babies than White Republican mothers.

    2. @Herbert Twiine Maybe because I remember the racism of the 50’s and 60’s. Black people were not allowed to drink from the same water fountain even though they were humans. Little kids were not allowed to go to a school because they were “colored” or “negros”. I thought we had ended all this evil by the time I was out of my sophomore year of high school. Then All of a sudden DJTrumpsky got into the White House and M.A.Fu D America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @Herbert Twiine Yeah! It just won’t go away will it? No matter how hard the White is Right folks want to erase it from history !!!!

    4. *Ah yes.. because we can all see clearly what the Democrats have done to make this country BETTER? Laughable! Some of you might have not liked Trumps “mean tweets”, but his leadership was unquestionably better for the citizens of this country. After this failed democratic social experiment, Joe Biden will be left with a legacy of failures, just like his first 35 years as a Senator.*

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