1. I believe Her Majesty has delegated some of her duties since she turned 92 or so, and sometimes the dubbing of new Knights is done by Prince Charles or Prince William. But for this ceremony, clearly she wanted to do the honors herself. And I have admired her outfits, with their matching hats, for years. Her outfit today is particularly spring-like and refreshing.

    1. She โ˜ ๏ธ her own daughter because she knew how messed up this queen is. Is that refreshing?

    1. Yes! And she’s not even scared of the coronavirus. None of them are wearing mask and they don’t distance themselves. She doesn’t mind even though she falls into the most vulnerable category. Yet.. millions still can’t see their elderly relatives.

    2. @Roy’s World yes but given her status and age… She’s very brave. Or she isn’t buying the whole “we’re doomed” narrative.

    3. H Smirnov shes staying 4 – 6 ft , is 6 ft away to start, then comes in a step or 2 . And there’s 6 ppl there in total, outside.. the Captain Sir Moores familiy, I presume with him .

  2. Presidents, dictators, prime ministers come and go but her Majesty the Queen is one and only. In the face of global uncertainty and conflicts. We need her more than ever. Prince Charles is simply no match.

  3. I’m not British I’m an American so forgive me for my trashy view on this if I had the sword that long I’m not even to

  4. Congrat’s Captain Sir Tom Moore! I hope she treated you to a wonderful lunch and dinner afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

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