U.S. Accuses Chinese Government Of Playing Role In Ransomware Attack

NBC News' Ken Dilanian reports on the White House's claim that hackers working for Chinese intelligence played a role in using ransomware to extort U.S. businesses.

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U.S. Accuses Chinese Government Of Playing Role In Ransomware Attack


    1. @William Gullett the Indians lived in mexico as well and moved freely across the nonexistent border, derp
      Do you try to be this disconnected from reality or is it a family trait

    2. @William Gullett actually trump purposely released the germ, he thought it only hurt liberals
      Remember when he gleefully mocked blue areas
      And remember when he let 40k come from china without quarantine

    3. @I might answerback We are also doing the Gain of Function here in USA. And for some reasons, US have over 150 lab doing this all over the world to China’s one. Go figure!

  1. He should accuse our CIA, FBI, DOJ they remain as equally incompetent unless you were in the capital scratching the floors during the protest then and only then are they useful ?

    1. As a black person, I’d rather this country be run by the Chinese that anyone who thinks and identifies with whatever you are

    2. @Chase And liberals should know- they’re the experts on hate. White liberals hate blacks so much that they speak FOR them. You know it’s true

    3. @John Clarke I’m neither agree or against your statement for you need more content to back it up. So far let’s just call them hypocrites.

    4. @Chase It’s more than hypocrisy. Liberals (especially white liberals) feel like they get to ‘own’ racial issues just like how conservatives feel like ‘family values’ falls under their authority. We’re all hypocrites to some degree. But liberals have appointed themselves as the High Priests and Priestesses of Racism and that has to stop

    5. @John Clarke You are the one waving 1984 to back your theory up under another comment. I’d stop talking to you right here for your comment doesn’t make much sense.

  2. Well of course they did! They have already stirred up enough hate for the “Russian menace”. The government really needs to move on from the cold war.

  3. Oh well. What’s this got to do with me? Sounds like the government and corporations problem to me!

  4. Biden was talking about this the other day, then started stuttering and said ” it doesn’t even matter, you know that thing”

  5. Hold up hold up hold up…. I thought they were blaming the Russians?

    That goal post is never in the same spot lol

    1. We cannot trust the government and no, they are not interested in what “we the people” say, believe, or need. True transparency would be a great start if they want to prove us wrong.

  6. Technology has progressed at great pace, hackers have also outpaced much of our ability to keep them out and surprise surprise! They are robbing us blind. Who’d have thunk?

  7. _”I believe Chairman Xi. His denial was powerful-“_ Oh wait, was thinking of Helsinki.

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