U.S. And Iran Each Appear To Step Back From Further Military Escalation | Deadline | MSNBC

U.S. And Iran Each Appear To Step Back From Further Military Escalation | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. Changing the Subject (Aka Forget North Korea, Let’s Start a War with Iran!)

    My best friend Kim said Christmas
    Was a good time for giving
    Who wants any forgiving?
    When a war can stop the living!

    Let’s escalate the tension
    As that always does the trick
    It is also quite theatric
    And exciting being scared sick!

    There is no time for talking
    Nor time for diplomacy
    Because my lips slowly. See
    How thinking does dip low with me

    One threat, that is not enough
    So let us fight with Iran
    Fire and fury wither an
    Old accord once made with Terhan

    Now foes are quite hard to trust
    It is hard to hold them near
    Playing “Texts That Scold ‘Em”. Fear
    And aggression costs very dear

    But it’s a price worth paying
    That’s a lesson I will teach
    And the parable I’ll preach
    To distract from that word “impeach”!

  2. Nothing has changed. One minute Trump is threatening fire and fury at North Korea and the next he’s having a burger with Kim Jong Un. Is he a fictitious president?

    1. PROUD AMERICAN TRUCKER you are stupid and there is no help for your affliction. But look at it this way: you are clueless and it must be bliss.

    2. He is a fake president. A trojan horse. He is a brainless, gutless buffoon. A coward and a russian puppet.

  3. Trump did all of this to show off to his Mar a lago crowd. He wanted his golfing buddies to talk about something other than impeachment.

    1. He has blood on his hands now. Direct pathway this time. Welcome to the show Donald. It gets easier each time.

    2. @october71777 He had blood on his hands since he bombed Syria based on fake news. Only the poor people he killed then weren’t important.

  4. Certainly surreal. It makes no sense. Millions of people mourning, the whole world on edge, and it’s a blunder.
    Seems lopsided.

    1. That’s Because It Wasn’t Suspended To Happen In The First Place!!!!!! WH And People In It Don’t Know What Their Doing!!!!!!

  5. So the man who dodged the draft 4 times with false claims of bones spurs. The guy who has never had a fight in his life, never thrown a punch in his life, couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag, is portraying himself as a tough guy leader who is the savior of America. What a joke. What’s even more funny yet sadder are the people that follow this cult leader.

    1. Trump was on the fake wrestling show of WWE but that is as closest he got to a real battle. But he likes fake shows like that as fox news proved.

    2. There is NOTHING in the least bit amusing about having a literally insane POTUS who considers himself King with his hands on the nuclear codes and him totally acting on impulse.

  6. Stay woke… Smh, the interview with the Iraq prime minister said as those missiles were being launched that when the strike they was going to announce that it was them. Stand down, I don’t think so.. Sadly. The generals daughter demanded revenge for her father’s death and you really think they are going to lay down. Wait for it.😏

  7. What’s up with this speech to the American people today by Lucifer the self declared dictator of the world…he sets a stage with hIs generals, Vice President, and military commanders standing on stage with the large door centered and opening with a bright light behind him like he is the Chosen One…Pure evil…wake up…

  8. Appluaded for potentially starting WWlll but having the Iranians show restraint? Ok…
    The bar is so pathetically low for this President.

  9. Someone must have lassoed him in and stifled him. Why are these clowns protecting this mental patient

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