U.S. Cannot Explain 143 UFO Reports | MSNBC 1

U.S. Cannot Explain 143 UFO Reports | MSNBC


NBC’s Geoff Bennett is joined by The New Yorker staff writer, Gideon Lewis-Kraus to discuss 143 unresolved UFO reports.
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    1. when the most advanced military and intelligence apparatus in the world cant identify objects flying around our skies thats not a good thing

  1. Well it’s a very large universe so anyone with a brain cell should know it’s not just for us , that’s just stupid.

    1. @Reg U Yes, but highly unlikely that we would have near neighbors from a planet close enough to warrant exploration. It is also highly unlikely that we would exist if were not for the five major extinctions and some of the minor extinctions that occurred on Earth. This is petty, so sorry, but Cosmologists have never surmised numbers of Galaxies in our Universe to be in the Trillions, only in the Billions, like between 100 to 200B.

    2. agreed. They are kind of saying no human has the technology currently to make these things but it cannot be made by anyone other than humans…

    3. @Yeah ok You say the chances are minute. As you drift off to sleep tonight pick a direction. North, South, East ,West…then get in your ship and start flying. will you ever fly by a planet that can sustain life when your ship will never stop. ever…

    4. @Roger Jamespaul were does space end ?
      Because only there does the possibility’s of other life come to a stop

    1. 100% project blue beam are people actually this stupid now first a pandemic now this lol democrats are back

    2. @John Gozz1973 so you’re saying that there’s not 600,000+ dead in the US? Strange that some of these were during the false prophet baby cheesus term. It’s highly possible they were coming to protect us 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Now they feel no need….yet.

    1. @Luay Not to mention, being tracked on RADAR at *thousands* of miles-per-hour, then stopping suddenly and making a right-angle turn.

  2. Really? Has it ever occurred to you that that’s why the U stands for “Unidentified?”

    This is what you’ve come to?

  3. As to an explanation, limited options. Given some of the extreme high speed, gravity defying capabilities “clutter and garbage bags” are off the list. It’s either a foreign adversary who’s made a multi-generational jump in technology or it’s not off this planet. This has been going on for 70 years – I don’t think it’s the Russians or the Chinese.

    1. We don’t know if these capabilities are real. The report goes to great lengths to make clear that it should NOT be taken as a given that they are. That remains to be seen upon further rigorous analysis.

  4. The U.S. Government report basically says that Unidentified Flying Objects are Unidentified Flying Objects…🙄

  5. Aliens looking for intelligent life on Earth, seeing the GQP talk about space lasers and wildfires, and being like, “nah, nothing here, let’s try that star!”
    . ⭐
    . 🌎

    1. 😃 I so hope it’s aliens. Obviously they are mostly benevolent and may be willing to help us clean up our mess. I have exactly zero confidence we can do it on our own. We are to moronic.

  6. For four years the USA had an orange alien for a president.
    Why wait until now to take an interest in UFOs?

  7. Just because you dont know what a being is doing doesn’t make it bad. Humans stop being a bunch of Karens.

  8. IS’T IT AMAZING HOW “WHITE HOUSE” Intelligence leaks just “Magically” Stopped. (After Trump Left the WH.) Tells me everything I need to know.
    “Dastardly Deeds”. And Most of the individuals are still working at the White House. How “Ironic”.

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    1. Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him

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  10. The pilots saw “something”, or maybe their imagining system had a glitch. I’m less interested in the opinion of a writer, than I would be of a phenomenologist, you know a guy with a PhD in astrophysics. Bring on an expert, not a pontificator.

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