U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Says Dealing With Jan. 6 Is ‘Nonstop’ For Him 1

U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Says Dealing With Jan. 6 Is ‘Nonstop’ For Him


U.S. Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell on how he has dealt with the aftermath of 1/6 everyday since and expresses his disappointment that more lawmakers do not want to investigate the events of that day.

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    1. @calm 104 wrong…ALL POLITICIANS r exactly the same. Puppets controlled by puppet masters…if u think the puppets r bad, u don’t want to know what the mind programming puppet masters r going to do…covid… just a trial run…

    2. @Phyllis Irwin Joe is a practicing Christian unlike widdle donnie who never cracked a Bible in his life.

    1. Trump never even called Officer Brian Sicknick’s family. Can you imagine if Biden would have been so disrespectful.

    2. Pence and prolly a few others may not have made it out of there if it weren’t for these cops putting their lives on the line. since they built a gallows for his a**. but hey only an undemocratic vice president would continue on with this unethical party after being inches from losing his life from his own ppl. laughing stock is what they are..

    3. @Richard Hutchison He never called cop’s mom when she was grieving, don’t know about other cop. 1 that was a veteran.

    4. Trump failed America and all true American people
      Such a sick pup
      But he only used his words
      He couldn’t fight for his Country before
      They tried 5 times to draft him
      But poor guy
      Bone spurs kept him back
      But he can play golf for days

    1. All I need to know is there anybody around me that’s voting Republican. I need them to get from round me period, OK, because you don’t have a brain Between your ears.

    2. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell you need a team of physiatrists, working around the clock for 4 years to fix your tiny orange shitstained brain. Get help bro. Insane in the membrane

    3. @Jock Young One of America’s greatest presidents served his terms confined to a wheel chair. Physical frailty doesn’t make one an incapable POTUS. However thin skin sure made widdle donnie a whiner and a failure.

  1. Daily Reminder: January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election

    1. Trump incited a insurrection and a attempted coup against a democratically elected government.

    2. @Nick Bainard stop spreading lies cops walked around with the peaceful protesters. You can’t explain that can you Also they left on THIER own without any weapons found in the capital

    3. @Romeo We ain’t the ones likening trump to freaking Jesus, now that’s a cult. You’re delusional!

  2. Never forget. Republicans voted against giving this man a commendation for stopping Mike Pence’s murder.

    1. @LX N if you think what happened at the capital was insurrection and not a riot, then you should also agree that what happened in Portland was insurrection. They literally took over a US city and they were dealt with kid gloves. They were literally caught and released by the local politicians. Can’t point the finger on one incident/side and not the other.

    2. @David Wallace that’s the problem with people, they assume a lot of things because of a difference of opinion.

    3. @SoTex Mex who’s assuming the republicans don’t want to do anything they don’t want to have real discussions on the issues and find ways to improve this country

    4. @SoTex Mex dealt with kid gloves yeah rite the ones who were handled with kid gloves was those people who listened to Donald’s lies and tried to overturn an election so yeah thats a insurrection not a riot the people in Portland were protesting racism theirs proof of racism their isn’t any of fraud

    5. @SoTex Mex, image? Imagine that! Except for you’re wrong, I actually inherited my mother’s house and I owe nothing. And I still live here and love it!

  3. I commend the Capitol Police for guarding and upholding their oath to guard the US Capital. The Republican Legislators have failed to defend the US Police forces despite their rants of Democrats defunding the Police. Are Republicans only interested in being loyal Donald Trump cronies or law abiding US Citizens who’ll defend the US Constitution?

  4. “Stand back and stand by” said Trump to the proud boys indicating to me that he knew what was going to happen. If he knew, other Republican senators and congressman knew. That is why this investigation is a must and why Republicans are running from it as fast as they can.

    1. If you’re a Republican politician who has not acknowledged Biden and Harris as the rightful POTUS and V POTUS you are a traitor.

    2. @Rose Jensen correction : “this IS a serious threat to our Democracy.” The Republican politicians and civilians have not given up on their efforts to overthrow the US government.

  5. This officer cares more about this nation than any of the republican senators who refuse to investigate such a historically unprecedented insurrection attempt.

    Our capital was ransacked by would-be fascists. I never f*cking dreamed that would happen in my lifetime. Don’t become desensitized to how f*cking big a deal this is. We should all be incredibly outraged, alarmed, and ravenous for the truth to be brought forward.

    1. Republican strategy seems to be to hit the American public with such a frequent and constant fire of low disgusting behavior and gaslighting that we become desensitized to it. It is truly the worst thing I have ever seen from such a large number of humans in my lifetime.

  6. He’s probably right they voted against the commission because they were complicit!! Amazing how adamant they were about investigating benghazi but now nothing to see here.

    1. Republicans sure seem to have a lot of questions About 1/6, BLM, antifa, FBI, trumpers imposters, but don’t want it investigated? They just want more conspiracies?

  7. It’s sad but you most certainly did not have trumps support…thank you for your service sir

  8. Select Republicans we’re involved in aiding and abetting the insurrectionists. That’s why they don’t want an investigation. They have something to hide. Deplorable.

  9. Definitely rethugs were complicit in this domestic terrorism. Blessings to the heroic Capitol Police officers. Thank you for having Sgt. Gonnell on, and other officers on as well to speak the truth of what happened.

  10. This is what the thousand yard stare looks like… This man has endured and seen much. Respect sir.

    1. More likely, *complex/”c-PTSD”*! Which ‘can’ destroy a person for decades, or a lifetime.
      And exactly why* 2 officers committed suicide! You’re too “overwhelmed,” soo emotionally *dysregulated* and too blindsided to cope w/ with this new,* ‘alien’ – self and have no hope, whatsoever, of ever finding your way out of this alternate, Black-HOLE reality you, now, find yourself in!
      Because your entire body, brain and Nerv. system/CNS – are bombarded with a neurochemical COCKTAIL that effects you 24/7. Non-stop!
      When you can’t Sleep, eat, think or even function & are STUCK in your, now, Emotional Thinking. Experience NIGHTMARES, Panic &/or Anxiety Attacks; constant state of Fear & Survival mode that, now, effects every* System in the human body, in an escalating downward-spiral, cycle for many.
      EMDR (4 Vet’s PTSD) & a “Trauma Therapist” is about the best Help there is. Initially.
      In that, it reduces some* of the worst aspects of the 12-15+ horrendous signs n’ symptoms ppl experience. But, is way too SLOW usually, after the 1st Tx, or 2, to deal adequately with the severity of the literal ‘Damages’.
      I’m searching for an RTT. (None in my Area.) It may be? 1 of the only? alternatives?? – shy of an (Duo-NAZI) *Exorcism*!!
      Straight* Hypnotherapy isn’t, necessarily, a solution. Depending on the professional practitioner.
      As if a *M.Ed.* can accomplish the required ‘therapeutic’ outcome! But, will search 4 another.
      And try that Priest, again. Who can’t return calls for 2 Msgs, in over* a Month! And whose Office no longer ‘picks up’.
      As if the Demand* is soo high? that the RCC, itself, is overwhelmed!

  11. I agree with this officer 100% Trump did fail! He also failed America! Worst president in US history Donald J Trump!

    1. He’s a malignant narcissist and a sadist. He gets off on seeing other people brutalized on his behalf. A very, very sick old man. If he was a mad dog – well- the right thing would have been done by now.

    2. @Romeo – is that why more than 120 cops were injured that day, and one later died? Because they just watched a bunch of “tourists”?

    3. @Romeo – also did you deliberately choose NOT to watch the hundreds of hours of footage (some of it taken by the mob themselves) that shows sickening scenes of violence and desecration? I’m guessing you saw some of that and chose to ignore the evidence of your own eyes because it belies your false narrative.

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