U.S. Covid Cases Now Top 40 Million, Mu Variant Emerges 1

U.S. Covid Cases Now Top 40 Million, Mu Variant Emerges

The U.S. hit 40 million Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic and a new variant has emerged. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nations top infectious disease said the mu variant, “Might evade protection from certain antibodies.” "» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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U.S. Covid Cases Now Top 40 Million, Mu Variant Emerges


    1. @Jeff H
      What are you some conspiracy nut job?
      No one said anything about you getting magnetic or being tracked.

      Being magnetic is the least of your worries.
      Your concern should be not getting dementia or Parkinson’s or MAD cow’s disease.
      You are producing a corona virus spike protein who knows for how long ?

      Hopefully it doesn’t damage you because you have no recourse. You cant sue.

    2. @The Devil’s Advocate my apologies for preemptively covering. Other anti-vax what if’s or what-about-ism’s, that regularly find their way into exchanges like this.

      I hear what you are saying… But it still appears to me. That you are engaging in the oroborous of what if’s. And you might as well be asking me “What if the international space station fell on my house?”… Do you know anything for certain about anything? Are you for certain, about what’s in the bottled water that your drinking? Or the food that you eat?

      I feel like, by taking the vaccine and wearing a mask in public. That I am erroring on the side of caution. And that I am removing myself from the cycle of mutation evolution… Can you say the same thing?

      I see this entire pandemic, as an exercise in determining the more selfless people from the more selfish people. (Aka, the wheat from the chaff)… What are you willing to do to protect others?

    3. @Jeff H
      I’m willing to not go out into the public with corona. By not having corona and going out into the public I am 100% able to protect others.

      Universal mask wearing has caused mask resistant corona.
      What mutation would a virus make if every host is wearing a mask? This is just basic evolutionary science.

      Selfish would be going outside while you are sick and wearing a mask.
      If you aren’t sick you don’t wear a mask.
      If you wear a mask it is an indicator that the person is sick and might be infectious you should stay away from them.

      Wearing a mask means you self identify as an infectious corona spreading person.
      I don’t understand how it is possible to think it is not selfish to wander around in public with an infectious disease expecting a .59 cent Chinese mask to prevent you from infect others.

      With friends like that who needs enemies.

  1. Wow! Those numbers are staggering!! I live in New Zealand and that number is 8 times the entire country’s population!!! We went into lockdown just 4 weeks ago after just 1 case of Delta was discovered in the community. We now have over 750 cases! Over 25 are in hospital and only a handful in ICU, but none are on ventilators. We also had one elderly patient pass away due to complications.
    So far, I cannot BEGIN to express how grateful I am to a country that works together and thankful for a government that (mostly) has its head screwed on right. NZ does not have the capacity to cope with the kind of outbreak the US and the rest of the world are suffering with. Please everyone! Mask up and keep to your bubbles! If you have not been vaccinated, go and get vaccinated. If you are struggling to decide whether it is worth it – don’t listen to me – listen to your DOCTORS! Even if you decide not to vaccinate – which is within your right – consider the consequences of your family and OTHER PEOPLE around you. Can you keep them safe and healthy and happy if this pandemic continues and you remain a possible ‘weak link’ in the chain of infection?
    Stay safe everyone!

    1. @Festus Is Bestus Except that is not true. Most unvaccinated people are Trump supporters. The people who don’t want children to wear masks are also Trump supporters. Public health should not have become political, but it has, and you’re on the wrong side.

    2. @Festus Is Bestus Once again, you cite a lie as fact. The platforms for the vaccines, both mRNA and viral platform, existed since the turn of the century. The most used vaccine, Pfizer/BioNTech, took no money from Operation Warp Speed at all. As to removing all obstacles, the FDA finally gave full approval to that vaccine, and no no other so far. This despite more testing than for any vaccine rollout in history. And we still can’t vaccinate children under 12. The obstacles are still in place.

    3. @Festus Is Bestus Except every paper on the subject, shows that mask wearing is an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus. Start reading read scientific papers. The paywall for most has come down. Stop listening to whatever source of misinformation you’ve been using. You’ve been lied to, and are repeating those lies, ad nauseum.

    4. @Deborah Walker how do you model your living as a lockdown……what is ” living” about that? Being locked down over 1 case is not living. Think of all the livelihoods, businesses, and life savings that will be destroyed. Not to mention the mental health of the children.
      2 weeks to flatten the curve has become endless measures to get to zero cases…..no matter the cost.

    1. @Hollywood Dodger I’m down with that because the rest of this is complete BS. A new variant arises as the forensic audit is about to be released….what a coinkydink…
      Oh, the horror of it all….geez….smdh

    2. Yup, and all because of idiots refusing to get vaccinated and follow any CDC guidelines…They claim to love their freedoms, but apparently also this pandemic! We should have control of this, but No! It got politicized and here we are! All I ask is that when your unvaccinated loved one dies from Covid, you not start a Go Fund Me account…Ok?!?! Deal with the consequences of your financial struggles and don’t ask for my $$$. I’m vaccinated, wearing face mask, not traveling and still healthy! I’m tired of Covid and vaccine deniers!

    3. @Rosie I know right, the only people I think are ok are those who can’t get the vaccine due to a medical reason or exemption. The ones who are eligible and are just being selfish are morons

  2. Just being “outdoors” full stop doesn’t mean there is a significant reduction in risk. This depends on whether it’s cloudy, rainy, dry, humid, windy, how crowded, viral density, etc. Sadly, some folks are going to think that they are safe just by being outside. No, it just doesn’t work that way.

    1. Just like some people think they are safe because they have gotten the vax. Not true. Just ask Hank Aaron and Marvin Hagler and Jesse Jackson and his wife and Oscar De La Hoya and 1,000’s of others.

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards
      Cheryl Cohen from Florida wasn’t famous but she got the vaccine and died from MAD cow’s disease.

    3. @The Devil’s Advocate Did you catch AOC talking with a group of people without a mask. Then when a camera showed up for a photo, she put her mask on. Then after she took the photo she took her mask off? Too bad she didn’t see the iPhones rolling. They are full of . Covid is about control and misdirection. It comes in handy whenever the democrats FuDemocrats are the cause of 90% of America's problems.

    4. @Joboygbp Edwards
      I did not see that clip.
      I did see a government speaker backstage put on his mask walk out to the podium with his mask on. Take off the mask and then start his speech.

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards Lol typical right wing nut job, once you people aren’t able to answer a question you run away or get to name calling . If you don’t have a source, just say it, why embarrass yourself for no reason?

    2. @Kevin Santich getting vaxed is why there are mutations and more cases. It’s no coincidence that worldwide, every country who didn’t lockdown get vaxed or wear masks has lower rates than countries that did like Isreal or US or in western Europe compared to India Romania Hungary etc

    3. Imagine being so sense that when they release the vax, cases skyrocket and so do variants, and you can’t tell it’s from the vax. It’s like if it rains and you wonder why the ground is wet and then decide to blame a desert where it isn’t raining not the rain

    1. The deer have corona virus.
      If you socially distanced as well as a deer you could still have corona virus.

    2. @Douglas Lowe I was unaware Dodger stadium was the only baseball stadium, name 5 stadiums that require vaccinations?

    3. What probably bothers you the most was an entire stadium of people yelling F Biden, knowing a majority of Americans feel the same way, especially the ones Biden left in Afghanistan.

    1. @Geff Joldblum Good for you. Would you happen to be covered for an extended period of time and other variants? And most importantly, can you still spread it to others?

    1. @Llynnyia – Haha. Regeneron has no special relationship to Governor DeSantis. Throughout the pandemic, the founder and CEO, Dr. Schleifer, has been talking to various lawmakers and public health officials across the country to see how we can help support education on proper use of monoclonal antibodies, particularly when infection rates are surging in a particular area. He spoke to Governor DeSantis on the phone about how monoclonal antibody treatments work and which patients are appropriate to receive treatment under the EUA parameters. He had similar conversations with officials in Michigan, for instance, when the virus was surging there in April of this year.

    2. @Ash Roskell Covid is not a plague. No wonder you people are hysterical. You keep hyping up the severity of the disease. Try talking to your doctor and not the time doctors and propaganda.

    3. @Debra Johnson where I’m from there’s only doctors and specialists. It’s hilarious that Americans monetized medical so much that the term doctor is just tossed around to the point where you need to caution people for what doctor you talk to. That’s something I’d expect from doctors in third world countries.

    4. and to think Joe Talibiden promised to shut it down if elected!!!!!!That was 245,000 deaths ago!!!!! Could Joe Talibiden be a lyin piece of s**t? Seems he is.

    1. @Cliff Medina funny you would say that…science has determined All that is dark between what we see in space Far exeeds the mass of what we see…it,s called dark matter and likely to be the most powerful thing we as a race will ever know…plenty of space!

  3. How could I have known, I started decorating my impenetrable backwater cave in February 2020. I did keep the WIFI. and I did inoculate.

    1. @first last LOL that is not how you determine if masks work or not. People who didn’t want to wear masks, didn’t wear masks during the. Simply, that means that when masks mandates ended, there was not a lot less people who wore masks.

      N-95s don work because it.doesnt filter the air that you breathe out because it isade for contaminated environments. It does filter the air that you breathe in, but only if you wear I correctly. That means that you have to be clean shaven, and it has to be tight around your nose. So if you have glasses, and they fog up, then you are not wearing it right. Also, how many Americans do you think are actually using N-95s? Not many, and if they are, then there is a good chance that they are not wearing it right, which means they are not protected as well as not stopping covid from spreading.

      Surgical masks don’t work because they are designed for sterile environments, not the outside world. They become clogged within 20 minutes, and they are rendered useless because then you become a walking virus dispenser. How many people are wearing those correctly and replacing them every few minutes? Almost nobody.

      Cloth masks are the worst. Those are impossible to fit tight around your face, and doesn’t filter anything. There is no point in wearing a cloth mask.

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman Granted my observation is not a professional opinion. So people who didn’t wear masks were the majority? And were allowed to shop and work? Don’t think so. There was a large unmasking that took place when a lot of people felt safe enough. And look at it now. I’ll wear mine anyway. please stay away from me and my family.

    3. @Jeremiah Bachmann No, dude. There’s more cases now than last labor day, more mutations, it’s because the vax isn’t a vax it just makes you sick and cause mutations and don’t give me this 99.9% hospitalizations are unvaxed, that’s a lie from the same people who made the virus and billions from vaccines, the most vaccinated countries like Isreal have the highest rates, compare that to India who has 9% fully vaxed and covids practically gone, masks and shots are not meant to help you their purpose is isolation, mental torment and depopulation

    1. lol nobodys learning anything true anymore just lots of opinions mistaken for information nobody wants the truth especially every government and even more the real government

    1. @Helen Short Actually it’s the other way round. That’s why there is so many drug resistant strains of bacteria and viruses because of the overuse of vaccines and drugs. TB is making a comeback because it has in some cases become resistant to the vaccine or drugs.

    1. All those Hindu and Japanese physicians across India and Japan, prescribing Ivermectin to patients — turns out they are all far-right, hillbilly, white supremacists .
      This is indeed troubling – the problem is even greater than originally thought.

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