U.S. Cybersecurity Runs Afoul Of Trump, GOP’s Disinformation Campaign | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

U.S. Cybersecurity Runs Afoul Of Trump, GOP's Disinformation Campaign | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Ali Velshi reports on the forced resignation of the assistant director of cybersecurity at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the expectation of more firings as the agency is actively debunking conspiracy theories presented by Donald Trump and anti-democracy Republicans. Aired on 11/13/2020.
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U.S. Cybersecurity Runs Afoul Of Trump, GOP's Disinformation Campaign | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

114 Comments on "U.S. Cybersecurity Runs Afoul Of Trump, GOP’s Disinformation Campaign | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. I really believe tRump is taking his cues from Putin.. break all barriers before he leaves WH, make it so weak so that Putin’s intelligence team can invade our system!

  2. Burning, shredding, deleting…..in a hurry. They’ll miss things.

  3. kellie pastellie | November 13, 2020 at 3:04 AM | Reply

    Trump still has a path to 270!! …

    …but it will require a lot of diet and exercise!! 🤣

    • I can hardly wait to see his presidential library take shape.

    • @Dench2020 it was wildly amusing when I saw it here for the first time

    • Michael Kirkpatrick | November 13, 2020 at 7:38 AM | Reply

      kellie – lol…. good one…

    • ha, ha, ha
      Here’s a tidbit for you…
      As the election fraud investigation unfolds…
      Over 2.7 millions votes are said to have been switched from Trump to Biden.
      Through the Chinese connected Dominion computer system.A system owned in part by Feinstein and Pelosi.
      Every truth based ,honorable investigator has been operating in full force to prove this massive fraud.
      POTUS will be certified as winner, most likely by a landslide.
      YOU are seeing THEATER with media insisting that JB is the ‘President elect”.
      You let them punk you for years.
      .Are you willing to give up what remains of your integrity to go along with this?
      Vile, wicked and deceitful.
      And you go along with it?

    • Lmao 🤣😂🤣

  4. Nine Fools Wise | November 13, 2020 at 3:04 AM | Reply

    Let’s talk. As celebrations take place around the world not just for a new American President but for democracy itself, the US has passed a grim milestone – 125,000 COVID-19 infections a day. For many months some Americans have resisted wearing protective masks because they, “Take away freedom.” Is this really about taking away freedoms or something else? We are a county founded on the compassionate rule of law. We have seatbelt laws and second-hand smoke laws. These are just two small examples of laws enacted to protect us when we cannot protect ourselves and each other. When functioning properly our representatives in government have the ability, as defined by constitutions, charters, etc., to do those things we cannot do all by ourselves. This may include building highways, providing K-12 education and let’s not forget protecting us from deadly forest fires, hurricanes, etc. Governors, legislators and judges from the three branches of government, in addition to the media, are working as best as they can, as quickly as they can and with the best available public health information to keep all of us safe; individually we do not have the collective expertise, human and financial resources to manage these challenges. If they need to do this legally by decree, executive order or other provisions allowed them during emergencies then they are doing their jobs.
    Although most people are doing the best they can to save lives there are some powerful few who are literally killing people. Take Trump and his super spreader events. A Stanford University study found his rallies have killed 700 people and infected 30,000. Columbia University published a study recently on how 130,000-210,000 lives could have been saved if this administration and his political devotees had not politicized a pandemic that has infected over 45 million and killed 1,200,000 world-wide – so far. (Approximately 40% of the infected are asymptomatic and never know they may be spreading COVID according to the CDC.) The good news is that by taking basic precautions the University of Washington projects we can save over 130,000 lives by February 1, 2021. Remember, this virus is about 8X deadlier than last year’s flu and the third leading cause of death in the US only behind heart disease and cancer. Please fact-check all of this information yourself. Facing the truth is empowering, freeing. The sooner the more people accept reality, the sooner we can recover together as a country – grieve those we have loved and lost – and collectively address other urgent concerns.
    One last thing – we are fortunate. Do the people complaining about wearing a mask really have no idea what is a true loss of freedom? Have we learned nothing from history: slavery, disenfranchisement, imprisonment in jails, ghettos and concentration camps, inscription into armies, forced marriage, starvation… Over 85,000 children in Yemen have died since 2018 directly because of US foreign policy. Currently, millions more Yemen children are starving but we can still save them by providing immediate emergency assistance with our International allies. We just have to care enough about their freedom, their literal right to life. I’d like to believe we are capable of understanding false equivalences. There is no comparing facial coverings and the right to life, freedom from extreme suffering. This may not be what we have expected but it is nothing new, not really. And we each have superpowers – our infinite capacity for creative adaptation and a little thing called love. – Please feel free to share this post. Take care, stay safe out there and thank you.

  5. Frugal Mom and Wife | November 13, 2020 at 3:04 AM | Reply

    It’s all part of the Trump Show. He is toying with all Americans while he gathers his fan bases loyalty and cash. He will continue to do this until the day he leaves office. I’m looking forward to Jan 20th with President Biden and Vice President Harris.

    • @RICH WALLACE well Spanky better have a strong powerful hustle when justice finally prevails and he pays the price for his disregard of the law then ends up going from the white house to the big house MAGA My Administration Getting Arrested resist

    • @Matthew Dobbs All of that merch made in China you mean 😄😄. And his supporters still don’t get it, sad. I wonder how many have read the small print about where those contributions go ? Not many I would guess

    • @RICH WALLACE Maybe not after so much of his fraudulent dealings and bad debts have been exposed

    • @Richard Wait He will not point the warheads at America, he just wants control of the conventional army thinking they will follow him blindly

    • Aranyani Green | November 13, 2020 at 4:30 PM | Reply

      And the entire PLANET joins you. 🌈
      (Minus his cult members, of course, but they’ll crawl back to where they came from to watch his tv.)

  6. t’rump is trying to pull some third world dictator shenanigans right now and the republican party is too afraid to even criticize him.

    Let that sink in for a second.

    • @Gage King Hitler got elected – no dictatorship. Hitler took action to remain in power and radicalise the people – dictatorship. Do you see any parallels here?

    • @Science wins he’d have to have read a nonfiction book in his life & that’s something I doubt very much. He’s probably going to head to Google to learn the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Lol. The ignorance is staggering

    • @Gage King If you look at history, most dictators get “legally” elected to begin with. And then they simply replace everyone in positions of power, do all they can to silence anyone who speaks out against them, spread lies and misinformation constantly, put family members into key positions, hire people who will openly lie for them, usually take legal action at the drop of a hat to either suppress or distract opposition…

      Sound familiar?

    • Aranyani Green | November 13, 2020 at 4:14 PM | Reply

      @Muttley 😅😅😅

    • Aranyani Green | November 13, 2020 at 4:20 PM | Reply

      @Science wins Don’t waste your time stating historical facts, because Trump’s cultists are deluded and do not WANT to know anything that causes cognitive dissonance. As you can see here, even though we’ve all just heard that all the committees say there was no fraud, Trump’s devotees are still regurgitating how there WAS a fraud. They do not WANT to accept the reality, so they intentionally, bitterly cling to their Fuehrer’s lies. It’s a waste of time, my friend.

  7. “Runs afoul of Trump” is the modern way of saying “tells the truth”.

    • @Hard Rocker well at least you spelled it right and used proper capitalization of the R’s.
      Very good. Can you please post a vid of your ballet pirouettes?

    • Agolf Twittler | November 13, 2020 at 8:52 AM | Reply

      @Cascail Boutx I haven’t forgotten at all, just haven’t mentioned them yet.
      The list of crimes committed by the Collaborator in Thief is very long, it’s impossible to mention them in one comment.

    • Agolf Twittler | November 13, 2020 at 8:55 AM | Reply

      I quote Donald John Trump letter to letter:
      “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years, terrific guy, he’s a lot of fun to be with.”
      “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”
      “I just start kissing, I don’t even wait.”
      “You can do anything.”

    • Agolf Twittler | November 13, 2020 at 8:57 AM | Reply

      Donald John Trump and his best buddy Jeffrey Edward Epstein at Mar-a-Lago:

    • Agolf Twittler | November 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM | Reply

      Speaking of the depraved tub of lard, what is the most distinctive difference between a chickpea and a bean?

      The most distinctive difference between a chickpea and a bean, is of course that Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin doesn’t own a video of Donald John Trump watching a bean.

  8. SACHIN DHAMDHERE | November 13, 2020 at 3:11 AM | Reply

    The world is watching……. it’s an embarrassment to have such petulant people in-charge. Thank god they’ll be gone after January!

    • HeavierThanLight | November 13, 2020 at 8:14 AM | Reply

      @The Truth is Out Now how old are you? You talk like my 6 years old. Give that phone back to your mommy.

    • The Truth is Out Now Dude you have to go to sleep you’ve been spreading disinformation for two days straight. What coins you’ve made have been moved to my wallet.

    • @The Truth is Out Now LMAO You actually believe that, don’t you? Enough with the conspiracy theories for Pete’s sake! It’s nothing but a bunch of malarkey. Every single one of them has been debunked already, but you all continue to spread it, as though it were fact. The fact is, *Joe Biden WON* the election, and *Donald Trump LOST* the election. THAT IS THE FACT, no matter how much you want it to not be. Isn’t it funny, how all you people say Democrats were crying because Hillary Clinton didn’t win? Who’s crying now?? Hypocrites, the whole bunch of you.

    • @HeavierThanLight 🤣🤣🤣

    • @The Truth is Out Now 👆 1-WEEK-OLD RUSSKIE TROLL ACCOUNT ALERT 👆

  9. The Modern Dictator | November 13, 2020 at 3:16 AM | Reply

    trump is committing TREASON. Let’s say it like it is.

  10. Putting loyalists into top security and military positions … that’s what despots do when sedition is in the air!

    • @Adam Taylor Thankfully the military will not have anything to do with a coup, they take thier oath a lot more seriously than Trump takes his

    • Or even after an election.

    • @User User In theory. Trump is trying to replace all the top brass so that the ones giving orders work for him alone. The soldiers shouldn’t follow immoral or unconstitutional orders… at the same time, they are trained to follow commands. So we’ll have to see how that goes.

    • @Adam Taylor Yes , I see your point about the top brass but there will be enough left behind that would not go along with him. You have the ones right at the top but he cant replace all of those below those , or at least it would be extremely difficult to do so. I’m pretty sure that the lower levels and just the ordinary ” grunts” would hold to thier oath , it’s about ” foreign and DOMESTIC” attacks, that’s the core of it . After what he has said about different members of very respected military people I have confidence that he would be on to a loser there

    • @User User Well, with how much the military despises Trump, it is hard to believe any would actually support him. Especially with his actions being treason.

      But you know there are some who are stupid enough to do so.

  11. roger jürschik | November 13, 2020 at 3:23 AM | Reply

    imagine a guy getting caught stealing and he cries:” thieves!” to distract the people around while he secretly empties his pockets….

  12. *rump deserves to have his citizenship revoked, and be sent to prison.

  13. Trump is planning a coup of the electoral votes.

    • https://www.wnd.com/2020/11/jonathan-turley-vote-fraud/
      Jonathan Turley: There was vote fraud
      ‘I think it’s clear at this point’
      Jonathan Turley, a confirmed liberal who believes in a “living Constitution” that reflect contemporary society, is a scholar at George Washington University.

    • JohnPaul Jones | November 13, 2020 at 1:17 PM | Reply

      He is actively executing a slow rolling coup

      Create confusion and doubt about the election
      Drag through court long enough to reach December and ask state legislatures to appoint their own electors (legal, affirmed bush v gore 2000)
      Failing that (PA already told donnie jr to kick rocks) make sure enough states can’t certify votes to get Biden to 270
      Trigger contingent election in the House. One state one vote, appoint trump president

      There’s no other word for it. This IS a coup

    • JohnPaul Jones | November 13, 2020 at 1:26 PM | Reply

      @Nick L I forgot about the 30 days tro certify. That might be differentin different states? yuou have everythig else down pat. I’ll look into that.
      My answer was
      “Create confusion and doubt about the election
      Drag through court long enough to reach December and ask state legislatures to appoint their own electors (legal, affirmed bush v gore 2000)
      Failing that (PA already told donnie jr to kick rocks) make sure enough states can’t certify votes to get Biden to 270
      Trigger contingent election in the House. One state one vote, appoint trump president”

    • @Kavik Kang Take your Meds

    • Craig Thibault | November 13, 2020 at 9:54 PM | Reply

      @Daniel Fedor best reply I’ve ever read on YT. Thanks so much for that!!!!

  14. Cameron Renwick | November 13, 2020 at 3:30 AM | Reply

    Trump doesn’t upset me. What does, are all the selfish groveling cowards that cling to him. I hope they all get punished.

  15. Why americans are still supporting Trump who is doing harm to US

    • @Madeline Whose finances , Ivanka’s??, that’s true

    • @User User I was speaking about the Paula White, but the whole Trump family finances need looking into. The grift has been serious & real. American’s can’t afford the Trump family grift!.

    • @Madeline Sorry , to many messages it gets a little confusing. Yes Paula White is a worrying person , very deranged possibly or it’s just an act for her followers. The most disturbing thing is Trump taking her on his staff ar an adviser. Does that reflect Trumps cognitive powers or is it some sort of collusion to get the bible vote? I fail to see Trump as a religious person, cant even hold a bible up the right way round.
      I have no idea about your religious beliefs but I find the whole thing with these televangelists very scary and worrying, they are almost like the cults of people like David Koresh . I have no religious beliefs but if others want it then I’m o.k with it until it comes to people lime Paula white, they are charlatans just profiting from those who are gullible enough to fall for thier tricks. There are enough true religious people out there and the likes of her just bring disrepute to normal religion. I did Google her , last estimate she was worth 5 million.And yes , the whole Trump family needs looking into, they have been siphoning off money for the last four years that Trump has been ” president ” and for who knows how long before. I am hoping that this whole sorry episode has exposed them to the financial world so that they can be curbed , at least DJT will have major problems getting loans after this , maybe it will extend to the rest of them

    • Gilbert Jacobs | November 13, 2020 at 9:55 AM | Reply

      only 3% thinks he won 5% are unsure 80% of Americans know that Biden won the internet trolls are just pathetic

    • Its dumb and I hope they eating out of garbage can like there trashy president by Christmas

  16. Absolutely true. Donald J Trump is behaving like a petulant child and refused to cooperate. Nonetheless, those republicans who supported Trump are more petulant. The whole world knows.

    • @Gary Quarty To my knowledge, they don’t fear it. They wish it would just hurry up and, in the meantime, Biden should have his intel reports as he did when he was campaigning.

    • @Steph J I feel so sad for American people who have been swallowed up in the Trump echo chamber. In other parts of the world, it seems so evident what a buffoon and embarrassment he is – most notably, his handling of the pandemic, on top of daily round of lies, rants, insults, and character assassinations of anyone who disagrees with him over the past 4 years.


    • @jack00scarecrow It’s an annoyingly ubiquitous spam account. Consistently reported but keeps popping up, especially on left-leaning news.

    • He is an amoral parasitic grifter, surrounded by amoral Republicans, undermining America

  17. Bruh he fired the guy that makes sure he doesn’t lie, sounds like he wants to make sure these people keep eating his lies. 😰🤯

  18. The LIAR in chief is a sore loser. Doesn’t that make him dangerous? God help America.

  19. THE FRAUD to claim that the election is a fraud, should be investigated as a crime!

  20. It’s likely that the national security agents will be briefing Biden about Trump’s ties to foreign agents.

    • @Roc No. It’s perfectly legitimate to question the government and authority figures, including the media. Otherwise, we’re just sheep. Don’t ask questions and you find yourself fighting other people’s battles (literally: Vietnam, Iraq) whom you don’t even know.

    • https://www.wnd.com/2020/11/jonathan-turley-vote-fraud/
      Jonathan Turley: There was vote fraud
      ‘I think it’s clear at this point’
      Jonathan Turley, a confirmed liberal who believes in a “living Constitution” that reflect contemporary society, is a scholar at George Washington University.

    • @Brian Nave I know Jonathan personally. Believe me, he’s no “liberal.” He’s more apolitical. He’ll take a ham sandwich from anyone.

      That said, I have no doubt this is a struggle between U.S. intelligence agencies and Russia. And that’s okay. The U.S. has probably meddled in a few elections as well.

      Even without Russian interference, we’ve done a good job of muddying up elections.

    • Jochen treitel | November 13, 2020 at 1:26 PM | Reply

      @Steph J why are courts dismissing almost all of the claims so far? Why are the intelligence agencies speaking up against those claims?

    • @Jorge Johnson i refuse to discuss that stupid Russia mess.

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