U.S. Economy Added 235,000 New Jobs In August

The Department of Labor has released their jobs report for August that shows the U.S. economy added 235,000 jobs in August and the unemployment rate at 5.2 percent. NBC's Stephanie Ruhle has details.

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U.S. Economy Added 235,000 New Jobs In August


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    1. @James Smith I hope that is sarcasm. I think so far the biden administration has lied way more than the trump administration. Both administration’s are bad but the Biden administration is objectively worse, more corrupt, and more divisive.

    2. @James Smith , Did you hear Biden’s new daily lie: Claims That He Visited The Tree Of Life Synagogue After 2018 Massacre – He Did NOT – TRUMP DID.

  1. Nearly 900,000 jobs created in July and the MAGA folks are outraged. Only 230,000+ jobs added in August and they instead celebrate and call it a failure. How embarrassing.

    1. They have totally deluded themselves into believing Baby Cheesus will bring about a White Paradise.

  2. Keep the unemployment benefits going. They are a bargaining chip against businesses for workers. That’s how we are going to increase competition for better wages.

  3. Yay! 235,000 low wage, part time, service sector, burger flipping jobs. You can’t rent a room, let alone an apartment with these garbage jobs. Anybody that believes that unemployment is only 5 percent needs to be slapped. It’s at minimum 25 percent

    1. Who is to say that was all these 235,000 jobs were? How would you know other jobs that are not minimum wage jobs were not among those 235,000 jobs?

  4. The expendable mentality is not going to work anymore. We need to band together for our fair share of everything. This isn’t America.

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  5. Its important to not look at one month and claim that’s a failure. Since President Biden signed his American rescue package into law, over 4.5 million jobs have been added and GDP has been at 6 percent. Just ignore the pro-recession Trump idiots.

  6. We still have a chip shortage that was suppose to be somewhat under control at this point. Auto makers are not expanding operations. GM is shutting some down because they do not have chips.
    Intel and TSMC are building fabs in the U.S. which will help in the future. But it takes years to build these and that will not fix the current issue.

    1. Watch some GQPer claim credit like ISIS for the factories producing chips and the economy picking up as a result if they grab the White House in the future. SMDH.

      The GQP treats the Presidency like a game of Hot Potato when it comes to bad press and approval ratings, just toss it to the Democrats then disingenuously join the crowd in griping at the Democrats. Look at Chump hesitating to go through the pullout until he lost the election and stonewalling the Biden transition team on it to maximize the backlog as petty revenge.

      But when it comes to positive ratings and glory, the GQP treats the Presidency like a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, trying to snatch away as much marbles as they can from the Democrats. Like with the vaccine rollout, trying to give exclusive credit to their Spray Tanned Messiah even as they encourage their cultist to fight vaccination by calling it poison, gene therapy and so on.

  7. I’m not dealing with the general public for $10 per hour with Delta out there. Take your hospitality job, and shove it.

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