U.S. Economy Added 245,000 Jobs In November | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

U.S. Economy Added 245,000 Jobs In November | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The labor department reports that 245,000 jobs were added in the month of November, bringing the unemployment rate down to 6.7%. Former Treasury official Steve Rattner discusses what these numbers show and what other assistance could help the U.S. economy. Aired on 12/04/2020.
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U.S. Economy Added 245,000 Jobs In November | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Greg Exelby Truth is that over 8000 people die every day in the US from age related issues alone. Without covid (2019 stats) People have accepted the lie from the beginning. Then the media wanted everyone to accept mail-in ballots as safe….and voter fraud as fake. Smart people question the answer to their rhetoric and know truth.

    2. @Heritage Karma hmm all those deaths never closed business tho…and you cant spread a car crash or a gunshot across a hospital or nursing home…unless your talking about the 1918 flu?… Ya know our last pandemic…that were still dealing with on top of corona now. The foolishness of people i swear to god

    3. @imeltinyourmouth365 :] Never seen a car wreck or shot a shotgun have you? I had covid and so did my 78 year old asthmatic buddy…..3 day cold. Educate yourself to reality and step away from leftist news sources. Most of my family are in the healthcare business …the truth is out.

    1. @Jeremy Ramey It’s not actually going down. There have been many people that stop looking for work; Thereby, job participation has drop. So the unemployment numbers aren’t actually reflecting the people that have gave up.

    2. @New Blue 2 that was kind of my point. I was just attempting to show it mathematically. They think we’re stupid. I’m no financial or economic expert but isn’t 3 million UI claims a much bigger number than 245k of added jobs. I just don’t see how the national unemployment rate could possibly go down instead of up.

    3. People are falling off unemployment and have stopped filing. They need to continue to file even though UI has run out.

  1. When more people are unemployed then these few jobs that probably won’t even be around very long due to an out if control doesn’t even matter now does it.

  2. You should say, “regained” not added jobs. Right now we are just trying to dig ourselves out of a hole while Mnuchin is trying to steal 450 billion dollars from the recovery fund.

    1. True. So glad that Rep. Katie Porter called Mnuchin out for his attempt to hide the $450 Billion from the President-Elect Biden incoming Secretary of State.

    2. Yup. People are sitting in lines for food.. and we have half a trillion dollars of OUR money just sitting there? WTF! This is our tax money! Not the corporations and their need to give bonuses this year

  3. This happens every year.. The government adds temporary jobs into the mix and that will inflate those numbers. But as soon as the holidays are over with the numbers are lower.

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  4. The biggest wealth transfer in the history of USA big corporation’s are making a killing in this pandemic! The 1% is laughing at the small businesses

  5. It’s important to remember that local governments are frequently large employers, if they’re cash strapped local workers will be also.

  6. I don’t believe this crap. They weren’t added jobs, they were returning to work jobs Since Many were furloughed or laid off. It’s more of trumps twisted Wash and repeat word salad!

    1. @T Boned I haven’t really looked at or paid that much attention. There is some concern of that in one of some of our more progressive cities suffering from draconian regulations and lockdowns that unemployment rates might be much higher but I have no empirical data to show that. I do however, think that some of the recent unemployment data indicates it is from people who are in the bar, restaurant, food service, hotel, entertainment or travel industries. Economies throughout the world are being devastated by COVID-19. The British are just coming off of another four week lockdown.

    2. @T. R. Campbell The lock-downs are being blamed on COVID. It is a pretty lame excuse. The reality is that they are trying to expedite the ushering in of the 2030 financial reset to give the globalists far-reaching controls on everyone’s lives.

    3. @T Boned The globalist will be back in business if Joe Biden attempts to reenact the disastrous Paris accord. We were called the German Chancellor pleading with Trump not to pull out of the Paris accord four years ago. She stated the Paris accord was necessary for globalism. It really has nothing to do with climate. The French can’t even control the air pollution in the two main world polluters which are India in China were given a free pass until the year 2030.

    1. Nancy has already agreed to a stimulus of 1/3rd of what she was originally seeking and it AINT got another $1200 check. She fooled us. All she talked about BEFORE the election was a stimulus WITH the check, and now that Biden won she aint seeking them. She screwed us!

  7. mcconnell is not giving anyone aid to states. what he wants is to give protection for companies against claims in relation to covid

    1. The state I live in (illinois), does not deserve any bailout just to pay their pensioners a ridiculous sum. We voted down the so called fair tax resoundingly. Illinois residents are exiting the state at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes.

  8. Congress did act it was the Senator McConnell and the Senate that wouldn’t work with the Congress. They wanted employers protected.

  9. this was known months ago – amy comey barrett was more important to the republican senate than the economy…

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