U.S. Economy Added 850,000 Jobs In June, Unemployment Rate At 5.9 Percent 1

U.S. Economy Added 850,000 Jobs In June, Unemployment Rate At 5.9 Percent

The Department of Labor has released a report showing the U.S. economy added 850,000 jobs in the month of June. higher than what was expected. Harvard University Professor Jason Furman joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the report.

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U.S. Economy Added 850,000 Jobs In June, Unemployment Rate At 5.9 Percent


    1. Start working even if it’s not what you’re hoping to get. One job will open up doors to many other opportunities

  1. It doesn’t take an all-star panel Stephanie. If employers pay a living wage jobs will be filled period.

    1. @Joyce Duncan Strange how we heard from Joe Biden $15.00 minimum wage is a guarantee if he is elected and then removed it from the jobs act bill, now tell me how are Republicans refusing to pay the minimum?

    2. @Joyce Duncan To clarify, Biden back tracked and said that dollar amount for a married couple.

    3. @13bustah he removed it because they were already complaining about it and he knew bill would never pass with it included.
      (Oh here we go again… The caving Demicrsts!)

    4. @Joyce Duncan We lied to you, so if I was you I would pick another country to live in since this one is so bad.

    1. @T. R. Campbell they truly don’t. It’s extremely difficult to run a successful business that makes money and that ppl want to be apart of. So keep this in mind when you explain this to ppl. Never insult their lack of knowledge (most of government doesn’t want them to know how things really work so that’s why ppl are unaware) and make them feel heard and understood in the process of trying to spread this message. That’s the VERY BEST tactic we can use right now.

    2. Try higher paying Work. Jobs imply just basic employment.
      Ex. My mother: get off your butt and get a jahb,any jahb .
      I want real, challenging work, not A dam job . Babysitters make more an hour and they hate their ‘ jobs’ too lol

    3. @The truth For nowMany need A Skill or a Trade. We’ve seen what colleges produce. People who hoard tp…lol
      Vocations and Trades allow you to work with your hands, and feel appreciation at a day’s work. And that’s reall all we want. Right.
      Satisfaction from a day’s work. And a good day’s pay.
      People, Google ” How to decide what I’d like to earn money doing “. There are tests that can help narrow down your interests.
      You’ve a Resume? Instead of saying ” I did the Job / Task involved….
      Try ” Capably handled emergency situations ” . Use action words.
      Also, list the tasks for each job, and see which ones are more frequent. Gives you a hint of where else to apply.
      Want to learn the job? Who needs an apprentice? Those union jobs, steel workers, pipefitters etc. must learn first. ( or all you got is your ” handyman” husband lol) They Apprentice .and get licensed.

      Finally, here in Colorado , we lead the nation in Women- Owned Businesses, and in the top 10 Small/ Entrepreneur businesses The Art Community is nuts with their work and sales.
      The Small Business Association , SBA offer Free classes and counseling. And low cost loans. In Denver , MiCasa, Opportunity School .
      We all have talents we’d like to get paid for , and NOW is the time to find your talent, skill or bliss. Work the job, pay the rent, and dream.
      Ex. Mrs. Fields, Famous Amos.
      Not im not a job counselor but a person with 3 trades/ licenses under my belt. , whose parents calledstupid.

    1. @Suckass Dems When people talk about increasing rent, they are talking averages, some are lucky like you, but the people who own the rentals are trying their best to either dump bad renters, and/or looking to jack up their money to keep up with the Joneses and become another millionaire slum lord.

    2. @Trina Leneir and they’ll raise the property tax. God forbid you plant a tree, irs gets greedy.

    3. Find a better paying job …
      Its dumb staying in one place when you need money, upgrade your life..
      life doesn’t down grade for no one…

    4. What you said is very troubling and they will likely go up even higher because we are seeing the specter of a runaway inflation. Prices on everything are increasing. Joe needs to reverse some of the poor advice he was given by some of the retread staff members he brought into his administration. He needs to unleash Americas energy sector so that we can begin to take a bite out of inflation.

    1. Feb 2017 4.4% – Trumps first month
      March 2018 4.0% – Trumps first budget after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Act
      Feb 2020 3.5% – Start of the Pandemic
      April 2020 14.8% – Peak lockdown
      Jan 2021 6.7% Last Month under Trump
      Current 5.9%

      Timeline comparison at 5 months Trump lowered unemployment by 0.1%, Biden lowered unemployment 1%

    2. @DoctorButtClutch Jesus Christ man. Tell me how trump did that? If you’ll recall, people jumped ALL OVER his case for wanting to keep the economy going. He told y’all this sh– was gonna happen! And anyone with half a brain knew things would end up this way.

    3. @Drew Mazur trump has put up the best numbers in the last 50 years as far as unemployment rates are concerned. Stop your idiotic beliefs that trump did this sh–. Most of it your faults for believing half the crap democrats have shoved down your throats!!! Smfh

    1. The shop I work at lost a few people more than we usually do during the pandemic and has sence raised the wage because no one wanted to work for what they were paying. Everyone thinks the Government needs to force companies to pay more but the higher paying jobs get the most attention. Eventually, companies will be forced by themselves to raise wages or not have workers and go under.

    2. @Bradley Ferguson Well…That’s one way of raising the workers’ wages. And also a hard way of doing so, isn’t it? Over a year of hardship, a pandemic, and over 600k lost lives. I’d say the easier way would be to raise the federal minimum wage that hasn’t been raised in over a decade. Wouldn’t you say so?

    3. @Rahim Majid I agree. The easy way out is just have someone else do the hard work. THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY! But what is wrong with doing ourselves and letting the Government focus on other even more important issues like health care, bettering our schools(both primary and advanced), foreign relations, ending pointless wars, cleaning up the cities of domestic terrorism.

    4. @Bradley Ferguson The federal minimum wage first started with the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938. And it would be earlier still if you counted the first US state that enacted the minimum wage… Massachusetts in 1912. That’s over 100 years ago. It is part of the reason why America is the country it is today.

      Like it or not, mandating the federal minimum wage IS part of the government’s job. And they haven’t done that in over a decade.

  2. Workers want more for their work so they are looking for the best options. That’s how it should be.

    1. Then we should stop paying anything more than normal unemployment rates. Get rid of this extra help BS. Seems you were all accepting of the pay you had before covid.

    2. Me I don’t care about money I just love too work y’all greedy people care about money…

    1. @rwhunt99 It is. MSNBC is assuming this was due to Biden’s actions directly, when in reality the effect would have accured sooner or later when the lockdowns end. However, all the requirments to end the lockdowns were meeted during Trump’s presidency.

  3. Sadly, during this time, some jobs were lost. Specifically one sad loser’s attempt to run a blog. Sorry to see you go, “From the Desk of….404 Error!”

    1. @Solstice of Snow Don’t be silly. Of course having a competent President again raises business confidence

    2. @D E That would be assuming this president is confident. But that is also also a quality Biden does not have. He pretty muxh just got credit for releasing a lockdown that would have been released sooner under previous administration, if it were not for a “doctor”.

  4. Getting back to work helps for the future, but it won’t help much for the debt we are all in financially.. cost of living going up will make sure of that.

  5. I feel that because of the pandemic people have become more aware that work can be taken away very easily. Working of yourself can be very profitable and many have just now over the last 14-15 months realized that it is possible for them.

  6. shame on edd and their whole entire department. was on phone for 2 hours and finally got hold of someone, and she failed to help and just hung up, they purposely make it impossible to recertify and people to keep calling so they can stop receiving benefits. the whole edd department needs to get sued for their irresponsible behavior and actions

  7. Traditionally a rate of 6% is considered full employment. It includes the normal flow of people between jobs.

  8. Clinton took over after GW Bush and created tons of jobs. Obama took over from Bush jr and created a ton of jobs. Trump was given a strong economy and maintained it until he fell asleep during covid. Biden has the jobs and stock market roaring back. Thanks sleepy Joe. You are the right man for the job. Any negative hits to this text will be from unemployed trump supporters. They just cant seem to catch a break.

  9. dept of labor also tracks job search results for those on unemployment so… and Republicans did block Biden’s plan for the min. wage to go up. All Americans need a decent living wage.

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