U.S. Economy Adds 559,000 Jobs In May, Unemployment Decreases to 5.8% 1

U.S. Economy Adds 559,000 Jobs In May, Unemployment Decreases to 5.8%


The Department of Labor has released their report showing the U.S. economy added 559,000 jobs in May and the unemployment rate has decreased to 5.8 percent. CNBC's Brian Sullivan has details.

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    1. Plummer, electrician, heating and cooling , tool and die, welders probably making a good living. People in the hospitality industry probably not.

    2. @Muddy Water hospitality industry generates 194 billion a year, they can pay better wages

    3. @Wisconsin Man
      Lackluster compared to Obama
      During Trump’s first 36 months in office, the US economy has gained 6.6 million jobs. But during a comparable 36-month period at the end of Obama’s tenure, employers added 8.1 million jobs, or 23% more than what has been added since Trump took office.this was pre pandemic

    4. @Stefan Jakubowski Big difference in numbers are, the Kenyan added part time jobs, thats why over 90 million were on Gov’t asst. Trump had full time jobs and record number of people getting OFF welfare. Obama did nothing. Slowest recovery EVER. More manufacturing jobs left than EVER.

    1. all these so called jobs added are actually just people going BACK to work after all these businesses being forced to shut down and lay off workers… Try to understand all this unemployment was created needlessly governors shutting down their states which sadly includes several Republican governors….. but ALL the democrat governors.

    2. Moron. Trump was not responsible for the 8.7 million jobs lost in 2020 just like Biden is not responsible for creating 5.8 thousand jobs. Good grief, all common sense has left Biden supporters.

    3. PJ Celeste fact: Dems have better economic results. blue state run our economy. Republicans serve one purpose: their donors interests not america. Republican administrations 10 times out of 11 leave us in recession

  1. 0.5% pay increase is nothing, inflation is the tax on the people that will wipe that all away plus more.

  2. Hmm … guess this will take some time to recover . I guess we have to understand this isn’t a regular recession , we are slowly coming out of a pandemic

  3. Back to jobs reports where the actual numbers fall short of expectations vice the Trump years when the expected numbers were short of the actual numbers.

  4. The line up yes, the likely suspects and the highly unlikely suspects same as it ever was cuz.

    1. I disagree strongly. We need to spend the money we have presently in the federal highway trust fund in order to Repair traditional infrastructure. At this time we have anywhere from $40 billion-$70 billion currently within the highway trust fund that is earmarked for rug building, road and bridge repair.
      We need to be very worried now about the runaway inflation that is facing America because of all of this stimulus spending. Let’s not make the situation worse. Let’s spend the money we already have in the federal highway trust fund for traditional infrastructure.

    2. @J I think Joe is attempting to do our party a great big favor. The last thing we want to do is to be faced with runaway inflation and that is coming at us like a freight train. Let’s spend the money we already have for traditional infrastructure that is in the federal highway trust fund. Americans apparently he did Joe’s order to go back to work because the May job numbers while not that great we’re better than I expected.
      Let’s spend the money we already have and let’s not get involved with more deficit spending because we need to put Americans back to work.

    1. its actually NOT better…. have you been to a grocery store lately, bought meat or bought gas

    2. It’s too bad we have so many ignorant people like you in our country. Our educational system has clearly failed you. SMH

    1. Republicans cost our deficit 5 TRILLION in just 3 years from 2017-2020 on tax cuts for the rich Yet they voted NO to The American Relief Plan and NO on an insurrection committee Republicans don’t care about anyone bit themselves and their pocket books

  5. Of course the Trumpilsimpletons will deny the facts and claim that Agent Orange should somehow be given credit.

    1. No one said anything about Trump. Sounds like your TDS is disrupting your day-to-day life. I suggest you go and see a psychiatrist to help you out. Wacko lol

    2. Economic recovery stalled and went back down in the last few months of Trump. President Biden came, passed his American rescue package and as a result, the economy is growing again.

    3. @Katie Parker 400,000 American families died under Trump. Hundreds of millions lost their jobs under Trump. Millions lost their homes under Trump. All because of Trump’s failure to handle the pandemic. That’s no one having “TDS” dummy. Those are just facts.

    4. Trump was not responsible for the 8.7 million jobs lost in 2020 just like Biden is not responsible for creating 5.8 thousand jobs. Biden supporters are more pathetic than Trump supporters with zero common sense.

  6. And once biden terms is up I feel repluicans are going to put trump back in office regardless of the results im afraid for this country

  7. America is a prosperous country thanks to competent leadership from Joe Biden and his capable administration.

  8. I never trusted last month’s report because I know that small employers such as mom and pop restaurants and stores with just one or two employees don’t report new hires. It’s not until the end of a month that a more nuanced report reveals what actually happened. That’s why I wait for the revised reports, they always count the actual statistics and not what companies estimated they would do at the beginning of a month. The problem is, the high paying jobs are not increasing since most of those jobs were clerical and were done from home during the pandemic. It’s the service jobs, and the low paying no-benefit jobs that are still not being filled, because let’s face it, no one wants a low paying job without benefits.

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  10. We’re on our way!!! Now we need to get everyone Vaccinated so everyone can come back to work !!!

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