U.S. Economy Adds 916,000 Jobs In March | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. In states where minimum wage has increased, the number of jobs increased because minimum wage workers have more money to spend.

    1. @omi god And yet the corporations have somehow thrust the narrative that if you want good working conditions or to unionise that you’re essentially a commie. Go figure….

    2. @Polar Opposite They were dead anyway. The jobs from the eco economy will easily outstrip them. And stop it with the victim talk,tit.

    3. @Polar Opposite Jobs were lost due to the pipeline construction cancellation, but, A: there are still other pipelines, and B: people who were betting on the pipeline being put through were essentially gambling. No different from betting on the stock market or Las Vegas. They lost the bet – at least for now. There are lawsuits challenging Biden’s authority in cancelling the pipeline, but if you recall, the pipeline WAS cancelled when Trump took office and un-cancelled it. If Trump has the power to un-cancel it, then it’s tough to make the argument that Biden DOESN’T have the same authority to shut it down.

    4. @Polar Opposite You state that lockdowns only delay or slow the inevitable. But we never actually had a real lockdown. Look at South Korea, which has had fewer than 1800 deaths from Covid. Population 51.7 million. We have about 7 times the population, so we should have fewer than 14,000 dead, right?
      We have more than half a million dead from Covid. Some “lockdown”.

    5. @Rosschops depends on where the money from eco energy goes. The Netherlands bought 64,000 acres in Ohio to build windmills. They are using that money to fund their countries upside down pension system. China, Germany, and Canada own 30-40 million acres of US farmland. Prime land that they build solar and wind energy on. LOL, we are distracted fighting with each other left vs right, all the while we are losing our country not to an insurrection, but it’s being bought right out from under our noses.

  2. If the United States is to remain the number one economic power in the world they have to have this infrastructure bill pass because if not they could wind up becoming further behind and loose their status to China, which they don’t want to happen

    1. @Wayne Palmer thanks for reminding me, I forgot about his never appearing health care plan. It’s hard to keep track of the never ending lies he told.

  3. But wait, didn’t orange boy tell us that the world would collapse without him? Maybe not so much the chosen one after all.

    1. @David Hale No he’s not. Trump is the ONLY modern day POTUS to leave with fever jobs created then when he went in. He – like you – are and is a loser

    2. @incipidsigninsetup he’s been gone for 2.5 months but you still blame him for Biden’s border crisis.
      You blame him for everything. But now all of sudden new jobs. It’s not Trump but Biden. Yet everything else Biden had nothing to do with.
      Just shows how pathetic and ridiculous you people are.

    3. @incipidsigninsetup you cry about covid. But over look the thousands and thousands of people crossing the border daily that are spreading the virus to every state. There’s a border patrol report out that’s says 14% of all in custody are covid positive. That’s just the ones they know about. There’s thousands that cross and aren’t caught. And go through out the country. Unchecked for covid

  4. An incredible mix messaging campaign. Hopefully we’re going to be able to get ahead of this new surge.

    1. @omi god I don’t have to prove anything to ridiculous stupidity.
      You already proven your stupidity. Especially with the putin rhetoric.
      When I was born here and have lived in this country 53 years. Yet how long you been here 19/20 years ?
      So your opinion is as stupid as the propaganda programming you spew.

    2. @NYC LIBERAL wow. A nyc liberal that repeats the propaganda he was programmed to. Not surprised

    3. @David Hale
      An ignorant uneducated hillbillies that keep parroting the garbage they hear on the fox news, OAN, NewsMax propaganda sites


    4. @NYC LIBERAL what’s going on with your people. Shooting up grocery stores killing police at the capital. Attacking Asians.
      Is it the color of your skin or what ?

    5. @David Hale
      Yes, you 2nd Amendment deplorables CELEBRATE whenever Americans are gunned down, don’tcha?

    1. @David Eby that’s because they rely heavily on travel and tourism, both hit by a world wide pandemic. I’m guessing you’re in a red states that no one want to see.

    1. @ORD 4R
      Obama saved Free Market Capitalism from Republican stupidity. You should be on knees thanking him.

  5. Yes! Finally someone said. The pre-covid economy shouldn’t be the goal. We need to get to a better place. Because this pandemic exposed the weaknesses, racism, and inequities that were hidden behind a booming stock market and 3 percent unemployment

  6. Didn’t I remember one presidential candidate up for reelection say something like “If voters elect Joe Biden, the economy and stock market will tank”? I think he is down somewhere in FL eating crow right now. This recovery could have a lot to do with quick, competent handling of the pandemic and vaccination rollout.

    1. Has Trump ever lived in the real world? I’m sure he’s still surrounded by yes-men and other toadies telling him how awful the world is without him running it.

    1. less money for the same job before the pandemic…we need to starve the CEO class and then shoot them when they come looking for alms.

  7. My landlord and credit cards are happy,n got stim check today. Not as quickly as the sociopath prior but feel better about it.

  8. Excellent ideas, since most home care aides are on food stamps and low quantity Medicaid.

  9. Stephanie I haven’t seen you in a while it’s always been good to see you I’m looking to see more of you you truly are one of the best at what you do .

  10. *It’s unfair on how things has turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult*

    *This isn’t good in the sense that it ends up affecting the civilians financially in different angles of life*

    *we see complains here and there on social Media from different people in different parts all around the world*

    *The government has less or no time for their people anymore*

    *I suggest that we all should engage in different things to make money and stop hoping on the government*

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