U.S. Expected To Recommend Covid Booster Eight Months After Second Dose

NBC News' Peter Alexander and Shaquille Brewster, as well as Dr. Vin Gupta, discuss the expected recommendation and to which Americans it applies.

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U.S. Expected To Recommend Covid Booster Eight Months After Second Dose


    1. ​@Tyson Ballard Pollution, obesity and drugs mostly. I would say it’s also God finally stepping up and doing the right thing but I’m an atheist.

    2. @Tyson Ballard The majority of people dying from Covid are over 60. A lot of the others are anti-vaxxers like you. Weird, huh?

    3. @sammyshott23 I guess you’re right. As soon as I get out of the hospital with my breakthrough case I’ll go get my booster

    1. The 2 dose vaccines were over 90% effective at preventing severe Covid requiring hospitalization not 100%. Hope you get better soon.

    2. Everyone should listen to their doctors about the vaccines. Some can take it while others can not.

    3. @Corey Tatro Everyone knows it??? Did you ask randomly-selected large number of people that accurately reflect society as a whole? I doubt it. So STFU and don’t speak for “everybody”, you propagandist.

  1. What about the squirrel 🐿 juice 🧃 vaccine 💉yea I got the squirrel 🐿 juice 🧃 vaccine 💉 I feel very safe

  2. So, will everybody that took their two and swore no more, they did their part, now be the unclean for refusing boosters?

    1. @Napoleon Wilson How is it about her if your vaccine works? You people are just now realizing you been had by the vaccine, now you are acting out

  3. Please take all of the boosters so Darwinism can go full throttle and the culling takes place faster

    1. Yes, boost them up and give them social credit apps.
      The evil has been shown on full display, there is no sympathy.

  4. They said 15 days to slow the spread, 2 shots and you are protected, now it’s a booster. They are lying to you. Haven’t you figured that out yet. Lol.

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