U.S. extends border restrictions for Canadians, despite rules being eased for Americans | COVID-19 1

U.S. extends border restrictions for Canadians, despite rules being eased for Americans | COVID-19

CTV's Michel Boyer discusses the U.S. announcing to keep the land border closed to non-essential travel to Canadians to August 21st.

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    1. @Ashish Kalam keep them there we don’t want them back in our country hopefully they sign a one-way ticket

    1. @anne marie andrews LOL canada has to rely on USA for everything (importing goods, exporting gas and not to mention the auto industry), Canadians will all be jobless without USA

  1. meanwhile theyre on track to letting in 2 million or so illegal immigrants this year without covid testing them

    1. @Youtube Champion even with a PRC you cannot vote lol you’re funny .. but they do have access to schools, medical etc

  2. Where these variants came from?never ending virus and the crazy part is its predicted to emerge

    1. @Compost Chicken Queens Plus how can they predict these are coming then if its from nature they even give what month it would emerge

  3. Interesting how other countries are separate and apart from each other. A reminder that we aren’t all part of one big Twitter feed.

    1. More interesting that a million of illegals from all over the world crossed the border from Mexico. Vote Democrats!

    1. @Rick
      Being against a rushed, experimental, and unproven mRNA therapy does not make one an “anti-vaxxer.”

      And contrary to what you might think, giving yourself an upvote does NOT give your lame-a$$ opinion any more credence, m’kay? 🙂

    1. @Tanrichguy He’s absolutely right. Kari Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in Science for creating the PCR test, said that it was NOT appropriate to use the test diagnostically. He hated Fauci with the force of a thousand Suns. Sadly Fauci never agreed to debate Mullis. I doubt that Fauci would have his current glory position if he had – Mullis would have decimated him with both intellect and knowledge. Edit: typo

  4. Yeah, and it was only a month or so ago the Americans were whining about the restrictions on the border that Canada was enforcing. What a bunch of arrogance!

    1. Canadian border never closed. Immigrants walk across Roxham Road every day. They put up a field hospital and have a luxury hotel and residential camp nearby where they are fed and let into the public.

  5. This video makes no sense

    They spent the entire video talking about how unvaccinated Americans are getting very sick from the delta variant but don’t actually explain why we are opening our borders to them or why the USA is not letting Canadians enter

  6. Just tell them you are from Mexico, they’ll let you right in an offer to fill up your gas tank for free

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