U.S. Families Need Economic Relief, Says Rep. Underwood | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The nation needs Universal Healthcare like every other western industrialized nation without 20 trillion dollar deficits. GOP senators get at all the time. At taxpayers expense. Sweden and the Kaiser,s German Empire had it 1902.

    1. @Wisconsin Man It’s a common expression in the US. I wouldn’t expect you to understand it. Suffice it to say that it’s extremely rare for anyone living in a country with a national healthcare plan to come to the US for medical treatment.

    2. @Wisconsin Man not one ounce of truth in your lies. Health care and gas related? Plus dummy cars and trucks are going electric with or without you. Dinosaurs like you will have trouble living in the next ten years. The world is changing. The genie is out of the bottle and it is called the internet. World wide economy. Electric cars, health care for all, free education all funded by shifting wealth away from the wealthy to the workers who generate the income. You are very negative.

    3. @The Blade And you are a complete bafoon. Shows how ignorant you are with Fossil Fuels. More carbon is emitted from mining the ore for the electric cars than just driving cars, or trucks. Are the machines to do that Electric? Dear God, you people are slow. Yeah, the rich people are gonna say, sure, take more of our money, we don’t care. We won’t raise prices or anything. One World Order huh? That’s the answer? Unreal.

    4. @Constituent A Foreign healthcare is a bare minimum and to get better healthcare they have to PAY. Simple facts even YOU can look up. What is a common expression?

  2. Every good dictator needs a “reason” and a “justification” for locking up, censoring, and criminalizing all acts of political dissent.

    That is why I will #NeverForgetJanury6th

    Because it’s become a justification for evil against half our country who remain innocent.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH It could have been ten times that much damage, they’re just not comparable. One is peaceful protests getting out of control, been happening all my life…the other was an attempt to overthrow the government, never happened before. _An attempt to overthrow the government!!_ No! They are NOT comparable!

    2. My mother was robbed by two BLM young black men. Why would you rob black people if black lives matter? Why did my mother have to go to the creasing to report black lives matter robbing her after she just came out of the bank? If it’s not worse?the whole time those BLM riots occurred throughout Brooklyn and the rest of New York City there were more elderly robberies and murders and rapes then ever before! Are you serious? Grow up man you fighting for the wrong thing!to be perfectly honest with you you really don’t know what you’re fighting for you’re only fighting to get your jollies off

    3. @lIIlIllIllIlIIlI apparently whatever you’re fighting for is pointless for the simple reason that if a 50% of blacks do not agree with you there’s a big problem

    4. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH They are NOT COMPARABLE. trump supporters didn’t protest, they tried to take over the country!! How is that not sinking in? People trying to take over the country will ALWAYS be worse than some protest that got out of control. ALWAYS.

    5. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH No, they don’t. You’re arguing about ‘which is worse’ but you’re comparing different things and acting like they’re the same thing and all you have to do is some mathematics of body counts and damage. Only trump supporters are ever going to see it that way, you all tried to take over the country and it will not be forgotten quickly.

  3. Thanks NBC for providing a serious outlet on these crisis ridden times. Thank you representatives and Congress, keep up the good work democrats. the data doesn’t lie. This nation truly depends on and needs this stuff passed into law. Myself included. God bless!

    1. Yeah keep up the good work advocating for abortion and also keep up the good work and allowing biological males to be in locker rooms with high school girls now! Yeah keep up that good work

    2. So you want the Govt to give you Tax payer money? How nice and thoughtful of them. Except the taxpayer money was ggne about 24 Trillion ago.

  4. I wonder if she spoke with our speaker Nancy Pelosi prior to the election when Nancy is on record of saying that she did not want the American people to receive their stimulus check with Trump’s name on it? Nancy is on record of delaying the stimulus to suffering American people because of our political ideology.

    1. @T. R. Campbell There was no measurable “supercharging”. If Obama had a third term the economy would be as good or better than it was. It was just a reflection of those trends having more time to continue, not as a result of some brilliant policy change.

    2. @Suomy Nona OK, you go ahead and believe what you wanna believe. But remember we had an economic malaise during the Obama era which brought us Trump. Obama himself said that the jobs would not return. He told that to are union membership stating that what we see now is the new normal. We found out not to be true. There was nothing we could point to that caused an economic recovery other than the strength of capitalism.
      As Democrats what we can hold onto however is that Trump opened the economic roadmap that our iconic JFK gave us. JFK gave us the roadmap for economic prosperity and Trump opened it. This is great news. He also added a few other things which assisted in giving a supercharged economy a boost and lowering the poverty rate to levels that we saw back in the 60s.
      This is all good news and I don’t know why you continue to reject this fact. Trump latched on to our iconic JFK tax plan. This is all great news and we should jump for joy. Now Joe has an outstanding foundation upon which to stand, get us out of the COVID-19 nightmare and return our supercharged economy. This is all good news and we must now work so that we can Make the Biden administration successful and build on the success that we had. I don’t know why you want to insist on a false narrative.

    3. @T. R. Campbell You may have gotten me confused with someone else because I never said you received a check.

  5. 3 thousand per child? Parents getting per adult and child, and tax credits?The disabled?
    What about the elderly? It seems excessive .Sorry something is wrong here.

    1. @mike briganti The $600 came from Don the Con according to the comment on the check. I crossed out his name and wrote “Taxpayers like me”. It was my own money, not his.

    2. Did you get the first one for $1.2K? Did you qualify for the $600? Was it direct deposited and you missed it? People that haven’t received the money by Feb 12th will be able to claim it when they file 2020 taxes.

    3. I finally got my check on the 24th of January, with a 01/06/2021 on it, so there’s a chance it’s still coming!

  6. There is one thing nobody has thought of and that’s how hard it must be now with face masks for deaf people who read lips, it can’t be be done, I have a hard time talking at times I can’t so I started to think about it.

  7. Class warfare and economic genocide is a dangerous game if your a lawless sperm bank physician in Seattle though…

  8. I have a question so someone who already gets public assistance meaning a welfare check, food stamps lives in public housing and rent is less than a $100 qualifies for the same amount as someone who was working a job didn’t qualify for any public assistance and lost their job only because of COVID or had hours reduced and still don’t qualify because 1 kid short I don’t think that’s right either again my opinion because some people was doing nothing before the pandemic and your just giving them more money to blow on Jordan’s, flat screens and seafood boils when it could be going towards people who really could use it because a working person with income would have higher bills to pay for and their rent is due at least $600 or more.

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