U.S. Has ‘Real Leverage’ Over Taliban, Rep. Houlahan Says

U.S. has "real leverage" over Taliban, Rep. Houlahan (D-Pa.) says.

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U.S. Has 'Real Leverage' Over Taliban, Rep. Houlahan Says


  1. Pay attention folks, because this is what a “deal” between a conman, and a terrorist organization looks like.

    Why would anyone criticize a person who trying to clean-up the 20 year debacle that is Afghanistan?
    And why would anyone think that cleaning up a 20 year debacle would be easy or pretty? Especially in a country like Afghanistan.
    Name one thing about Afghanistan that has ever been easy, pretty, or smooth.

    1. @Winston Smith
      Apologist is my tag line gramps.
      Get your own plagiarist.
      Obama and Biden have a lot less baggage gramps.
      Doesn’t Trump have twenty nine lawsuits pending. 😭

    2. @Winston Smith Is speaking gibberish some form of conspiracy theory terminology? If so I’ll take your advice as an expert.

    3. @B. T. Repeating yourself by calling anybody and everybody ‘gramps’ is a sign of Alzheimer’s. There’s pills you can take for that, old man. Also look into the blue pill because it’s clear you have ED and all your anger here is misplaced frustration

    4. @SR FH Yes. ‘gibberish’ is a code word for Russian. You’re on to me. Better buy some tin foil to keep the Russians from reading your mind, nutjob

    5. @Winston Smith You and the rest of the Republicans are one step away from Bellevue, but I must admit it’s comical when you attack other’s sanity and the name-calling is just a reflection yourself.

    1. @My Perspective Why are there so many confederate sympathizers in the republican party and why do they revere confederate statues and memorials erected by racist democrats of the past ?

    2. @Seymour Butts we have to remember which party DIVIDED us. Democrats have a dark past and an even darker future unless we wake up 🇺🇸

    3. Isaiah 5:20 
      Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light
      and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

  2. Smh. Look at the trolls on here. They won’t debate the facts, they just make a comment and scurry away like cowards, probably because they are.

    1. I have you in a thread and you NEVER give FACTS. Confederate democrats lost the war already. Remember? Get lost. Nobody cares for your OPINIONS when you DENY facts. FASCIST

    1. @Philip Teague Trumpist trademark: believing that ending a string of bs with FACT is going to persuade anyone.

    1. TRUMP SURRENDERED to the Taliban February 29, 2020, released 5000 Taliban prisoners, and Trump designed the withdrawal timeline so he could say he got the US out of AFG in his bid for re-election. Trump left President Biden nothing to bargain with. In addition, Trump abandoned Afghani allies by blocking them from getting visas for 4 years. The Taliban immediately broke the agreement but the Trump administration did nothing. To read the surrender agreement search: Agreement-For-Bringing-Peace-to-Afghanistan-02.29.20.pdf

  3. That’s pretty good there money is in US Banks when are the midnight money run planes going to start cash please

  4. Good job trump and Pompeo for doing a horrible negating. Good job trump Pompeo for letting out 5000 taliban mercenaries and there new leader…

  5. Air-Dropping Supplies Into Panjshir Valley Would Be A Help

    The Resistance Is Called the Northern Alliance

    1. American taxpayers will basically have to bailout Joe Bidens “accidental” disaster you are saying.

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