U.S. Investment In Afghanistan Bought Infrastructure, Corruption And A Lot Of Weaponry 1

U.S. Investment In Afghanistan Bought Infrastructure, Corruption And A Lot Of Weaponry

Rachel Maddow reviews how U.S. time and treasure was spent over the past two decades in Afghanistan, with some spent on actual infrastrucutre, huge quantities lost to a corrupt elite, and lots more spend on weaponry, some of which is now in the hands of the Taliban.
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  1. You can’t airdrop democracy. It has to be an organic, ground up movement that the people of the country want and fight for, not something imposed from without by fiat.

    1. It’s the same with socialism…its an attitude, not a system.
      Basically it’s about mutual respect and consideration.
      Being nice people and working together.

    2. and decades on our politicians still can’t grasp that very basic fact. Of course wars are a great way to make some people very wealthy.

    1. Bullshite!! There is nothing but pointing fingers. It was a waste of time. We killed 25 children because they existed. Trumps CIA trained another Taliban group to murder Afghan children at a school.

  2. HOW MUCH DID PEOPLE POCKET FOR THEMSELVES? no way was this going to turn out good. 17 months ago trunp told them we were leaving

    1. @Tray Day 216 what? Trump said last year we were leaving by May 2021 then biden said he was delaying the withdrawal date to September 2021 so…..

    2. @Tray Day 216 What is wrong with you?
      They had plenty of notice.
      Twenty years is more than enough time for Afghanistan to establish itself….they did nothing.
      Afghanistan is not our problem nor is it our responsibility…..let some other nation take over.
      Exactly….how many more years should we have stayed? How many more American lives were to be killed or wounded?
      For what? A country and people’s not willing to help themselves?
      Way past the time for American troops to come home.

      Unless you prefer to take trumps approach….allow Putin to pay bounty on the lives of American military personnel.

    3. @Alfred George We yet again arrogantly failed to understand the socio-political and economic CLAN DYNAMICS of these nomadic societies, that we always lump them with their Islamic foreign fighter elements within them for the purpose of FTO labelling—and yet we witnessed the Taliban work the Clan dynamics to their advantage, and wondered how WE GOT IT SO WRONG—AGAIN! after all the lesson we’ve been taught and gleaned in Somalia, after our initial failures there.


    1. @Hillbilly beer dranker Yeah….keep drinking that beer…
      You are a liar….Biden never said he was going to start bombing Somalia.
      The most recent U.S attack in Somalia was not ordered by the Biden Administration…..(the first since Biden took office)

      In the meantime, Somalia was one of the seven Muslim countries that Trump continued to attack throughout his administration.
      Why don’t you get your story straight?

    2. @Alfred George
      There will never be a friendly business relationship with China, but i can be less toxic .

    3. @Jan Van Besouw Let’s put it this….we need to get along….work together….
      One cannot deny the benefits of an American/Chinese business and diplomatic relationship.
      China has depleted many of its resources…..America on the other hand, is abundantly rich in natural resources….
      We can help each other.

    4. @Jan Van Besouw Let’s strive for good.
      Last year, America was an angry, violent, racist and divided country…..I’m tired of it….let’s move forward.
      Let’s focus on getting along and helping both America and the global community.

    1. This is like PUBG putting too much faith on your teammate when they are not even a sliver close to you

    2. What kind of American Homer Simpleton are you? Americans took over Afghanistan so they could build
      an oil pipeline from Iraq and Iran to a new ocean port. More American soldiers committed suicide than
      were killed by “the enemy”. More American soldiers died from friendly fire than were killed by the “enemy”.
      Canadian “peace-keeping” soldiers were sent to aid Americans, with funding to rebuild a dam Americans
      destroyed when they were taking over. The dam was never repaired. The pipeline was abandoned.

  4. Was corruption a new found problem in 2021? It is hard to imagine the corruption was one sided and was able to keep $ following into them for 20 years.

  5. How can the US government improve the life of Afghanis in 20 years, when look what it did to America over the last 20 years.

    1. we have been improving or did you forget that gays can now get married, dont ask dont tell was eliminated, racism is far less tolerated.etc

    2. @Xarai Past year has been super progressive. Added rights for gender dysphoric patients. Oil pipelines for Russia profits. Boarder surge. Inflation. BLM, Antifa, Hamas, & Taliban terrorism. Major crime spikes in DNC wasteland cities.

      I guess we call this improvement?

    3. @Howard
      How can you miss out MAGA and the it’s Moronic Orange leader?
      But alas, you (as a card-carrying-member) would miss them out ‘coz the ‘Tiki Torch bearing bunch’ are all so cuddly

    1. Yes….we refer to it as the Biden Infrastructure Plan.
      The republicans have been dragging their feet…as per usual…..

    2. Yeah it’s coming, I think I heard it is coming soon. Anyways, I have to go, gots to clear the skid mark. The funk is real.

  6. Poor Americans paid the price for this war, it sure made us Weak. DoD contractor CEOs average income, $25 million dollars per year!?!? Kiss my tailpipes !

  7. It there had been no corruption and the soldiers had been treated well, and paid, over a very long time, there may have been a new class of citizens created with real loyalty.

  8. America could invest in itself. Money and jobs go overseas while taxpayer’s elected politicians work for corporation’s donations, placing Democracy in peril

  9. The US was so generous. First helped the Afghan government ( mainly officials ) became rich. Now the Taliban got free weapons.

    1. @V N
      It was alway about my shares investments with Major Contractors and my pension fund. I needed wars to get the share value to move in the right direction.
      Now with all of this new onslaught of instability in the Region, MIC can concentrate more of its efforts on retooling and spending even more money on new weapons.
      The future looks good… It’s bright and very green.

    2. @AN Thien
      well this time at least it was not intentional like under Daddy Bush in the 80s and 90s…

    3. @John Lennon Maybe the politicians don’t even understand what’s going on, while the contractors profit

  10. They left all that there, all that money wasted and in America, we could barely get $2000.00 in stimulus during the pandemic. Congress sure has its priorities straight.

    1. @J
      Dude you’re delusional. I tell you what. How about I come to your residence, and reenact the same acts that took place at the Capitol. You DERP!!!

    2. @Treetop 1214 Sure. I have a desk you kick back and relax at. Try not to do any looting on the way!

      Great deflection tho! Nothing like a BLM riot with molotov cocktails and other improvised explosives.

    3. @Harvey Polanski OK, so

      TOTALWWII Military died: 407,316

      Injured: 671,278

      Americans Died due to COVID: 623,000
      Cases: 37 Million

      What is your point, Dude?

    1. Explains now why Liz Cheney is complaining about the pull out from Afghanistan. Her old man made a mint running Haliburton, Dads going to miss out on making any more money.

  11. Budget Reconciliation: “BuT hOw ArE YoU GoNnA PaY fOr iT?!?!?!?!?”
    A: By stopping this dumb sh*****

    1. I love the phrase “History doesn’t repeat … but it certainly does rhyme.” by: Look it up on Google

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