U.S. Labor Secretary On Employers Paying Their Employees More 1

U.S. Labor Secretary On Employers Paying Their Employees More


U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh joins Ali Velshi to talk rising wages and the road to economic recovery, after initial jobless claims for the week ending in July 3rd totaled 373,000, exceeding expectations. Following a strong jobs report for the month of June and the gradual rise in worker pay, says Walsh, “employees have been paid less than they deserve…There’s certainly nothing wrong with people making more money.”

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    1. @Alenori then get a higher degree and get paid more. If you have a work ethic and drive, you can do better in life

    2. @Fabio Fox Music 35,000 a year with healthcare retirement and 10 weeks or 12 weeks a year off every holiday off weekends off pretty good gig

    3. The hiring process got WAY out of hand… Basically making job applicants into supplicants… breaking labor via importing workers due to fabricated talent shortages.

    4. @Fabio Fox Music $35k a year is the STARTING salary. Like the other person was saying, get more skills. You aren’t going to be paid the most by being a kindergarten teacher who spends their day finger painting.
      Or better yet start your own business and pay people $25 an hour and see how long you stay open.

  1. People need to be able to afford a living. Pay more they will come back to work. We have no other way of making wages go up but to refuse to go back to work until wages do go up. This will help are economy I don’t care what anyone says. Been way to long for wages to go up.

    1. ​@Forked Tongue Good thing it wasn’t jumping, you lack basic intelligence and show a case of nationalism.

      You should be wanting your fellow American to do better, because when we our weakest links are doing better we all do better.

      It’s bee proven time and time again, that those who are towards the bottom who have money, spend it when and it circulates into the economy making it better, companies holding onto the money and refusing to pay employees more hurts the economy.

    2. @Alenori our weakest links can become stronger if they wanted it. Your way just keeps them weak

    3. @Forked Tongue “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, he told me, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

      Not everyone gets an opportunity to become stronger due to living situations, community level poverty, and no access to higher learning. You’re asking people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they don’t even have boots. It is far beyond working harder for it, you have to receive a chance that isn’t given to everyone. You can’t have the attitude of a frustrated father to poverty.

    4. Wages were rising under President Trump the fastest in the last 30 years but I bet you voted for Joe Biden

    1. The same as Homes fit for heros for returning soldiers and due to injuries it was Heroes fit for homes

    2. @Mephistopheles Count Caliostro I really don’t understand why ALL soldiers aren’t given more of a break regarding home ownership and housing. They need way more support in that area.

    1. I’m a 60 yr old widow, I will never recover from this. I’m also not going back to working 2 and 3 jobs, I’m gonna die either way. I also know I’m not alone in this.

  2. With the rate of inflation in America over the years, The minimum wage should be between $22 to $24 dollars an hour.

    1. @MDM8998 because the minimum wage is meant to be an entry-trained and make yourself more valuable for your services because you’re more valuable

  3. OF course you have to pay up. Keep us poor so the rich get more. You want us to work for you,, pay us,, and stop blackmailing us with no job if we can’t do more. Stop treating us like the sugar coated god damned slaves we are to BIG BIZ. Respect us, pay us, and PAY UP for the medical costs while you drive us into the looney bin.

  4. Friendly reminder that Fortune 500 corporations gave their CEOs a raise last year, while the rest of us were standing in line for toilet paper, and pulling double duty work from home and take care of kids at home, or better yet laid off.

    1. @The News In ASL That’s a Space Jam level reach, and those Billionaires would still find loopholes to pass as little tax as possible.

      Stop crying for the billionaires, and millionaires who horde their greed and refuse to pay a fair wage.

    2. @Alenori
      You’re using an old script. Millionaires are not evil anymore, because it is well known that Bread Line Bernie is a millionaire with three houses, and who hordes his wealth. Only billionaires are evil now. Additionally, what smart person does not find “loopholes” to pay as little tax as possible? Even liberals do that. If rich liberals cared so much about wealthy people “paying their fair share,” they would simply write checks to the government above what they actually owe, and what rich liberal does that?

  5. Employers who are paying inexperienced employees at least $15/hr aren’t having any problems hiring. And those paying degreed employees at least $50,000/yr starting are seeing far less turnover.

    Who would have ever thought paying people AT LEAST A MINIMUM of a livable wage that can pay off their bills makes for happier, more loyal employees? Oh… wait…? LITERALLY EVERYONE!!!

  6. Employees are just like corporate vehicles. If you ignore Their maintanance eventually they will quit on you.

  7. The CEO of Charter Cable Tom Rutledge’s total compensation was $37.7 million in 2020.
    One year he made over $98 Million
    Other top officials of Charter are being paid over $30 Million a year.
    Yet his employees still struggle to make a living and we customers pay $100.00 for internet.

  8. Extended benefits soon to come to an end? I was laid off in March 2020, have applied to hundreds of positions and the Governor of Indiana cut off all extended benefits a month ago. Secretary Walsh stated 2 weeks ago in the news he was watching this situation here in Indiana. I will be on the street in my car in a week. Literally. Homeless at 61; with enough benefits to last 4 more months. But I’m cut off and It’s now tied up in the courts. Did Indiana Governor Holcomb take this money for other reasons? I earned the right to those benefits and now I’m homeless and heading to live in my car. Who took the money?

  9. I was waiting in the long food line at Costco (only one person behind the counter) and the woman next to me said, “Well if folks make more more money on UE then why work?” I looked at her…. White, blonde, fingernails from here to there and just fricking bit my tongue. She clearly has never had to live under difficult circumstances.

  10. The former mayor should have had concerns when he was mayor and nobody could afford housing in the commonwealth . The state is a high living low paying state and he was fine with that .While the representatives live in opulence .
    Now he jumps on the bandwagon .
    The tool shed has a tool with his name on it .

  11. “we cant have our business go out or business just because they can’t afford to pay their employees money” ?! that’s right lets keep supporting a toxic “ecosystem” where only some profit.

    1. then they shouldnt be in business if their business model can’t pay their employees a living wage. If they have $$$$ in pocket, they spend it!! Why is this so difficult for Republicans to understand.

  12. 40 years of 5.75 to 7.25 an hour minimum wages. When you are paid for room and board to work for a company, it called slavery.

    1. Correction in 88 it was $4.25. I remember all to well because those of us that weren’t prisoners walked off a very dangerous job. We were told “look around you, these are convicts.” “Why would we pay you more when there are more to replace you”. see ya and we left.

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