U.S. lawmaker wants Biden to take action on border reopening 1

U.S. lawmaker wants Biden to take action on border reopening


U.S. congressman, Brian Higgins, says he has proposed to the White House to unilaterally reopen the border to Canadians.

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    1. @WolfeCanada No, Yukon meant low information idiots like you, who blindly line up to be injected with experimental toxins, because you were offered a free beer to do so.


      Yanks vaccines OUT!

  1. Reporter didn’t address the Delta variant or disclose his party affiliation. Right-wing filth.

    1. LOL Delta variant. Hey, I hear there’s a Nigerian prince who’s willing to give you a big reward if you help him out.

    1. You and Kato likely can’t move 10 miles from your own county without losing your way home. So, no sweat about crossing a scary national border.

    1. You sure you are not talking about the 2016 election? the world knows full well was helped by Russia. Tweetler dumb will go down in history as the most illegitimated, ignorant Buffon. He Murdered half a Million Americans, and you kept says yes please more place. Lets not get into the rest of the crazy and dangerous things he did. You can stop drinking the Kool-Aid now.

  2. The virus is gonna travel..The Delta has Taken Flight. But in September when the Virus would’ve been decimated by the muons well have a clear view about festive season.

    1. This fact is always conveniently overlooked. All that produce on the grocery store shelf marked “Product of USA” didn’t just magically teleport itself here.

  3. Americans ought to realize Canada is a independent country and we have a right to protect our citizens.

  4. I’m all to our Prime Minister in not opening the boarders as Americans don’t follow rule n regulations at all like Canadians

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