1. Its always guarded by CIA and FBI so people don’t know about it I been hearing these stuff on the internet

  2. I’m surprised the Canadian government didn’t want an investigation with all the statements from Paul Hellyer… Oh wait our government isn’t capable of thinking for its self.

  3. the fact that youre using bill nye is the real cover-up.
    shame on you guys. where al gore hiding?

  4. Nils is the last Pearson you should ask anything of. I got some cows that probably give you a better answer!

  5. Would have been nice to “ Experience” the EXHILARATION of the Objects Speed. Did it ever dart away? We’re multiple planes in involved with the Long Term Footage?

  6. It’s arrogant for ‘earthlings’ to imagine they are the only intelligent beings existing in the Universe 🤦🏻‍♀️

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