U.S. Mulls Cyberattacks Against Russian Hackers 1

U.S. Mulls Cyberattacks Against Russian Hackers


The Biden administration is moving to treat ransomware attacks as a national security threat, and contemplating deploying offensive cyberattacks against hackers inside Russia. Courtney Kube reports.
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  1. This would be like FDR pondering whether the attack on Pearl Harbor required a response. Russia is conducting WW3 in cyberspace: its attack on the 2016 elections should have been enough to make that clear.

    1. Damned right look up the Gerasimov Doctrine and “Hybrid Warefare” BTW Gerasimov is now Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia. We are in a WAR and it’s time we start acting like we know it’s a war.

    2. @tingle blade -Are u implying the war on evil ever stopped? It’s an ongoing force all democracies have had to deal with. Western democracies didn’t start this war and have had trillions of $ stolen from them over just the past 20yrs by Russia and China w/few consequences.

    1. @Jason Thompson The KKK was a terrorist organization formed by southern Democrats following the Civil War. The purpose of the KKK was to keep newly freed black slaves in line. It was also used to intimidate some northern carpet baggers. Our party has a terrible history associated with slavery and I can’t for the life of me understand why people why Democrats continue to bring this up and remind people of our legacy.

    2. @Alex Zong Trump and the Republicans are no longer an issue. You must remember that we are in charge of both the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate and the Presidency.
      Trump is in Florida enjoying the weather here and playing golf.
      We should not be looking in our rearview mirror at trump because we have some major issues facing Joe and our party in the future that we have to address.

    3. @Sun Dial The Chinese are being very belligerent. They just sent Chinese warplanes violating the territorial waters of Malaysia. Malaysians dispatched their own fighter planes. The Chinese are being very aggressive.

  2. LOL
    Love it.
    Bring it on home in a way that gets their undivided attention.
    Finances sounds like a prudent beginning, then “out” them internationally.

  3. Remember Helsinki? Trump essentially gave Putin permission to hack away at his leisure — on TV. Things have changed. Go get ‘em, Joe. Mess with ‘em real bad! America is behind you.

    1. Have they hacked the Treasury’s system yet ?Somebody out there in cyber world will find a way.

    2. Daniel Schaeffer
      Remember China? They just released a virus that shut down our country and you are more concerned about Russia LOL

    3. The Trumpster didn’t give him permission to do anything of the kind. We didn’t see any hacking of our Transportation and food system during the last administration. The Trumpster imposed sanctions on Russia and he unleashed our energy sector that brought prices down which severely damaged the Russian economic system. The py-6 what’s is under tremendous pressure with very high inflation for many years which also damage the Russian economy and prevented Putin from doing a lot of his military buildup. Putin feared Trump.
      Clearly, Putin has no respect for Joe and his administration so Joe must take decisive and aggressive action now in order to stop this attack on America. Right now, today Joe must reinstate those sanctions against companies helping Pat and build his pipeline. If Russian officials have money in US banks, those assets must be seized. Joe needs to send diplomats into Russia to locate and remove those hackers. Joe needs to send a clear hard message now.

  4. Russian hackers? Every day they report for duty in the comments section. Boy, they really get upset when I mock Trump or Putin.

    1. The people whose “wise words” you get to enjoy are the ones who were too dim to make it into the GRU’s hacking school.

    2. Johnny English, take a look at your discussion page. I think someone called “The future is in our hands” spammed it. He says he’s from Russia.

  5. Yeah- But Trump said it wasn’t Russia, remember? After the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DHS all reported that Russia interfered in the 2016 election Trump said “President Putin said it wasn’t Russia….I don’t see why it would be.” Traitor Trump is conspiring to overthrow the US government RIGHT NOW….

    1. Johnathan Davis Well, one thing is fact. It wasn’t Russia you let out a Virus that shut down the world. Yet people are whining about cyber attacks. Just imagine how weak the Democrats would look if Russia and China teamed up. One with a Biological attack the other with a cyber attack LOL

    1. Timothy Spencer
      what makes you think the US does not have one? CIA, NSA, UNCLE, SHIELD. and Criminal Minds Beyond Borders LOL You make it sound that you can have one all powerful Cyber force that can prevent all cyber attacks when how many private and public computers, systems, and servers do we have in the US? Hmm what just happened a month ago to the Colonial Pipeline? Btw you better worry about China. The home of the Covid Virus that closed our country down.

    2. But then Donnie couldn’t sit behind the controls of a spaceship and blow the horn. Woo woo all aboard the Trump poo poo choo choo to Mars.

    3. Now, now… Trump has given us the Cyber Ninjas! Real Kamikaze counters! They’ll defend us from any dead Venezuelan dictator’s hacking of the ballot machines..

  6. Send two mercs to Russia, the secretary will disenvo any knowledge if caught. This mission is NOT Impossible.

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