U.S. On Track To Reach President Biden’s July 4th Vaccination Goal 1

U.S. On Track To Reach President Biden’s July 4th Vaccination Goal


Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, an infectious diseases physician, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss vaccination trends as we head into the summer months. Dr. Bhadelia says that vaccine education is “how we get to the other side.”
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  1. So he didn’t lie about it, ignore it, and then spend his time playing golf while over 500,000 people died?…..How refreshing..

    1. @C D Wake up the only voter fraud that they found proof of was for Trump. The dead people vote was proven to be false like the big lie

    2. @Kevin Turner he told on himself saying he downplayed long after he interviewed with the reporter he denied it was anything to worry about calling it a democratic hoax it would go away in spring magically disappear.

    3. @Joe Schwenk Keep getting your facts from the Democratic owned and ruled media. Thumbs up! THEY HAVE ALL THE BIG FACTS LMAOOO WAKE UPPPP

    1. Lots of trolls here…anytime there is something about Biden & the virus or the vaccine, the trolls gather like flies. Disgusting, eating flies.

    1. LMAO 1573 voters in Pennsylvania for the 2020 election were over 100 years old. YOU MSNBC VIEWERS ARE SO DUMB TO BELIEVE THE MSM.

  2. Trump: “I told my people to slow the testing down!!! The less we test, the less number of infections we’ll have.”

    1. @Electro Crypto If you want to think like a Trumper, guzzle a fifth of whiskey and hit yourself over the head with the empty bottle… Well, you’d still probably think more clearly than them.

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  4. If the US is going to have a billion doses left over, why not sell them to countries that need them now? How long do they last on ice?

    1. Most of you are complete idiot’s. Might as well take mine. I’m never taking them anyhow.

    2. @Yvonne Plant they can spoil. I’m not taking that crap for you fools. You want to live in fear that’s your problem. Not mine.

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  6. So we have a billion doses of vaccine in surplus. That’s 3 times the population of the United States. We already have nearly 2/3 of the nation vaccinated. We should be donating those extra doses to other countries before it goes bad. The world has gotten much smaller. We depend on other nations for many, if not most of the products we use. The sooner the entire world gets vaccinated, the sooner we will get back to the way we used to be.

  7. Once again Obama Biden comes into a presidency rife wife with chaos and crises, and once again Biden Obama takes care of business.

  8. So… Trumps goal Biden took credit for? Kind of like how when we withdraw from Afghanistan in September (maybe!) Biden will take credit despite the deal being brokered by Trump with a date of May 1st?

    1. I was just wandering through these liberal lies and found your comment. Keep nailing these liars to the wall dude.

  9. I never get sick…..I’ve been a plumbing contractor for over 40 yrs…I’m often really dirty when I get off work, sometimes with other people’s googly glag on me and my clothes (ask my wife and kids) and they’re never sick either. My daughter now lives with a Covid survivor and she never got sick….I’m not going to “Mainline” anything….my immune system is just fine….not going to contaminate it….

  10. Only side effect I got from Pfizer is an urge to post comments on random YT videos. In all seriousness though I may not be joking lol.

  11. You need to prove you took a vaccine for a disease you don’t even know you have until you’ve been tested

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