U.S. Police Departments Brace For Deadly Summer | MSNBC 1

U.S. Police Departments Brace For Deadly Summer | MSNBC

Many police departments across the country are bracing for a violent summer following a rise in shootings and attacks. Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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U.S. Police Departments Brace For Deadly Summer | MSNBC


  1. Everytime after a shooting you hear it’s got to stop well do something about it. Its sickening.

    1. and yet NOTHING ever gets done….the GQP and the NRA have convinced america that without guns they are impotent

    2. Democrats have the majority in the house but don’t have the votes in the senate to do anything. Thanks to the two party system our gov’t is without a doubt useless beyond measure.

  2. Where are all the “good guys with guns” stopping all the “bad guys with guns”? Wait, you mean that that is just a lie?

    1. @Insignificant360 You bet. I’m not your nanny nor your savior. The way I see it, we both had the same opportunity to prepare for the moment violence visits us. I’m also aware that the probability that I’ll have to shoot another human being in self defense is very small, but it’s not zero.

    2. Armed, law abiding citizens aren’t a private police force. That’s vigilantism. Armed citizens are only allowed to act in defense. The people that you see attacked every day in the news are not armed citizens. That is the problem.

    3. If you’re some place where a shooting has occurred holding a gun, you’re the first person responding Police are likely to shoot. So it’s not very safe for the Good Guy with a gun anymore either.

    4. State monopoly doesn’t allow outside competition to fight crime, this creates the “need” for police. If you want to fight crime you have to join the State gang or face arrest for competing with them.

  3. Combine Mental illness, poverty, drugs, guns, and hate – and what the H*ll y’all think is going to happen? It sure as H*ll ain’t hugs and kisses.

    1. Your comment is nonsensical. What words of “wisdom” were uttered from the mouths of which “babies”?
      Or do you just go around to random channels and throw in this inane statement?
      Don’t bother to reply. One does not get notifications and one rarely, if every, revisits the post after commenting and one does not give a whit about whatever explanation you come up with for this idiocy.
      And do you always “like” yourself?
      NRN EOD
      ‘bye now

    1. The State is the #1 cause of poverty. You can’t really do much without the State sucking you dry with taxes, regulations, fees on top on fees, permits, licenses, unjust laws, etc,  this all effects the livelihood of a person.

    2. @F P your war on the state is pathetically ignorant.
      And your disinformation advertising spam is worse.

    1. State monopoly doesn’t allow outside competition to fight crime, this creates the “need” for police. If you want to fight crime you have to join the State gang or face arrest for competing with them.

  4. Remember when _Needful Things_ was a horror novel and movie and _not_ a campaign for constitutional carry?

  5. This situation is very likely manufactured in order to get tougher laws on crime passed & move us even closer to a police state. The repukians love this

  6. Hey, America. I watched 48 seconds of this youtube post and then I remembered no one in the civilised world cares anymore about your mass shootings.

  7. We need better police officer and we don’t need AR-15 for home defense or this mass load capacity magazines

  8. I hope Wayne LaPierre is safe on his Yacht.
    Because it’s not safe for the rest of us here…

  9. This whole thing is BS, this is a pushback on defunding police, and police reform! The police, and politicians are involved in this crap.

  10. He keeps saying “the crime bill dropped crime to its lowest in 50 years” without acknowledging how it over-criminalized minority communities for non-violent offenses and has skyrocketed prison pops leading to overcrowding and death and furthering a prison industrial complex that seeks profit over people. But sure let’s continue to conflate *violent* crime with petty crime like theft and drug offenses………………

  11. Doctors are still here and they get sued way more than cops. Stop trying to shield them from accountability!

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