U.S. President Donald Trump speaks after being impeached on abuse of power

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Michigan and reacts to the news that he's been impeached on abuse of power.

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  1. “no republicans have gone to.. its unheard of” i’m pretty sure Arlen Specter switch from Republican to Democratic in 2009.

    1. BubberGroves I don’t think he was referring to a single politician switching because that is very common. Happened with a liberal candidate in Canada last year, I haven’t hear of more than two switching like this before

    1. @Devin Malecek Donald Trump has done more for Americans then what Trudeau has done for Canadians. You Americans should be proud to have a leader like him! Trudeau has cut over 85,000 jobs in Canada. Trump hasn’t done that

    2. @F*CK QUEBEC Americans don’t like Canadians dude..they look down on y’all and mock you any time they have a chance.. LMAO

  2. Come to TX and adopt some of these Illegals. Amazing those screaming loudest don’t live in border states it’s sad. We are so over run, yet illegals get DL’s in New York.

  3. Trump talks to his base like someone venting to a friend.. It is quite unique and refreshing.. No scripted PC nonsense

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