U.S. Pushes Back As China Tramples Free Press In Hong Kong 1

U.S. Pushes Back As China Tramples Free Press In Hong Kong


Rachel Maddow looks at the crackdown by China on the independent a in Hong Kong and the condemnation from the Biden administration of China's continued persecution of independent journalists.
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    1. You were mistaken. During the previous administration Trump imposed harsh sanctions on the Chinese communist. The sanctions we’re revenue generators for do US government. You are seriously mistaken because the previous administration did hurt the communist Chinese. And we can all do our part, By not buying Chinese products. When we see clothing, shoes or tools with the label, “made in China “put these items back on the counter and look for items that are made in America.

    2. @PJ Celeste You’re resorting to name-calling. You cannot compose a rational sentence or a bottle so your only option is resorting to name-calling. We used to do this back in the third grade.

    3. @T. R. Campbell No sir, you better check yourself. You are making an incorrect assumption based on 1 word.
      I was not identifying who they are but what they do.

  1. I raised my children in a different Hong Kong, they grew up in a free society then and are now patriotic Americans because of what they learned there about what living free means. So sad to see this happening to a once great city.

    1. @Liu Kevin Xi Jinping had every opportunity to negotiate trade deals in good faith, but no, he believes he can weild his domestic power abroad and bully trading partners into submission, and the world is telling him to take a hike. India is gearing up to take the slack and fill the void China is leaving, China will once again isolate itself and return to poverty. After 50+ years of growth, it’s economy is tanking with lost deals all over the world. They have been incredibly adversarial and aggressive, very short sighted. Hong Kong will choke to death under incompetent CCP rule, as will Taiwan if they invade and try to colonise it.

    2. @Richie Greign You need to drink more Kool Aid. WTF do you know about HK. Can you find HK on a blank map? Don’t we have enough problems here? HK will prosper in the years ahead. Do some research about the history HK. Anyway what’s happening there is none of our business.

    3. @kw lee Unbunch your panties, simply an observation based on actual events, and no, it’s not my business, doesn’t mean I can’t make an observation. Everything I stated is verifiable via finance sites, I have zero political interest in the situation, I simply find it a sad reality for the Chinese people particularly. Sheesh, dry your tears champ…

  2. reminds of the shark tank when the sharks would encourage people to have their products made in china.
    Question: Are they still promoting this or have they grown a conscious?

    1. The older I get the more I feel you have to sell at the least a little bit of your soul to want to stomp all over people to hoard money!

  3. Very very sad to see this happening to Hong Kong… Unfortunately Taiwan is next and its already a battle lost for Taiwan…. China is too powerful and the international community will side with China for their own economic/financial interest…

    1. @josephtanhs lol what are you talking about? The system in HK obviously was not perfect but at least the people of HK enjoyed way more freedom and democracy than the mainland China — And clearly vast majority of HK people does not want to have the same system as the mainland China — Despite the past history and how HK became almost separate “entity”, the CURRENT people of HK prefers democratic ways than the communist/authoritarian ways of China. Think about Korea for example, lets say you were born and raised in the northern part of Korea — While the Korean war was a horrific incident but I bet you would much prefer to live in South Korea today, in CURRENT situation.

    2. @xxxxmimi Hello stranger. We HK people are happy and free thank you for the national security law. No more protests, looting and rioters destroying our livelihoods. Don’t listen to western media and brainwashed youths trying to create fake propaganda.

    1. why u busybody about other country? Go solve ur black lives matter problem instead and watchout for any mass shooting in ur area while doing so

  4. And remember when the orange man said the Biden administration was going to turn America into a communist country certainly doesn’t sound like it. Take another L Drumpt.
    And god bless all those journalists locked up – they need to be released immediately.

    1. @Korean Wetty wow so that’s how you treat people you must be a democrat have a blessed night

    2. @raymond sutton i was mostly more concern with presenting the full picture since you obviously weren’t intrested in doing so. You seem more interested in only telling half the story and only presenting a narrative as to why not to take the vaccine

    3. What’s a COVID debate got anything to do with my comment . ? Go debate over on a vax clip .

  5. Hong Kong residents!!! Please GET OUT of Hong Kong if you’re still able to leave to leave the place!!!

  6. Knowledge is power and ignorance of power is a sin. Most down to earth folks see it that way, MSNBC on the C.C.P. Payroll. The loaded dice of Apple inc

  7. Amazing to think that had trump gotten another 4 years (or more), this would have been America.

  8. Anyone surprised? HK’s fate was sealed in 1984. The smart ones (or the still free ones) left before 1997. Revoke HK special trade status, it’s basically a Chinese village now.

  9. I don’t like what China is doing, but it’s their country, let them run it however they want. We should just worry about ourselves.

  10. It’s just heartbreaking in Hong Kong these days. Thanks for this reporting job ….So..well done. Yup!

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