U.S. Reaches Grim Milestone of 500,000 Covid Deaths | MSNBC 1

U.S. Reaches Grim Milestone of 500,000 Covid Deaths | MSNBC


The coronavirus has claimed the lives of 500,000 Americans. MSNBC's medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel reflects on the grim milestone.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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U.S. Reaches Grim Milestone of 500,000 Covid Deaths | MSNBC


    1. @The Zombie Warz What exactly are YOU doing to help? And you think liking your own comment and linking the video every single time will help?

  1. Unfortunately, this was one travesty we wish not to remember. We’ve lost several neighbors and friends relatives. Lord, take the wheel.

    1. @Dean Sacca Probs because people are washing their hands, wearing masks and social distancing you ninconpoop. ofcourse flu was going to go down dramatically, it was far less contagious to begin with. I haven’t had the flu once since this started.

    2. @Robert Webb
      I don’t know a single person who’s been murdered either but don’t hide my head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist.
      “Everything they tell us must be a lie cuz I don’t see it”. Wow!!
      You must not believe in Australia either.
      The cosmic dissonance in your parallel world must be crippling.

    3. @Que Thank you! I know it’s not easy. You and your Mom, be well!
      The Area Agency on Aging was a big help for us. js. Hang in there!

  2. This saddens 500,000 plus families, in which several did not need to pass before their time , for this could’ve diverted, but no , lies and misconceptions and the needs of “one”

    1. @Dean Sacca
      Yeah my poor overworked underpaid trolling gomosek
      But ? That’s the life you live under queen vladz little Smirnoff
      Idiots from the troll farm , you guys are great entertainment chenkov Bogatishev

  3. Have wondered why since this pandemic began that the government hasn’t invoked the Defense Production Act to produce N95 masks. It was always a no-brainer. Moreover, they should be distributed free to all Americans, with a priority placed on medical and essential workers, the elderly, and high-risk groups.

    1. @Jay1 Live
      Your statement is false.
      If you truly believe it, best you don’t need medical help then. Your surgeon might pass out on you in the O.R.

    2. Because there is no scientific evidence that the masks are effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Mask wearing is a sign of submission. Healthy people should not be forced to wear a mask. The almighty Anthony Fauci himself said “asymptomatic cases are not what drives epidemics”

    3. @C. L-M surgeons wear them for maybe a couple of hours at a time or less depending on what surgery they’re performing. You people are wearing them all day long. There’s a difference genius

    1. And from Japan. The countries with the highest obesity and unhealthy population do seem to have suffered the most.

    2. @Ordinary Mo the only way a lie can work is if everyone is in on it… WHO and United Nations are involved and yes all for the USA the number one country on this planet for the last 100yrs

  4. I am alive!! My children,grandchildren, friends neighbors are ok. I hope to make it through. My fellow Americans stay safe. Love,peace and respect to all.. looking forward to a better future. .

    1. @john smith Yeah and pelosi said walls are “immoral” but still has one up around the capitol and her home… so what’s your point.

    2. Here’s the inconvenient truth: 1/3 of all COVID deaths came from the policies of Democratic governors that forced nursing homes to take in covid positive patients.

    3. @Never Sin I bet you were one of the people who believed back in April 2020 that this COVID would just disappear like a miracle.

    4. @A Chinese Bot Enough of the racism, please. The 1918 Flu Pandemic likely began in the USA…Kansas specifically. We are headed for more deaths than that caused.

    5. @shav12 BS. 1/3 of all COVID deaths came from COVID-19. There were, and will continue to be, missteps in this whole thing. The whole thing has been mishandled, and the American people in general are to blame for that.

  5. Normal isn’t around the corner. Teachers are leaving in droves and many of our stores have gone online which means, no retail work, restaurants aren’t coming back which means no jobs in those industries. Our infrastructure took a severe hit and our divide between us and the 1% grew at an exponential rate!

    1. And sadly because of Trumps lies and inaction. The Republican attitude against the common people. It could have been much less worse if handled right to begin with.

  6. I hang my head low for those who didn’t survive this embarrassing pandemic response. My Aunt Marilyn died from coronavirus she had some good years ahead with her grandchildren.

    1. @blake jones Feel better after that do you? you are a miserable human being, but I am pretty sure you got the response you wanted.

    2. She died of old age….and the criminal hospital people put “Covid” on the death cert…and YOU KNOW IT……..

  7. Yet one more tragic milestone for a once able nation…now, hard to even recognize. You have a new potus, yet the con man still makes the headlines. Keep giving the benefit of the doubt for this country, but the truth is hard to hide, it’s divided, and going backwards. 500, 000 dead, not even close to getting this under control…. the UN USA…?

  8. Few more months and you won’t need any vaccination.
    Geez guys, you need a big, well padded country with no knobs for your own good. SMH

  9. Who cares about death tolls and public safety as long as people’s freedom not to wear masks and properly social distance isn’t infringed.
    Honestly, make these measures mandatory everywhere, for goodness sake.

  10. Something else to thank Chump and the GOP for and the reason I say that is because they knew the truth and Chump kept lying to us and the GOP backed him up every step of the way

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