U.S. Reports Highest Single-Day Virus Death Toll | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

U.S. Reports Highest Single-Day Virus Death Toll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


For the second straight day the United States has set a record for coronavirus deaths at just over 2,800. Aired on 12/04/2020.
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U.S. Reports Highest Single-Day Virus Death Toll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. People wouldn’t listen they didn’t want to believe things could get this bad and it’s Why tRump should be charged with Murder because he knew how bad this was

    1. @snowflake killer If no one did anything, anything at alll, nice hand washing, social distancing, kept on with large sporting crowds, rallies, wedding funerals, bars, beaches, hugging strangers,etc. That was the prediction of not one American took a single one of these measures, Got it now? It’s quite easy to understand why that true prediction from the very beginning is taken out of context and made to mean something it never meant, So please stop spreading this very unhelpful disinformation. Unless it’s your job to disunite aamwricsns, weaken their trust the their dedicated public servants, etc? Perhaps that is your job. Well you should be ashamed of yourself and stop it,

    2. @Eric Fical I know Dems are not objective, but about masks etc.. good enough but this efficient virus is winning, maybe vaccine can be the one and only game changer

    3. meanwhile Biden is a political grifter who’s been in politics for 47 years and has nothing to show for it except the fact that he did enrich himself and has a bunch of mansions.

      get real you out of your mind hateful people nobody in their god-given right mind takes you people seriously you’re just a bunch of barking Chihuahuas who go all over social media trying to poison people you are not crafty with your words you are foolish with them.

      Jesus Christ is your only hope you pencil pushing weasels Jesus Christ is the only way you’re going to have relevance


    1. @estella very stable genius in all European countries, they have free public healthcare (and a private option for those who want it), free primary and secondary education (and a private option for those who want it) and housing that is affordable by someone on a normal wage.

      In no country in Europe do people go bankrupt due to medical bills, unlike in the United States where it is the biggest cause of personal bankruptcies.

      Give you an example – was in Spain, and the guy I was with went to the pharmacy to pick up his blood pressure meds for the month, and 2 epi-pens for his daughter who has allergies. His meds (2 different tablets for morning and evening) cost 25 euros, and both Epi-pens cost in total 18 euros.

      Someone is getting assfucked by the medical system and drug producers, and it’s not the euros!

    2. @fred smithyou make some interesting points but, regarding healthcare, it’s not a private option for “those who want it,” it’s a private option for those who can afford it and what you are claiming most certainly does not pertain in ‘all’ European countries as you assert., free primary and secondary education is an illusion when confronted with all ancillary costs , the money is extracted in different ways other than straight up fees and again the private option is for those who can afford it , not those who want it….as for affordable housing for those on a ‘normal wage’, you have to be taking the pi**.
      There is a whole generation of young people now in Europe who have no prospect of ever having a house because they are nowhere near affordable and rents are extortionate as well..

      Bankruptcy due to medical bills has nothing to do with affordable healthcare , it is simply that people are allowed into hospitals for treatment and are not pursued when in the public hospital system, they default on their bills.

      The pharmacy story you cite is interesting.
      My experience is that pharmacy costs throughout Europe vary hugely, in countries like Spain as you mention and say Greece those costs are really cheap whereas in Ireland, England or other European countries they can be really expensive.

    3. @UC3XaDzr6gmZI4fQUbCvJdMw coming from an ignorant moron like you that’s rich, if it’s gibberish, explain why, you cant because you’re out of your intellectual depth and caught out spewing bs on You Tube, clowns like you come on here full of your own importance , pretending you know what you’re talking about and when your challenged all you can say is ‘gibberish’…pathetic , grow up.

    4. @estella very stable genius if medical treatment was affordable, nobody would go bankrupt because of needing treatment/medicines.

      as a side note, my daughter needed emergency treatment when we were in england for a minor infection. the treatment was fast, and as she was a child it had no cost and the prescription she needed was free.

      even with greater cost for certain items and treatments, people in england do not go bankrupt over medical bills.

      another example with the guy in spain. he has private medical insurance which costs him about 75 euros a month. last year he had a rotator cuff repair and fibrous growth removed from his brachial nerve at the same time in the same private hospital the king has his procedures done at, room for the day, food, and the cost was nothing…..because he had already paid, and there was no deductable.

      this is where having a universal healthcare service benefits those who want to go private – because they have to be competitive, the premiums cannot be too high with stupid deductables or no one will sign up, so people naturally use the private option if they want to, and the medical insurance companies make money which keeps their shareholders happy.

      in the many european countries i have visited, i have never once encountered anyone who has avoided visiting a doctor, not getting treatment for a condition, nor had to choose between buying essential medicines or food because of cost.

      there is literally no logical reason not to have universal healthcare with a private option for those who want it…..unless the people who lobby against it are in the pocket of the insurance and drug companies.

    1. @David Jimenezyet democrats rhetoric ACTUALLY caused rioting by their base. Not TRYING. They ACTUALLY did.

    2. @David Jimenez and if we’re going to talk about trying what’s the problem with other women trying to be abstinent and keep their legs closed so that they don’t have to have abortions? Why don’t we try to stop using so many substances that deteriorate our bodies? Trying? Cut the crap dude

    1. @billucf96 Very funny. Like your house is on fire, instead of calling the fire brigade immediately, you just keep on jumping up and down and yelling at your neighbor that’s a block away , accusing and condemning their negligence on not keeping your house safe.

    2. @s.l. Leung Never an objective word, that is Dems. Next try actual facts like U.S. and Europe are being easily defeated by the 2nd wave and the only thing besides time that will change that is the vaccine, Kudos Trump

    3. No. It is our entire public health system….that is private & for-profit.
      Even many “3rd-World” counties, like Thailand, have universal care.
      *What Thailand Can Teach the World About Universal Health Coverage*
      _”Thai citizens gain universal access to essential health services at zero cost—and reap major benefits as babies get healthier, workers increase productivity, and households reduce financial risk”_

      Moreover, according to the US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health, Thailand is the #1 destination for medical tourism.
      *Thailand top destination for medical tourists*

      There is only *ONE* “developed” nation on Earth that does not have some kind of single-payer, universal health coverage. Guess what one?
      So, you have to ask, can we really be classified as a “developed” nation?

  2. They warned of this way back in June/July: there would be a second wave of Covid illnesses and deaths. Did anybody listen? Were they joking?

    1. @Sam Harris
      Well, I wasn’t talking about you, specifically, Sam. I was talking about the populace in general. But good for you for doing what you’re supposed to do.

    2. Hang on, didn’t Trump say numerous times that it would go away? Didn’t he say in his rallies, again numerous times, that America was “rounding the curve”? And didn’t he also say at his rallies that no one would be talking about Covid after November 3?

      If by no one talking about Covid he meant that he would completely ignore it other than those like the Liar’s Apprentice Kayleigh McEnany wanting any vaccine named after him because apparently HE did ALL the work on it, then yeah.

    3. @Holden308 I am a big Trump supporter, but he along with others has not predicted well, plus being tight on message is not his strength, but yes Trump’s contribution etc.. may be the rounding of the curve

  3. Anti-maskers feel safe from Covid. They should volunteer to help in hospitals and morgues.
    They don’t even need any PPE.

    1. @Wally Censorship because it stops the small particles of spittle from passing through. Just because air passes doesn’t mean that everything else does too. Just look at coffee filters

    2. @Sam Harris Studies show the efficacy of mask use. Many countries have gotten a good handle on the virus. Your information gathering seems pretty selective.

  4. How the GOP can’t be criticised by their cowardness and their stupidity. The out going trumpista is ignoring the magnitude of the covid 19.

  5. And Trump on hearing this news continues with his election lies and pardoning his criminal family and friends

    1. @Gerome McGowan I am American first and non affiliated. I have voted for Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and others. No group owns me.

  6. We haven’t seen thre results I’d the Thanksgiving super spreader events yet.

    Hold on to your hat……

    1. Umm guess you haven’t seen the stock market lately.
      And just because democrats cry bout everything doesn’t mean anything.
      You people are like chicken little. The sky is falling the sky is falling

  7. “The MSM won’t mention covid after the election!” – Republican voters.

    Well, a month later, it’s still front and center as it’s of international importance.

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