U.S. Senate Is ‘The Only Place’ Where COVID Relief Provisions Are Divisive | Andrea Mitchell


  1. Checks need to go out before March!!!!! This SNAFU is a black mark on our country history Republicans don’t want to negotiate.

    1. No it isn’t where’s the 4 trillion passed already that’s the problem yes we need help but like to know where it’s going

    2. Why do you do the Math on lets say 2500 per adult and 1,000 per child for those making less than 150k a year. That would put it at about 150 Million people lets say. How close to 1.9 TRILLION does that come? Then ask where in TF is the rest going?

  2. I don’t recall the republicans having such a problem giving corporations that $1.3 trillion tax break. But when it comes to helping you and me when we are in the middle of the worst health crisis in 100 years….that’s when they’re all “now, hold on a second, let’s hit the breaks.”

    1. You have to understand, the vast majority of corporations in the United States are small mom and pop businesses. Where are you likely your hairdresser, your barber, your electrician, or your plumber is a corporation. The bakery that you go to is likely a corporation. Your dry cleaner is likely a corporation. Corporations are not evil.
      National and international corporations often times employ hundreds to thousands of people. The two American car manufacturers, Ford and General Motors are corporations that employ union workers who at one time were members of our Democrat party.
      Concerning the Republican tax breaks I believe many Democrats voted for them also. Taxes were also Lord for lower and middle income Americans and during our supercharged economy the Wall Street Journal reported that lower and middle income Americans received a higher percentage of wage increases and did upper class workers.
      We all must work to make our new president the best presidency ever. Joe wants Americans to unify. You appear to be engaged in class action and corporate hate. It’s time for Americans to join together and work to make Joe the best ever. Stop your corporate hate, stop your bitterness.

    2. republicans they only for wealthy and his friend they dont care people for country but they want you to vote for them

    3. @zeva tran That’s kind of an old song that we have used but it’s not true. If you look at the number of wealthy Republicans and the number of wealthy Democrats in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate they are about equally divided.
      The reason Nancy Pelosi has enjoyed such a tenure as Speaker is that she is a tremendous fundraiser. She knows all of these super rich Democrats in the corporate community and the business community and the entertainment industry and she can raise millions of dollars for democrat candidates. Many of the candidates that I work with received money from the DNC for their campaigns and a lot of that money is produced by Nancy.
      There are some extremely wealthy Democrats out there as well as Republicans.
      You also have to remember that Trump opened the roadmap to economic prosperity that was given to us by our iconic JFK. We had a supercharged economy then and we had a supercharged economy most recently open till the COVID-19 struck the world. During our most recently supercharged economy, The poverty rate reach levels that we were able to see in the 1960s, we had full employment and black unemployment was at an all time low. The WSJ reported that during the supercharged economy lower and middle-class Americans received a higher percentage wage increase then did upper class Americans.
      It appears that the Republicans we are champions for the little guy as much as I hate to say it. I believe we have changed our union base and are working class away from the Democrat party.

  3. Republican voters should flood their Senators on twitter, emails and voice mails demanding them to show “unity” with the Democrats and pass this Rescue Package.

  4. Rep Green on the house floor : “I’m a very regular American”. “Alot of Americans don’t trust our government”.
    Mitt Romney on Rep. Green: Our big tent is not large enough to both accommodate conservatives and kooks…😂😂😂😂

    1. Oh I see. A rep says something and MY GOD. Yet how many Dems said they wanted to punch Trump in the mouth? See Barron locked in a cage with a Child Molester? Or I have thought an awful lot of blowing up the WH. or When was the last time an actor assassinated a president. YOU PEOPLE are as 2 faced as you can get.

  5. It would almost be interesting if they took the minimum wage bit out of the bill – and then raised a new bill which ONLY had the minimum wage raise to $15.

    It would be interesting to see the republicans vote against that as a standalone bill – dems could have a field day pointing out that GOP were blocking minimum wage rises across the entire country.

    1. Hmmm $15 an hour for who? Burger Flippers? Then what? When you gotta pay $12 for a happy meal, that helped what? Maybe you should look at all those times Dems voted AGAINST Equal Right, giving Blacks citizenship and all that over the years. Minimum wage in the 30’s were opposed because it hurts ore than it helped. Just like the Womans rights movement in 1920ish, women did not want it. But it was pushed and passed anyway.

    2. @Wisconsin Man Whatabout this, whatabout that. Whatabout we fix things that would help our country move forward? The minimum wage where I live is over $14 an hour. The price of burgers, pizza, even rent, has not been affected by that. More money in the economy means more jobs, less need for government assistance, higher tax revenue.

  6. Don’t compromise , what is the purpose!!! The stimulus check should be bigger. Democrats are already caving into the republicans that never change for the good! When will democrats learn and do what their voters put them in office for

    1. NO CHECKS…. Open everything up. Why is it that big corporations were able to stay going making Billions but somehow, Jenny’s Wedding Cakes had to close down?

  7. Screw March as the deadline. $1400 is a joke!! It takes months to come up with anything. $1400 isn’t even in the ballpark, past due rent/mortgage, utility bills, etc. are way more.

  8. Bernie Sanders is right about giving people proof that government works for them, by actually having the government work for them!

  9. I guess if I were a failed bank or a Wall Street criminal I would get a stimulus check? Um, I’m a consumer and it would be spent immediately on bills, medical bills and food. Not going into my pocket at the expense of my employees.

  10. Why bother with keeping the talks going? He clearly said they’re going to ignore the Republican’s. Oh, I get it. Biden’s fake “I’m the unity President” posturing. It’s easy to say you’re going to be different from Donald Trump, it’s not so easy to do.

  11. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), Chairman of the Senate Finance committee has a nice ring to it. Congrats Ron, proud to have you represent Oregon.

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