U.S. Sends Military Aid To UA; Biden Doesn't Even Condition It On Political Favors | Rachel Maddow 1

U.S. Sends Military Aid To UA; Biden Doesn’t Even Condition It On Political Favors | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow notes that the United States is sending Ukraine new military aid, and in a strange twist from the Trump administration, the aid does not come with the condition that Ukraine participate in smearing any of Joe Biden's political opponents. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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U.S. Sends Military Aid To UA; Biden Doesn't Even Condition It On Political Favors | Rachel Maddow


    1. @Metalosopher : Um? . . . Why would someone ask for info on something, if they didn’t know what it means? Lemme’ guess? . . . Trump fan, right?

    2. @Ash Roskell – Why is the US arming Ukraine? What do we get out of it? Why doesn’t Biden acknowledge Crimea as part of Russia the way he acknowledged the Syrian Golan Heights as part of Israel?

  1. Putin the Poisoner just broke all of the furniture in the Kremlin.
    I’m sure he misses his puppet dearly.

    1. He spat out his vodka at the TV screen, and slammed the glass jar on his desk, shouting, “What was the point of me owning Donny’s balls, if he’s not running America for me?!” And his minions quiver with fear, wondering who’s gonna’ get the Novichock treatment this time

    2. I’m not sure about this. I think he is just quite happy with the current state of politics in the USA. Maybe Putin got even more than what he asked for. He got one 1 (out of 2) party going to the extreme fringe of conspiracy theories and BS. A sizable amount of US citizens firmly believing Trump “won” the election. If the goal was to destabilize the USA, the operation was successful at least in the short term.

    1. It’s just the hypocrisy that people are at odds with. Anyway, let’s drop it and just sit back and enjoy your new wars.

    2. No its to pay Ukraine back for dropping Burisma charges against me and my father Joe Biden. And American tax payers have to pay

  2. Nice! Finally. Mr Mango really made a mess of our world standing and decades of progress. It’ll take years to undo the damage.

  3. Time Putin was put back in his box. Time Russia was sanctioned back to the Stone Age. Maybe increased poverty will cause even more civil unrest? Maybe the oligarchs will have a palace coup, so they can reset relations with America? That would be good

    1. @Rodney adam Shortnacy Russia’s a ‘has-been’ country; they have nukes but these cannot be deployed, their economy is already on the rocks, time to sink their battleship and force an end to their aggression. Their military is also extremely weak compared to those of western countries.

  4. They deserve it for having to deal with the scandalous behavior of Trump, and Putin’s aggression. Thanks, for reporting on this. We wish Ukraine the best!

    1. @R Torres no, quid pro joe held up obamas money until Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating hunter. Where you been? Brib’em is on video bragging about it. You mean cnn didnt tell you?

    2. @bill castorjr – my own research tells me that the Obama administration helped manufacture a coup in Ukraine. The arming of Ukraine didn’t actually happen until Trump, however. But why are we meddling in Ukrainian affairs? If we want to counter Russia in Ukraine we should use American troops not Ukrainians.

    3. They are too numerous to mention here, Mr Torres. In your country, in my country, almost the entire media is dominated by the left of centre, to varying degrees. Likewise the education system, social media, entertainment, the printed press, Big Tech, Hollywood, woke celebrity. They thoroughly and absolutely dominate.

  5. brilliantly said, ty dr maddow, America really is back! the words honor and decency are back in the government’s vocabulary after having been locked away in the trunk by the gqp for so long!

  6. *Convict and sentence trumputin to a cell in Ukraine with a loop of Lady Gaga singing the American national anthem…..24/7!*

  7. One thing about Biden, throughout the election never said anything bad about trump’s family as he was being attacked, he only talked about, health care, Infrastructure and helping the American people. Biden has so much class, comparing to a grieving trump and family. Hey Trump! You will be grieving for 8 years, you and your traitor senators. That’s right 8 years.

  8. When a revolution in the Ukraine sent Putin’s puppet into exile, the guy had a huge garage full of custom cars. Just one of them was a Hummer he’d had add-on’s which made it $500,000. Just one of his cars.

  9. The only reason I don’t make a big deal about this is that Ukraine is under attack with tyranny and oppression from Russia!

  10. “And here’s a change, the aid comes with no string attached. Weird right?”

    Yes, it is weird. Oh, I think I smell a rat…..

  11. Putin should’ve invaded Easter Europe when he had the chance. Donnie would’ve done nothing about it and blamed Poland for being weak…

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