U.S.-style attack ads target Justin Trudeau, demand Canada reopen border | COVID-19 1

U.S.-style attack ads target Justin Trudeau, demand Canada reopen border | COVID-19


American-style ads calling for the reopening of the Canada-U.S. border are about to hit Canadian airwaves.

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    1. @Larry Campbell its true. We’re stuck with them regardless of our personal opinions on them as a nation.

    1. the ex executives of bell rogers and telus?……
      theyre trying to get to their florida home

    2. @rickblackburn Now you’re aware. The CRTC is all former big telco employees. The CRTC only exists to protect the big players from competition.

  1. The Canadian Broadcast Act is regulated by the CRTC. For ads to play on Canadian television they must be approved by the CRTC. This applies to cable subscribers also. If we are talking about the signals of American stations drifting over the border it is only a very small number of Canadian viewers that receive these broadcast signals. So for the ad campaign to be successful, it would have to be approved or allowed by the CRTC.

    1. Why would the CRTC prevent someone from running an advertisement. Lol I can’t think of any reason at all.

    2. @rickblackburn I’m joking that the CRTC wouldn’t let that on the air because it is critical of Trudeau. Not my best effort.

    1. Except Florida has been wide open for months with no problems… Your brain doesnt work too well does it? Guess thats why you need to be spoon fed everything.

  2. This type of aggressive American behaviour makes me wanna say keep it closed as long as you want Canada! haha!

    1. border closing is harming both sides, esp those that live near the borders. it’s not funny!

    2. Thats aggressive? I think its refreshing and balsy seeing a regular person go up against any government ahahahaha

    1. Stay in your falsified Dreamworld American because you can’t go to your other mansion poor baby.

    2. The hight of arrogance. How dare you challenge our government’s law when it works for the benefit of all Canadian? Bugger your country house!


    2. @AM Walmsley we share thousand mile boarder. 70% of our economy is trade with them. The same % of our population is with like 3 hours of the boarder.

      We’re not close? Your statement is really silly. Grow up

  3. So Mr. Wealthy who owns property on Vancouver Island and Florida thinks we should open the borders so he can get to his property. Bugger you. Don’t like it sell your property on Vancouver Island. This is OUR country and running attack ads against our prime minister does not endear you to Canadians no matter what way they voted.

  4. Yo, what would happen if i tried too illegally immigrate into america from canada with a trump hat on????

  5. Our Border, Our Body sort of thing
    PS How to make Trudeau popular in Canada? Have America attack him lol

  6. I can sympathize with the families being separated or job losses. It is sad, but those issues happen within Canada. There are plenty of Canadian businesses closing. Seniors in long term care cannot see family members. Family members living in same city, same district, same province keep their distances from each other. What I don’t sympathize with, is an American raising money to create an ad that would pit Canadians against each other, simply because an American citizen cannot get to his Vancouver property! How many Canadian “Snowbirds” have actually crossed the border to go to the USA? Some may have found a way there, but not all of them. These “Snowbirds” own properties in the USA.

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