U.S. Surgeon General: Health Misinformation Is ‘Costing Us Lives’ 1

U.S. Surgeon General: Health Misinformation Is ‘Costing Us Lives’


“Health misinformation is costing us lives. It’s hurting us. This is not a new problem, but it has gotten far worse—aided and abetted by technology platforms,” says U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. 
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  1. What is wrong with the USA? Isn’t is obvious that you should not take medical advice from politician? This is one effed up country.

    1. @kfl611 like stfu do u not realize they put the virus on there people and now are just making vaccines for profit well now I’m telling you don’t be ignorant please spread the word

    2. @zog zog
      S h e e p l e everywhere haha Never mind?

      Bet they don’t even know the meaning of z o g. 🤡

    3. @kfl611 Anyone who wants the vaccine should have easy access to it (and thanks to President Trump they do). Anyone who doesn’t want the vaccine should be able to refuse it without being made to feel like a criminal.
      This is a free country after all.

  2. I understand those that want FDA approval first or they want to wait a little longer where they feel more comfortable, what I don’t understand is those that are spreading misinformation about it and acting as of they’re a doctor or scientist and getting their source from conspiracy theories websites, and instilling more fear and harm to those that are vaccine hesitant already.

    1. Who determines what information is misinformation? It appears that anything that doesn’t agree totally with the media is being labeled misinformation. And a simple word has lots of power, the cia made the word conspiracy theorist to make those who takes against the government seem crazy and it worked with majority of population. Some people really spread too many rumors and lies, but too many other people believe any and everything that is said by a news outlet. Information by a government is the greatest weapon against a people

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis oh yes they are. Plenty of specialist have said not too. It’s not has enough study and it seems too risky for the healthy who have no threat from Covid

    3. @Bet 223 Several years ago I had said to coworkers on a lunch break. “Do you know how powerful a tool the news media is when most people think they are telling the truth”.

  3. The good news about the Delta variant is that the disease progresses faster, so that those who die of it die faster and free up medical services for those who are doing all they can to stay healthy

    1. That would be you, I suppose. News flash! Healthy people get covid and die of it too. Maybe it will be you next. I expect that you won”t be seeking treatment for it to free up medical services for those who did a better job of being healthy than you.

    2. @Wilfried Hölscher How do you tell? This had been a serious argument used by some quarters. Anti-vaxxers are convinced that a healthy lifestyle ensures a healthy immune system and that’s all they need. This is not something to laugh at, tongue-in-cheek or not.

  4. I choose not to be stupid by listening to Fox News and News Max. GOP is doing a very good job on misleading peoples.

  5. Needle phobia. Many people look for any excuse, no matter how flimsy, to justify their unconscious fears. They received their most critical vaccinations as children, and have never grown up.

    1. Anyone who wants the vaccine should have easy access to it (and thanks to President Trump they do). Anyone who doesn’t want the vaccine should be able to refuse it without being made to feel like a criminal.
      This is a free country after all.

  6. I’m vaccinated and don’t want to be around ANY unvaccinated people. I don’t want to become a carrier who can’t get sick.
    True Americans take the 2 shots to protect those they love, friends and neighbors.
    I did not have any lasting side effects other than a sore arm!!! People have forgotten polio, small pox, and other diseases vaccines eliminated.

    1. Have you not been hearing what MSM, CDC, WHO, the government has been telling you? You can still get it even if vaccinated. I’d recommend you get 4 more doses though.

    2. I bet you have blue hair, overweight, and wear a mask to sleep. You’re not helping anyone by getting vaccinated. But if it makes you feel better that’s good.

    3. @TruthSeeker08 Not true. For people who are vaccinated, their bodies don’t provide a haven for the virus to reproduce to the level that can start transmitting to others. As for the unvaccinated, their bodies become the virus incubators and help the virus to mutate as well.

  7. My husband recieved today his booster, here in Germany. I am vaxxed, our Sohn and Daughter-in-law, family and our Friends. I do not know one Person who has had side effects and we have all had different Vaccines. It is simple and Quick. Our lives are returning to Normal, slow but sure. Just do it, Folks.

  8. What ticks me off is that we had the opportunity to starve the virus out of existence early on, and the powers that be refused to do it.

  9. Coordinating with social media to “flag” misinformation. You all realize, you just won Trump’s case for him, right?

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