U.S. Troops Head To An Afghanistan Nearing Collapse | MSNBC 1

U.S. Troops Head To An Afghanistan Nearing Collapse | MSNBC


As American troops head to Afghanistan to assist in evacuating the U.S. embassy in Kabul, the Taliban continues to seize cities further plunging the nation into crisis. Gen. Barry McCaffrey and Eugene Daniels join to discuss.

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    1. @William Haines They are in Afghanistan for bomber bases for Putin, dombass. They are not leaving. They built massive airbases in Herat, Kandhar, and Kabul. Why? They don’t need massive airbases for the Talis

    1. @Harambe Akbar my friends went to Vietnam war museum. They said there was very little about the war with USA because they have been fighting with France for over 100 years. So I learned alittle more history

    2. @Scott Martin Thanks to our ol’ buddies Britain and France. Eisenhower tried to help them keep their colonies so they would support NATO. You see the lingering effects in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia still today.

    3. No Creo que USA haya peleado de verdad, si ellos hubiesen querido destruir a los Talibanes lo podian hacer pero no quisieron

  1. Sooooo we’re back to where we were before I could even speak and still had to use a car seat

    This has been going on since I was crawling around in the living room watching the news not understanding much

    1. @Dale Stevens learn ur history. It was about 19 year from 1956 with military teaching nit fighting to 1975

    1. @Ilwad A The Taliban are not a terrorist group. They are the political party that was in control of Afghanistan before they were weaponized
      by Reagan to help tumble down the Russians. “Osama Bin Ladens”real name is “Tim Osmand and he was CIA. (btw “Al Qaeda” is Arabic for “The Database” and it was created by the CIA. Its their database of assets in the Middle East.) He was always in pakistan living in luxury with their top intelligience. He was never in afghanistan, the USA brought him there so he could hide. The Saudis and the Taliban hated him. So the wars they created in afghansitan were for many things. Merkel and Obama went there because they found something. Stuff they plummeted from the middle east which involves mostly Christian Artifacts and Manna.(which as an aside “Hobby Lobby smuggled some of the stuff from the Middle East through Turkey.) There are definitely things they are not telling us. 20 years we were there and an army so powerful we cant put it under control and every one else has failed as well? No way……….theres other stuff happening. They are hiding it from you.

    2. Now they take over and stop all oil exports. Conservatives can live with less. The liberals not so much. Poetic justice.

    3. @Prince of the Power here we go with “it’s Trump’s fault”
      Just stop Biden’s president and we were not at war before Trump left.

    1. @Prince of the Power Yeah, Trump started WW3 by bringing peace to the middle east, winning a nobel peace prize, and hearing the wishes of the american people to pull our troops home.

      yeah what a violent war mongerer lmao.

    2. @J I am a Trump voter for reference, but I was never a diehard trump supporter. As a conservative he expanded government and continued spending outrageously. I was lucky enough to be off-ramped for a deployment to Afghanistan back in October 2020. I don’t understand how a drawback and ending the war in Afghanistan is now suddenly Biden’s fault, just along with the Vaccine the was being produced under the Trump administration and sent out to the population under the Biden administration is now suddenly evil to people who would have taken it if Trump were in office. Anyone who holds the president in such high esteem that they give them a god-like complex is setting themselves up to be used and abused in the end. We should celebrate politicians when they make good choices and condemn them for wrong doing. We should never give a politician a pass because they are our party member, famous or a childhood hero. You have to establish boundaries that you won’t cross in your support of politicians to ensure that ‘We the people’ are voting in the people who truly deserve the office they are running for.

    3. @Myles Fritz All nations are there. China is trying to take over the world but that would never happen..

    1. @Christopher Fields i didn’t even read three lines of you pathetic rant so i don’t know how to respond other than laughter

    1. @David Howard I hate to break the news to you. Bush simply used the 911 attack to his benefit. It was about him and his daddy and there oil business with the Bin Laden family. War is always nothing about money for the rich. So no I don’t support Genocide. Our Government you could say does though because for 20 years we have been seeing our soldiers going over there and plenty have lost their lives. Like I said we never should have been over there.

    2. @David Howard wtf is the matter with you? I can’t stand Trump but you know what? I never wished him dead. you may want to think about the nonsense you put out on social media. you accuse me of supporting Genocide and you support our president being killed? You have problems

    3. @Rodney Boehner we have no reason to be there anymore. The fact that you are blaming Joe Biden for this shows that you don’t get it. Understand these Groups are going to be there forever. These Religious war styles of problems are never going away. These people have to learn to protect themselves. We have been there for 20 years. We have given training and we can’t be the only Country to support them. Others now need to step up. It’s costing us Civilians and a ton of money. Joe is doing the right thing.

    4. @GyroTwist we were over there for all the wrong reasons to begin with. We actually captured saddam. That’s when things got to it’s worst because we pulled the plug on who had control. At first I was happy when they caught him but it made things extremely ugly after that.

    1. May 2ed 2011 10 years after 9/11′ Obama and Joe gave the order to Navy Seal Team 6 for operation Geronimo public enemy number one Osama bin Laden was dead and there was dancing in the streets of America all night long. Mission accomplished.

    2. Ill tell u , America is not protecting no one American military is a waste of thier own blood out the country also their mission is to steel oil & uranium from the middle east & thats the American goal as all the world knows !

    3. Jake
      Pictures of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein after the US sold chemical weapons to Iraq in there 8 year war with Iran. The Iraqi war was a war based on lies. A enemy of my enemy is my friend until your friend becomes your enemy

  2. Echos of Vietnam. So soon we forget. What happens to the people that believed in the US and supported our efforts there? Get them out before you decide to get out. Total betrayal.

    1. @A B C I feel the same way… When religion is the government it will NEVER be a free society. Thats why separation of church and state is fundamental to a democracy . That will never happen with the Taliban .

    2. @Jimbo Johnson Promises not kept. I personally know of techniques and strategies used. When the objective is achieved the source is now their own regardless of the consequences. There was a lot of that during the Cold War, and I’m sure it’s happening today.

    3. Too late to get them out. They’re doomed now. It’s sad but true. Your leaders should have first evacuated them before pulling your troops

  3. The allied forces have lost 1000’s of young soldiers lives, not to even think about how many Afghans have perished. All for nothing.

    But, the corporations have got a lot fatter.

    1. And this is the exact reason I tell anyone who thinks joining the military is “valiant” or “patriotic” that they are entirely brainwashed and blind to the issues at hand.

    2. @1212 Watcher KIPP (krelboyne) Not for nothing. He made a lot of rich people more rich and those who survive get welfare for life by stealing my tax dollars.

    1. @CatMan 82375 I was hoping that exact thing happens tbh… thats what I would have done… Let them come out of their mountains thinking we were gone… then we airdrop as many Rangers as we can in behind them and re engage our main forces while bombing all of the roads to disrupt their movements

    2. @Josh Merrel watch the videos bro… they couldn’t learn how to fight, and half the time they would drop their rifle and run.

    1. This attack is probably being coordinated by Washington

      Never underestimate the lengths these people will go to to achieve their goals.

      And let Afghanistan burn. They want this. They want sharia law. Who tf are we to tell them they can’t have it?

    2. Joe Biden’s going on vacation while Afghanistan falls. Just another day of thank god Trumps out of office

  4. Stay safe, and help the ones in need. Move those impacted out of the country. The taliban is expanding at a high rate with potential to implode. Innocent people will be affected.

    1. @Chris_P_Bacon your troops lost many battles. The first major battle lost was Operation Anaconda. It was after this battle that your military and those at the highest levels of government understood that the war was going to be tough but obviously lied to the public! That’s what they decided to stay in their bases and instead sent the ANA to the slaughter!

    2. @Patricia Cunningham pretty sure America was also fed up with the 20 year war… pull out and never do it again unless we are prepared to genocide the opposition like the Taliban… but the reason the Taliban have taken over so quickly is because we didn’t genocide them… we should have

    1. @Tommy Bombadil as we as Americans for there act should wanted it. But they should of just went in heavy for like a year an put a serious hurting on em an rolled out. An let them go back limping to what they were. And just be on guard for anything else down the road here to prevent it. And just leave them be to tare there own shithole up

    2. Please, please do not fight American soldiers and return to the United States as soon as possible …! The people of Afghanistan hate the corrupt government and want the Taliban

  5. Lyin’ Brian is going to tell us all about how he was shot down in Afghanistan and how he rescued everyone with a camel.

    1. Lying Brian is still reading you lies just like the rest of the US media that’s why it’s still funny even 21 years later

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