U.S. Troops Will Deploy To Afghanistan To Help Officials Leave Safely 1

U.S. Troops Will Deploy To Afghanistan To Help Officials Leave Safely

The Defense Department and State Department have announced that U.S. troops will be deployed to Kabul to help ensure the safety of officials leaving the country, including those from the U.S. embassy. NBC's Courtney Kube has details.

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    1. It truly is a Vietnam for US, albeit prolonged version. Difference is that Vietnam is now a developing nation, while Afghanistan is likely to stay overtly religious collection of tribalistic goat-herders, plotting their next terrorist attack on US.

    2. @Analogy Accepted I see your point. But there’s no same at all. That’s the point I’m making. I was there. There not killing Americans there killing people who helped use.

    3. @Bull Rider Indeed, but I am also referring to US lives lost in the last few decades. In Vietnam, losses were big and sudden (by comparison). Here, it is prolonged. And the end result will be different, as well.

    4. @Analogy Accepted I see what you are saying Analogy. Have to do some fact checking to see how many troops are left.But there pulling out dam fast. Whish it was that way in 1975.

    1. You should have been praying for the people of Afghanistan. Our troops are terrorists there and around the world. End the emprie, stop being the world police… bring our troops home from all over the world.

    2. @fiverx my thoughts exactly. Now watch the “religious” sheep attack me to show how controlled by the devil they really are

    3. @Blue Lagoon and every time the sheep say “please, take as much of my freedom as possible just as long as I feel safe again”. And they never get their freedom back again.

    1. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways No, the Democrats won’t treat allies like the Trump administration treated the Kurds.

    2. They got a lot out and said they were working on the rest.. they still have to go through extreme screening

    3. @Nothing But The TRUTH some of the interpreters and their families are in America, they are being well protected by soldiers.

  1. They told them to leave on Saturday when the troops when the troops where leaving last week what is wrong with these people

    1. Yeah, but were they able to get out? And what about the Afghan interpreters that have given their allegiance to the USA? Get them out!!!

    1. No chance. You would need WW2 level troop numbers to pull off that type of pincer movement, that would never happen now. However, theoretically speaking, I would love to know how some highly disciplined WW2 German panzer divisions would get on against the Taliban, what a fight that would be!

    1. @Mitakuye Oyasin
      No you wouldn’t gramps.
      I’ve already giving a few extra points on your blood pressure.
      Can you part hair from fifty yards? 6

    2. @Andy Fa Are you happy that you think you are you so cool and smart? Feel sorry for you and your arrogance.

  2. Alexander the Great found out 2300 years ago that no outside power could ever completely subjugate the peoples of this region of the world. In honor of Alexander the Great, the United States of America spent 2300 BILLION DOLLARS over the course of 20 years PROVING HIM RIGHT.

    1. The entire strength of the CCCP also proved him right decades before. Then the US realized that since a massive amount of the US population was strung out on Sackler family narcotics, that they had to get their hands on the world supply of heroin. Now the heroin is in every tiny town in the US.

    2. Don’t forget that Talibans and other radical islamists are fully responsible for all the evil they are doing.

    3. Alexander did conquer them though.. the idea that empires die there is just something people say, although the US empire did lose their war there and have hastened their decline as peaceful, anti-imperialist China rises to the top.

    4. @John Savage Not really. Heroin, which is processed from morphine, a naturally occurring opioid processed from poppy plants, has largely been pushed aside by fentanyl, a synthesized opioid, which is much more potent and much more addictive.

    5. @D D He didn’t completely subjugate them, he established several enclaves as trading centers, many of which survived to become the cities we know today. They never paid tribute to him in the traditional sense. Even the Mongols had trouble in this region, after coming in brutal waves, they were able to establish rule, but there was some areas of revolt, which they finished off by killing most everyone and selling the rest into slavehood. No one left to subjugate, really.

  3. There should be NO ONE left in the Embassy! it is so sad to see the destruction of Afghanistan once again. This is what most of the people want or are unwilling to resist. Mad Max equivalent. Back to the motorized 8th century. Once again a foreign army will be in the way of Massacre. I hope it takes another century before we forget this. Afghanistan can’t be brought out of delusion by anyone except it’s own people.

    1. If the Taliban touch one single person at the Embassy I would permanently teach them some manners and respect for human life

    2. Biden hung the interpreters out to DIE!! That is what happens when you give an ear to leftists in your Party.

  4. Ah yes Saigon 1975 all over again, only this time we don’t have an aircraft carrier parked 50 miles out to assist with this withdrawal so I am concerned for the safety of all Americans as well as Afghans not involved with the conflict

    1. I agree. However, elite US and U.K. soldiers have been deployed to ensure their safe extraction. I’m sure the Taliban are not going to want to risk engaging with highly trained troops and also risk exposing their positions to air strikes when they can just wait it out and move in afterwards when they have left. What happens then is anyone’s guess…..

    2. @Sluggygoo highly trained lol that went with 58 nato country and all high tech but lost war and now running away that highly trained civilian murdering army? you mean war criminal baby killer?

  5. We should have taken all assets and people who helped us when we left. Leaving those translator’s and others who helped keep troop losses low was wrong. Better now than never.

    1. What a waste of US blood and treasure all for not as incompetent Joe Biden cuts and runs from Iraq living the innocent people that supported the US to get slaughtered.

  6. Only one person has ever conquered these areas, held it through 3 generations—Genghis Khan through to Kublai Khan

    1. @Rakkasan06 Won in battle but never held. Alexander or the Greeks never stayed. The Muslims did not need to conquer their Muslim territory, their battles were within the Muslim world.

    2. @Rakkasan06 Trump conquered it for 4 years. Keep him as a King here and he would turn that land in to America.

  7. Sounds like Vietnam 1975, Operation Frequent Wind in 2021. People holding onto the rails of helicopters as they take off, “don’t leave me here!”

  8. All right, Taliban will get back to ruling that country. I say – let them be, they seem to be the only ones who can be any sort of stable power in that medieval land, that can exist without foreigners spending billions propping up whoever they planted in Kabul. Let them evolve at their own pace. Just limit their interactions with the rest of the world.

  9. Just think we lost more then Russia did when they invaded, So whos the smarter country.

  10. I was in high school when the first entered Afghanistan. My daughter graduated high school this year.

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