U.S. Trying To Get Thousands Of Americans And Afghans To Safety 1

U.S. Trying To Get Thousands Of Americans And Afghans To Safety

As the Taliban's control over Afghanistan becomes more of a reality, the Biden administration is working to get thousands of Americans and the Afghans who helped them out of Afghanistan and to safety. We discuss that and more with Ben Rhodes and Philip Rucker.
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  1. I love that quick shot during Engel’s report, when that U.S Marine holds up a peace sign when escorting an Afghan mom holding her baby at 2:06. This is why they fight.

  2. I know nothing about fighting this kind of extremism however I have a difficult time understanding how they could not have used air strikes against the Taliban to at least slow them down. And that no one fought for their freedom is hard to understand. They just let them take over. America should have never been there but to blame them for this downfall is unfair if the citizens will not even fight for themselves. I feel for the women and children that will exist under this opressive regime. It is no way to live. It is very sad indeed.

    1. You listen to western media, if you listen to Taiwan news channel CTI, you will get another perspective of the issue, just opposite to what you hear and what you are constantly fed.

    2. There’s been a negotiated ceasefire for like nine months now. Also it’s impossible for airstrikes in these cities unless you want huge civilian casualties as well.

      As bad as things are that ceasefire has held and the Taliban aren’t interfering at the airport. Let’s hope it continues that way so this mess of a pullout won’t have consequences.

    3. @gothen mosph this bad exit has gone down exactly as predicted. The Afghan government said weeks prior not to start pulling people out until the end to give the Taliban the impression Afghanistan still had strength. Once you wait til the very end it was bound to get chaotic. And there really are American Afghan people who refused to leave.

  3. Another stupid summary from 45. 1000 years of Taliban, sorry no. They started to come together in the late twentieth century. When does he come up with his ‘facts’?

  4. Where are the Afghan women? Are their men leaving them behind? I don’t see any women trying to get out as well.

    1. Watching these Afghan men rushing and hangin of the plane, says it all. The Americans would have been better off training the Afghan women !!?

  5. Afghan people don’t deserve to suffer, if everyone’s to blame is the Afghan Government for not having enough balls to fight back against the Taliban.

  6. Feela like a second veitnum…
    If its a second veitnum then the follow ups wil be really ugly…
    In the age where military rule and backward social ideals shouldve been whithered is now prospering with new vigor…

  7. The staking octave putatively breathe because hardboard informally cure given a questionable lion. hulking, evanescent acrylic

  8. And America’s allies around the world look on with dismay as they see Afghanis abandoned. China will now know that they can make a move on Taiwan and the U.S. will do nothing. It’s pathetic.

    1. No we’re not looking on. We are deploying armed and medical staff to help Americans with evacuation, and bringing our own home.
      New Zealand

  9. I assume all those commentators, politics analysis and people who criticize all these situations, all of them serve in the Us military and when to war and couple of deployment at least. Because it’s easy criticize all these without never been there, without never leave the family behind for month or year to fight for other countries, etc. If you want to help and fight for them , go ahead and enlist, do your basic training, take your afsc or mos technical school and serve in the war. Because here are to much expert without never been there, they even boy’scout. God bless America

  10. Wht has changed Afghan is they had a taste of freedom, for twenty years, on both sides so now the people will take over

  11. This is what happens when our school textbooks leave out the history bits that make the US look not-that-great. We repeat those events.

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