U.S. Working ‘Every Single Day’ To Help Those Who Want To Get Out, Says WH


    1. @TheMobileHomestead lies like Trump’s agreement with the Taliban had an escape clause that the Taliban violated yet Biden chose to honor?? That is a provable fact

    2. @TheMobileHomestead lies like the president of the Ukraine Zelensky and his prime minister said Trump did not pressure them into a quid pro quo!! And were unaware that a temporary hold was put on aid and they received more aid then expected??
      That also is a fact!!

    3. @TheMobileHomestead like the lie that Biden told the military to flee Bagram airfield in the middle of the night without telling the Afghan base commander or the soldiers guarding the facility!!
      We simply disconnect the water and electricity and fled leaving 5,000 Taliban prisoners behind!! Looters immediately moved in so they most likely set the prisoners free!!

    4. @TheMobileHomestead like the lie that Biden originally set the withdraw date of 9/11 but moved it to 8/31 after evacuating Bagram airfield in early July and the Taliban took control of over 90% of the country!!
      I will continue after you accept all of my post as facts!!

    5. @Pait The Great No brown nosing here. I’m not a Democrat and I’m not in politics. The Biden administration is doing fine. Your calling them circus clowns reveals your trash agenda.

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, but the wisest people know it, admit it, and accept it. The greatest failure is failing to recognize our proneness to mistakes.

    “The buck stops with me.”
    — President Biden, 08/20/2021

    As president, Biden takes responsibility for the chaos of the Afghan withdrawal.

    ‘No, I don’t take responsibility at all’.”
    –Trump 03/13/2020

    Trump deflects blame for his coronavirus  testing debacle, and the soaring number of infections.

    Personally, I like presidents who don’t dodge drafts or responsibility.

    History teaches that there has been a long-running battle with fear of the truth. People mistakenly fail to admit the truth, and in so doing, help to perpetuate recorded falsehoods. And if it’s not fear, then it’s distortion of the truth to promote a personal or political cause.

    Loyalty to the truth should be the ultimate goal of the historian and the reader.

    What can the individual learn from history — as a guide to living? Not what to do, but what to strive for. And what to avoid in striving. The importance and intrinsic value of behaving decently. The importance of seeing clearly—not least of, seeing yourself clearly.

  2. This is a ruling government that talks to all America not the few who suffer from rage and insanity. Vote Blue 2022 to fix America


    1. @Richard Batchelder then go back to Faux News, you’ll learn that Ivermerchtin (horse medicine) is better for COVID-19 than a real vaccin developed for human.

  4. I don’t have to let any unvaccinated person into my house or business.
    Let them form their own ‘leper’ colonies of the unvaccinated…we put Indians on reservations and Japanese in internment camps for far less so don’t say there isn’t a precedent or that it can’t be done, its in the interest of the publics health…I personally can’t believe that its actually come to this but here it is, sad but true.

    1. Really y’all know him?, I even thought I’m the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

    2. Yes I can believed that, I got victory with him was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫

  5. A lot of Afghans r afraid of republicans and authoritarian ultranationalism fascism rule threatening the US today. Imagine contemplating staying in Afghanistan vs coming to America because of this grotesque non-democratic threat. Incredibly sad what Trump and the far right have done to America. Extreme Christian nationalism will be the death of America if not dealt with.

    1. I’m Awake , all religion is fascist & money changers have had control of the institution & their symbols (church’s) since before Jesus . Hence the sermon outside on the mound !
      republican is news speak for MONEY CHANGER !

  6. These Americans have known about this for months. When Mike Pompeo cut a deal with the Taliban, everyone in the region knew what was to come and they chose to stay. Republicans seem to have a very short-term memory or they’re just in denial; as usual.

    1. @Stephen Hatt oh I did forget 1 more article ( NY times July,24 2021)
      Biden to withdraw all combat troops by Sept 11

    2. @Stephen Hatt no read my references I’ve provided in the this thread and prove me wrong or admit I’m right and I’d love to explain the Kurds to you!!

    3. @Stephen Hatt so have you read my references?? I will discuss the Kurds anyway!!
      Why do you think the Kurds helped us in the 1st place!!

      After WW1 the western powers promised the Kurds their own Homeland VIA the treaty of Servres ( like Israel after WW2)!!

      During WW2 they helped the British in the defeating the pro Nazi’s in the 1941 coup d etat most likely expecting a Homeland

      They helped the USA during the golf war probably for the exact same reason!! Hoping for their promised Homeland!!

      Between July 2015 and may 2016 before Trump took office 2,583 Kurds were killed in turkey and 2,366 in Iraq!! And during the Iraq/Iran war tens of thousands of Kurds died!!

      And when trump pulled troops out of Syria ( a campaign promise) he warned turkey not too go to far or he would destroy their economy!! Turkey is a NATo member and you can not go to war with another NATo member!! turkey only killed a couple of hundred Kurds I know 1 is too many but all things considered not bad!!

      Trump promised to end these forever wars and he did so in Syria where mission was accomplished by wiping out isis and got the process started in Afghanistan where mission was accomplished by killing Osama bin laden!

    4. @Stephen Hatt so now if you want to blame a president for abandoning the Kurds blame democrat Woodrow Wilson for abandoning the treaty of Servres!!!

    5. @Amy Davis you are on denial!! That state department already acknowledged that fact!!!
      OK let’s attack this in a different angle!! As of July 24th the evacuation date was set for 9/11 but but then was moved to 8/31st!!
      Those people trapped in Afghanistan (state departments words not mine) probably were not aware of the pending doom that Biden was privy to!! Because of the territory the Taliban took in just one month as I stated in my earlier post!!

  7. Gee, do you think that MAYBE when you deal honorably and KEEP YOUR WORD, people will be more willing to work with you??

  8. Jenn reminds me of Margaret, Dennis the Menace’s friend. You know the one with the red hair and a lot of freckles.

  9. trumpy announced last year the USA was leaving and people waited till the last week? what about personal responsibility???

  10. Congratulations Joe. Thank you for ending America’s senseless Bombing in the name of Peace.
    The 20 year war that cost $300M a day and 2,461 American lives is equal to only 2 days Covid deaths.
    Cyber attacks make US weapons, vehicles, planes and ships nothing more than expensive scrap metal.
    International flights out of Kabul have restarted. Afghans and Americans can pay for a ticket. No drama.

  11. I live in Newcastle Australia , I have 5 testing sites in my local area . Close to public transport easy to get to .
    I am fully vaccinated nearly 70% of Australian are too . We will fully open soon

  12. I feel such relief and gratitude every time I hear Ms. PSaki respond to questions. What a difference! None of that circle-talking and lies we had for so many years.

  13. After 4 years, it is great to see a spokesperson who is able to string together words in a sensible manner and answer questions.

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