1. They are slow to the block because they are well taken care of from taxe payers money. Lord show the poor great favor in Jamaica and in other countries, the cry is very loud.

  2. A a national insurance plan back to basic s and join the U I C ASAP GET YOUR VOTER I D NOW SLAVE DRIVERS MUST GO 🚶

  3. Contract is the new form of slavery, it limits the power of employees , this is to facilitate the profit base of owners and shareholders. the ultimate plan is to take the power from the policy makers, and put in into the market flow, cheap labor mean a guarantee profit, it also allows companies to grow while staff stays stagnant. lots of these business owners displays Characteristics of gunmen the only difference is one kills you quicker,but the mentally is the same.i hard have and confidence it the capacity of politicians to change this they simply not capable , when you look at the productive capability the education sector is putting out,no wonder.

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