UCLA Epidemiologist Is Optimistic About Biden’s Covid Response | Deadline | MSNBC

UCLA Epidemiologist Is Optimistic About Biden’s Covid Response | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. Trump has two parts of a brain ‘left and right’

    In the Left there’s nothing right
    And in the right there’s nothing Left.


  2. It is just possible; however the whole USA will have to play by the book… that may be a no brainer for most, but not the GOP!

    1. @Tech ti Yep. These are the type of people that would definitely bring decency back to American politics.

    1. @Lucius Kiirus I 2nd that. There is alot of msdnc bots spitting nonsense. Gaslighting, spitting phycological projection. Now their going to say Trump is cheating, when they are the ones who committed voter fraud

    2. @Lucius Kiirus Exactly. For the last 4 years they accused Trump of election fraud. Now they claim its impossible.

  3. The White House still has to be cleansed sanitized fumigated and debugged before the next occupants arrive.

  4. Bidens response may fall on deaf ears, especially the part about wearing masks. Many people still refuse to wear a mask. They want their freedom, the freedom to catch covid.

    1. Agreed, there are ton’s of very ignorant stupid people out there! They may not get severely ill or die themselves, but they are carriers who will infect others who cannot fight it and they will die!!

    2. @Don_ECHOguy but that’s not all .. they are helping to over flow are hospitals and icu’s. soon dialing 911 for medical help will get no response… and people will die from recoverable injuries and survivable illness.

  5. Where is the “law and order president” Trump when it comes to people being harassed and assaulted at their homes?

    1. Trump echoed the demands of domestic terrorists who planned to kidnap and hold a mock trial for the Governor of Michigan because of her COVID restrictions.

      But when he wanted to influence members of a Michigan election board, he said he contacted them to console them because they had gotten death threats.

    2. Samething I’m asking the governor’s who cities were taken over by “CHAZ” ANTIFA AND BLM?. Isn’t it the Mayors and governor’s jobs to control their cities? Instead, they sit in the million dollar home, that you and I paid for. And Critisize

  6. Believe in the science.tRump has said it was a hoax democrats fault or it would go away.All CDC tell us the guild lines and tRump debunk it.He disgraced the Dr.Fauci and other Doctors.Now they have death threat.Why should they believe this when tRump tells them them lies.stay safe.😷✌

  7. Peaceful restaurant patrons aren’t allowed to gather. Yet violent antifa and black lives matter protests (riots) are perfectly allowed. 🤔🤔

    1. @mike mann songs I am just a humble bot. 🤖 If I were capable of feeling emotions, I’d be feeling appreciation for your comment.
      Happy holidays as well! 🎅 🍻
      Be safe be well! 🙏

  8. Trump had chosen Money than Human life when he faced Covid-19 at the first time. Trump had kept us blind from the deadly virus, saying “it will disappear”. Now we are out of control of the virus. Many many Americans still can Not aware how deadly this virus is.

  9. Let them exercise their right. The rest of us will wear masks until the vaccine is available. Good luck to you all.

  10. There are a lot of frightened people—a lot of people who can’t give up their jobs as well. The “shutting down” is understandably not an option for many people. But not wanting to wear a bloody mask? That is just plain stupidity.

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