UFO Report: No Evidence Of Alien Spacecraft, But Can't Rule It Out 1

UFO Report: No Evidence Of Alien Spacecraft, But Can’t Rule It Out


The truth is out there — somewhere. NBC's Courtney Kube reports on the national security implications of the government's UFO report, where they said there was no evidence of extraterrestrial activity, but did not rule it out.
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    1. @Jo Joe They’re intentionally hiding things/keeping the truth from us for some reason or reasons, is my opinion.

    2. @Jo Joe These are pretty new, they are using infrared cameras with really high tech tracking soft/hardware. This is the standard sight that you would see trying to lock onto another aircraft.

    3. @Jo Joe it’s a infrared camera. It doesn’t see color it sees heat. Watch thunderf00t’s videos he explains what these videos tell us. Spoiler: the “tic tac” is a bird, probably a duck.

  1. “doesn’t know anything one way or another but doesn’t want to sound stupid.” ohhhh…that didn’t work.

    1. Cmon the Government knows a HELLUVA Lot more they just dint think We the People deserve to hear it,we are Peasants to them….which is why EVERY cent of funding should br cut off from this part of government and its top management should be in Prison for Treason:(

  2. This is like a sci-fi movie when the character that knows everything but everybody thought was crazy goes “everyone thought they were the Russians or the Chinese at first! Nobody listened to me,… they were all wrong,… so very wrong…..”

    1. Well, MSNBC is discussing this topic, and, sort of denying that those sighted UFOs are from somewhere else in the universe! Thus, knowing how much they (msnbc) twist or deny the truth, those UFOs are from somewhere beyond Earth!

    2. @Patty Miller kind of baseless reasoning don’t you think? It’s like saying big foot is real because nobody has verified it yet.

    3. @Yaash Yes it is! I am basing that opinion on the unworthiness of msm!! As far as aliens, though, considering the vastness of the universe, it seems rather unlikely that the only intelligent life would be only on Earth!? Although, I have no prove that intelligent life is somewhere else
      in the seemingly endless universe!
      And Big foot…. no such creature ….. in my opinion!

    4. @Yaash toootally my man. Someone also mentioned that it could be a flying squirrel with a mirror shard on its back reflecting light.

  3. Nobody has seen the report yet. This story just cites “sources say”, so let’s wait and see what the actual language used in the report is. I’m not saying the report will bow this wide open (it won’t) but reading between the lines will be important.

    1. @M Fo right the classified excuse. We pay for everything they have with our labor, but it’s a secret lol

    1. More “counter intelligence” than anything. This is as about as subversive as I’ve ever seen the Pentagon and I remember the WMD satellite images they showed us. This is concerning and EMBARRASSING at the same time.

  4. so this is the report we’ve all been waiting for? Is this the disclosure that was wrapped up in the stimulus bill? All they say is we don’t know what they are.

  5. In the military when we have briefings that are that vague we come to a conclusion that the person has no idea what they are talking about or keeping a lot of detail out for a reason

    1. In the leaked information, it will also contain in the report that it is NOT United States technology. So that leaves Russia, China, or Aliens as possible explanations.

      But let me repeat it is NOT owned by the United States and that should be a cause for alarm whether it is alien or not, because if we dont own it that isnt good.

    2. @Sweet on The Spectrum so what’s the united states gonna do spend more money on military defense ? Dude weve already raised the debt so much if we do that we are headed for brokesville which sounds like Russia cause we did something similar to them seeing the fall of the Soviet union

  6. US Govt: “We’re releasing a report about our understanding of encounters of unidentified flying objects.”
    Public: *Excited squeals*
    UFO Report: We don’t know what they are.
    Public: *Surprised Pikachu face*

    1. I have never heard or seen any of her client complain of lost.. I think she’s just too perfect

    2. Hey your not far from making profit, she has taken care of my account for months..I have 25 wins so far

  7. I can’t prove the ladies that are doing this report aren’t aliens.
    But I can’t rule it out…

  8. Lol how much you want to bet the whole report is literally ” these UFOs are unidentified and unexplainable. end report”

    1. You mean we do know? How, when these things move about seemingly at hyper speeds or literally wink in and out of existence? I would love to know the tech we used to catch them.

    2. @RM M They aren’t going at hypersonic speeds when they are seen they do slow down to look but then just take off at an insane rate and they are then lost.

  9. Pentagon: “Give us more money. We can’t determine if these alien spacecraft are alien spacecraft or not. “

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