1. @K J Agreed. With hundreds of billions of galaxies containing septillions of planets spanning 14 billion years, advanced life exists beyond our star without a doubt.

      _These_ videos, however, and the reports of flying saucers have been handily debunked.

  1. Study and Observe is all they are suppose to do. Its The Intergalactic Law.
    There are 2 Factions you could say, ‘good’ Aliems and ‘bad’ Aliems. Though, most people would view them both as ‘Bad’
    ‘Good’ ones are legitimately ‘Racist’, they believe themselves to be the most superior beings to exist, they have the knowledge and tech to back it up.
    ‘Bad’ ones oppose this, they believe the ‘good’ are required share there advancements as others had done to them.
    While it is insanely more in depth that that, that’s the jest of it. Intergalactic Politics, yup.

  2. This is NO JOKE people !

    New UAP Report said, Unexplainable UAPS r moving
    in ****(UNUSUAL)**** flight characteristics & don’t fit ANY normal Explainable UAP categories.

    So What (ELSE) is left?

    KEYword is, UAPS with (UNUSUAL) flight characteristics. Media should ask what is the UNUSUAL flight characteristics?

  3. Nice music. But… it’s 2023, and all these statements of sighting numbers, and yet, not a single clip of any new video or even a snapshot. With basic cams being able to to minimally 1080p, i don’t expect any photo or video to b less than 1080p. None of these black and white or grainy and blurry images. Wat’s the pt of this video post anyways. Jst for laughs ?

  4. Amazing this is released along with the findings in hiding Bindens garage, smokescreen? Of course not😅🤣😂

  5. Space Force is needed, but needs to be up to date on everything. Right now it’s just a name. We need to see that they are truly working on our defenses in space. Real talk

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