1. Much of the hearings on the UAP’s was held behind closed doors… Not so transparent.. We pay for such surveillance, we as taxpayers deserve to know what was discussed behind closed doors of that meeting.

  2. Gosh, hope we don’t take them as a threat.
    That would make us no different from the north sentinel islanders.

    1. The islanders have always been hostile to outsiders. That led to a punitive raid by the Royal Marines in the 19th century and an aerial bombardment by Japan during World War II. Will the US follow their lead?

    2. They had the right idea. That guy would only have cursed them with religion had he not been attacked by them.

  3. When your country is in deep economic crisis, when you express so much grudge on your Govt, UFO comes.

    1. @Grey Alien Trust me, if they announced the biggest discovery in the history of man, no one would be thinking about much else unless they were fighting for their survival or something of similar importance.

    2. @Rasmus Lernevall you can clearly see how people reacted to gov saying it’s true.nobody cares because it too big. Cognitive dissonance

    3. @Grey Alien Well, they only said UFOs are real, as in what it actually stands for. But if they said that we are being visited by another civilization it would be impossible to look another way. There would be nothing else on the news for weaks except the stockmarket and the weather. Or that is at least what I think. What do you believe would happen?

    4. @Rasmus Lernevall you’re wrong lol. Go dig a little deeper it’s been slow dripped for a few years. Come back to this comment within 6 months when your mind has been changed. It’s all happening fast

    5. @Deter Pinklage That was not the topic of the discussion. I am well aware of the theory you subscribe to, and a great many others also for that matter. We only discussed the scenario “What if they annouced it when people are busy with other events more important then normal? How would people react then.” Nothing else.

    1. I think they’re very impressed with the speed of our technological advancement. And possibly concerned about it, too.

    2. Who knows, maybe they look at us like we look at puppies?
      Some families have 10 kids in one generation, maybe they have only one kid per family each century.
      I hope they also think we are cute, otherwise they might bring out the pesticide.

    1. No beings on other planets are worried about the lack of intellect on this planet. hahah. Humans are behind.

    2. Not exactly. They seem to have taken a special interest in us back in 1945, when humans detonated atomic weapons for the very first time. Two years later, in 1947, they were all over our skies. That’s also when Roswell happened, BTW. They no doubt feel that moving into the atomic age is some sort of milestone in the development of any civilization.

  4. If it exist I would assume they know everything about us. The technology they must have to travel here would be incomprehensible to us

    1. Whoever “they” are, they’re not here and they don’t have any technology to get here from out there.

      In fact, “they” aren’t.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em Well actually, we don’t know what the priority is. The military isn’t in the habit of reporting top secret projects to the cable news.

  5. Imagine if you will
    Coming from an advanced species
    Capable of travelling billions of light years through space
    You come to this little blue planet
    You see the people of this little world
    You see how extremely violent that they are towards each other
    In all honesty
    Would you land?

  6. If you do manage to get a hold of an air base and ask them about the thing you saw, they’re going to say they can’t explain it, because that’s literally the path of least resistance.

  7. Oh yea…Seems like a perfect time for America to have a mature and serious conversation about such a fringe subject. What could go wrong?

  8. I once saw a ball/sphere 2 meters in diameter, about 20 feet up in the air. It had swirling colors, gold being the color that mostly stood out. It then flew off extremely fast.

    1. Why are you using the metric system and imperial system to describe one event? Stay with one or the other buddy

  9. We shouldn’t immediately assume these are crafts… perhaps it’s the alien themselves., only in our three dimensional reality (spatio-temporal) . Visiting earth may be a way for them to attain material existence. The phenomena involves transcendence ( life after death consciousness) and synchronicity.

  10. I am sure the military industrial complex are behind most of what we think of as sightings .. until we hold the defence budget to the same accountability as every other department we have zero idea of what’s going on.

  11. I would expect these sightings to increase in number as we continue destroying valuable nonrenewable resources on our planet.

  12. A couple years ago there was a video on YouTube that seems to be gone and I’m wondering if anyone knows where it is.

    It was fisherman (maybe spanish) and one of them filmed a UFO crashing into the water just metres away and moments later an army or police helicopter came to the ship and started barking orders to the fishermen over a microphone. Can’t find it ANYWHERE

  13. Lou elizando said if the public had all the information about UAPs that he had it would literally change the world these things are real.

  14. Good job here Chris. I appreciate your effort here. Just as a heads up, the learning curve for the subject is vast, and it can take up to five years just to feel like you have a good sense of the territory. Don’t give up. You’re smart, but don’t be too stupid to not seek out lots of help. Wishing you well, and a healthy summer.

  15. Oh my goodness my next door neighbor had the biggest satellite dish I’ve ever seen. So happy I moved!

  16. Personally, I really think there was something about the Roswell incident that might be true. Have you seen Mitch McConnell and Rudy Giuliani? Do they look like earthlings? What about that guy with the orange skin?

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