UK election: Donald Trump, Brexit and toxic politics

UK election: Donald Trump, Brexit and toxic politics 1


Labour party activist Aaron Bastani, Conservative Party activist Emily Hewertson and Young Liberals UK policy officer Tara Copeland join The Brief’s Bianca Nobilo for a discussion about the issues in the 2019 British elections.

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  1. A tsunami of divisive propaganda poison and deliberate attempts to make people confused enough to back policy that supports underhanded billionaires. The Tories’ backers have noticed this work shockingly well in the US. You can see how they are currently testing the waters in the UK with issues such as Brexit used to persuade people to vote against their own interests.

  2. Don’t trust anything trump says,he would get your NHS _DO NOT LET HIM ANY WHERE Near IT

    • Pat I’m going to need a denial from you that you’re HOMOSEXUAL for my records.

    • the first inkling of america buying and out goes boris, a General strike will see to that.

    • @Hawkzblade exactly you’re one of the few that gets this… boris will not sell nhs because clearly free at point of use (tax funded) health is too important to brits… it would be political suicide also it would be reversed via the vote. Only in the eu can we not reverse rules and laws. the nhs is in danger when a generation comes along that is gullible enough to actually want it and accept it.

    • @joe caterman
      The first hint of selling off will bring a general strike until boris resigns.

  3. tRump brings shame & embarrassment to America. He’s shameless & despicable & thats why we need to get rid of him

  4. Oh wow, see that Labour guy actually being critical of his own party?
    Meanwhile the Tory girl goes full Hannity on Boris.

    Boris being a “liberal modern conservative”, Boris standing up for gay rights? What is she smoking?

  5. Michael Rowsell | December 10, 2019 at 7:38 AM | Reply

    Normally I don’t go along with the “dumb blond ” theory .However ,here we have a real dumb blond spouting populist clichés

    • Marxists don’t like when people other than them talk 🙂

    • No, she just trying to defend Boris, and like Trump he lies so much really hard defend him.

    • swave158 What’s the worst lie you ever heard Trump say?
      What is your best example of the worst Trump has ever said to undermine our Constitution and democracy?

    • @Eric Larsen 1. He attacked by the FBI saying they were trying to over him before he even came into office, when the Attorney General own find showed that the FBI did know such thing.
      2. He blocked by congressional aid for Ukraine and tried to force Ukraine to attack his political rival. The Porn Star Donald Trump said “read the transcript” so I did and he admits to committing treason in the own “transcript”.
      3. Then the Presidents own Chief of Staff and Lawyer gets on international TV and admits to the world that they are conspiring to commit treason for the world to see. LOL ahahahahahahaah 🤣😂🤣😂👍

    • I’ll give her more credence when she learns to tie her shoes.

  6. Matthijs R Colenbrander | December 10, 2019 at 7:59 AM | Reply

    Be sure to have an open mind while
    properly & intelligently informing yourself,
    referring to credible independent information sources,
    and listening deeply to some key people who
    are in the game to pursue the best for people & country and
    actually know what they are talking about
    before making your voting choice …

  7. Boris Johnson is an elitist boys club tosser! Get rid of him or watch your country dissolve into a country only for the rich. Jonathon Pie is an Oracle, please watch him and try save you country.

  8. Good Action Daily | December 10, 2019 at 8:21 AM | Reply

    Seriously? Again the spouted solution of ‘get Brexit done’ and move onto more important issues? That is totally ignoring half the country actually think this IS the important issue! And to say something is backed up by Trump, who literally can’t tell the same story from one day to the next, who lies and cheats through everything, even when he doesn’t need to, simply says something about the blond woman’s absolute belief in her British counterpart, Johnson, who has similar difficulties.
    Btw the 2016 Brexit referendum was not legally binding. If it had been, it would’ve been nullified by the courts when they found certain parties used misleading adverts and statements in the run up. The public were lied to about several important issues.
    Also, what is Johnson hiding when he wouldn’t release the report on interference into the referendum by Russia?

  9. Oh, I see Boris has found his own Tomi Lahren.

  10. Good grief….. was she for real, “Brexit hasn’t been impacted yet” and “trump said he doesn’t want the NHS” so there you go Trump never lies !
    Also Thursday will be the second general election since the referendum!
    So dumb is the word I’m afraid… she just needed a few “d’ya know wot I meeen” to prove her eloquence …..not

    • i’ve looked into this and looked at all docs…. no trump hasnt said he wants nhs… no our side hasn’t said they’d sell it.

  11. Johnson is a liar


    • corby is… he cannot deliver his manifesto if he stays in the eu because it breaks eu law.. and he has no intention of leaving.

    • @joe caterman Johnson had a bus, something about NHS and £350 million, what a lying psychopath cnut, you know it I know it, Brexit would’ve never happened if the bullshiter cokehead Tories had told the truth.

  12. “It would be very sad to break up our Scottish union” yet not our European one… loving the consistency

  13. They lied about Brexit at the referendum, both main leaders are untrustworthy and need to be replaced.

  14. This was weird. The Mighty Boosh redux.

  15. Wait so the U.K. is having an election? Well congratulations on who wins. Next is the US in 2020 and we hopefully be voting Trump out, we already voted his party out in the one of our House chambers, time to vote him out.

  16. Completely in love with Bianca Nobilo, smart, beautiful and strong

  17. 2020 Jeremy who? Momentum who? Adieu Napoléon le Petit and the EU, Hello Euro’s 2020 its time for the lion to roar.

  18. Can’t wait for Jezza to win . Free everything for everyone Yay ! .

    Oh , wait a minute, who’s paying 🤔

  19. The blond chick is either Boris’ s niece or Putin’s daughter, or both. Bonkers in her trolley.

  20. when brexit will happen?

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