UK government releases no-deal Brexit document

UK government releases no-deal Brexit document 1


Scotland's highest court of appeal rules UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament as unlawful, and the UK government releases a no-deal Brexit document called Operation Yellowhammer. CNN's Nic Robertson has more.

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  1. This exactly the kind of chaos the far-right want.

    • @Mr. Sensible Ignoring that the rightwing DUP in Northern Ireland have blocked Brexit, to date.


    • The far right universally dont care about economic chaos, they just want to loudly espouse their xenophobia, there isn’t a good reason to leave the eu. The uk had the most generous trade and farming deals and we are walking away from that for independence, the uk will never recover from this. Ironically, the people that
      Voted leave earm less than 14k and are the people who will be affected most by leaving the trading block. It’s pretty embarassing.

    • @Mr. Sensible you forgot to add Soros to your rant. Simpleton muppet.

  2. When will this madness end and we get back to a fact based decision making

    • Little Traveller | September 12, 2019 at 5:46 AM | Reply

      Is that what we’ve had so far?

    • mickey thompson | September 12, 2019 at 6:31 AM | Reply

      Well, there’s always been ideological decision making, it’s just that truth used to have a hand in governing it. At the moment facts are out the window, and it’s all ideology.

    • George Bin Shams | September 12, 2019 at 10:55 AM | Reply

      If England and American nationalist fail to do deal or no deal Brixt . There is a deadly or mass death technology will come to this world which is way more deadlier and more dangerously human life threatening than some food and medicine shortages in UK out of Brexit.
      See reply section for details how they apply technology to control our Government and mass people by Artifacial Intelligence via satellite and depopulate the world at mass level.

  3. I do not understand why Yellow hammer could come as a surprise the problems have been well known. One do not need to be Einstein to forsee the problems when a you tear apart a system that has grown into a symbiotic economic organisation. Blod will poor from the wound that such a split crates.

    • Actually one of the European Union’s main foundational pillars is a ‘symbiotic’ economic system and kind of the whole point of it. To your point on tearing it apart, that is why it’s crazy that we have to leave. I have no doubt if we had another referendum, without the misleading campaigning/lies done by Johnson, Farage, Russia et al, it would overwhelmingly be a vote to stay in. Most who want to Brexit are similar to Trump supporters; they insist on voting against their own interests mainly because they are racist xenophobes…

    • It’s not a surprise but it was a leak/rumor before and now it’s out and fact.

    • Most people are not Einstein. Most people got the intellect of ‘ein Stein’ (one stone).

  4. Operation ‘Yellowhammer’? Kudos to whomever named it. It is true Bojohammer was going to be too controversial. lmao.

  5. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia | September 12, 2019 at 3:16 AM | Reply

    Fu***g Far-right Politicians/extremists are behind much of the most chaotic behavior and harsh consequences globally.

    • gunnyo50 Have yet to see a racist attack in USA. We’ve seen fake made up attacks by leftist anti-Republicans like Jessie Smullet. Propagated by CNN and then sheep like you believe the fake news.

    • Eu is pro islam.
      Its bad for women.
      You either support rape or dont.

  6. Victor Alexander | September 12, 2019 at 3:33 AM | Reply

    boris “please mr trump don’t endose my anymore cuz i keep losing”

    • Keeps losing, or keeps his opponents occupied with the wrong stuff? As with Trump – do Not under-estimate this guy.

  7. Trump dreams of suspending Congress…not if the founding fathers has something to say about that.

  8. richard gornalle | September 12, 2019 at 3:39 AM | Reply

    If is ok for Boris to try for a second vote why is it not possible for the people to have a second vote on Brexit?

    • The brexiteers are afraid that people will vote majority on staying in the EU now after realizing their mistake so they don’t want another referendum less they lose everything. They’re willing to bring down the country than vote for another brexit vote. Nationalists usually only care for themselves and don’t like it when they’re ignored. The most narcissists of the bunch and entitled.

    • BritainForTheBritish | September 12, 2019 at 11:15 AM | Reply

      @Josie Fox it broke no laws

    • BritainForTheBritish | September 12, 2019 at 11:16 AM | Reply

      @Leech so why are the opposition afraid of a GE?

    • they had ……….. the Brexit Party won this time too

    • @Josie Fox : bravo Josie.
      Having just waded through this whole tedious thread, I yet again return to what Richard Dawkins said :”this is a matter of far too great a complexity of economic, historic, strategic and political importance, to be left to a decision by people as ignorant as I am.”
      Other than you, Natster Jam +, etc this thread shows the complete justification for NOT having a referendum, but leaving the matter in the hands of OUR 650 elected REPRESENTATIVES, who, prior to 23rd June 2016 were 476 pro EU, and 146 anti.
      Q. E. D.

  9. The “British Donald Trump” is as efficient and transparent as his US counterpart. And that’s really no good news.

    • @dan112020 Yeah…. it’s pointless to explain these things here. Why would I ever take your or anyone’s word for anything today? There is as much fake news in the UK as there is here in the USA. And to be honest, I don’t care enough to look, because knowing something I can’t do anything about, it’s pointless.

      What I do know is….. educated economists, say Brexit is a bad idea. I don’t know about you, but I can’t learn or remember everything. So, at some point, we have educated faith in others. Boris is NOT an economic expert…. he hold no degree in economics. You know that? So what do you really know for a fact about Brexit being a bad thing? Now, when anything like this happens, some people do good, and some do badly. Are you one who’d benefit from Brexit? if you are, are you being clear about it? People here think trump is great… But they aren’t looking at what is coming, the big picture.

    • ​@JeremiahThe only people who think paedophile trump is great are Nazis/supremacist/Jews will not replace us brigade/racist/dingalings/evangelist/Putin GRU Krelin bots/trolls/sleepers/paedophile trumps Killing disciples….You do not need anyone to tell you that paedophile trump is no good for America nor anyone else. I do not get my information from anyone else, no economist, I watch youtube videos and listen to conversations on the radio, long before there was a referendum I could not understand why the UK is in the EU, that the EU is a corrupt organisation. the EU told the Eastern EU countries that they are good for nothing and that they must leave their countries and populate the other countries like the UK, a UK worker has to make some much money because of the high standard of living, the EU worker who has a lower standard of living undercut the UK worker in all trades, that means the living wage is lowered and unliveable for the UK worker, meanwhile that means the bosses can dine out on champagne with money that should have gone into the pockets of the UK worker. I could go on, but it is about thinking for yourself not listening to anyone, if you listen to folks only, they all have their own agenda. I do not like Boris nor trust Boris but Boris is the only one making decisions in the UK parliament that is positive, I could tell you so many stories about the EU and none of them are positive, just like no stories about paedophile trump is positive. You mentioned Economist, you will find economist are on both sides to leave and to stay.

    • ​@JeremiahI do not trade in the EU, I do not trade at all, I will not benefit if the UK stays or leave the EU. An MP in the UK parliament who spent all her working life living in Brussels got shot and killed because she spent all her time working for the EU in Brussels but the EU leaders told her that they cannot give her a higher job posting because she is not an MP, so she goes back to quiet Yorkshire and becomes an MP for Yorkshire and totally ignores her constituents because she wants to work for the EU in Brussels where she lives so one of her UK constituents shot and killed her. She cannot use people like that, for the benefit of herself, this is another one of many reasons why being in the EU is wrong.

  10. Not off to a good start Boris indeed. The sad part is hes smarter than Trump, but still an idiot.

    • ” Anger, the great currency in populist politics, wide open for this as an electoral model: ‘You are angry. You are right to be angry. I get your anger. Because they ( _elites/vague enemies_ often undefined) are not giving *you* what you want and need and deserve. *They* keep everything for themselves. Because they are not on your side. I am on your side. Because only I understand you, and only I have the strength to deliver for you.’
      It is truly remarkable that Trump the inherited wealth billionaire, Johnson the Eton/Oxbridge/Telegraph son of a Eurocrat, Jacob Rees-Mogg the multi-millionaire son of a Times editor, Farage the private school City trader, have been able to pull this off. But thus far, they have. “

    • Dunning and Kruger are the only ones in gov he can trust.

    • Andrew Mitchell | September 12, 2019 at 7:11 AM | Reply

      Boris is what you get if you put the village idiot in a suit and give him an Eton education.

  11. They know dead well the potential consequences, above all on the most vulnerable, but they still try hard to push this “no deal” bs…what a shame!

    • @King SlicksterWhat happened to common sense ?

    • @JR N But…Still…What, com’on back you hear.

    • @JR N​ Jeremiah We all lie and cheat on our wives but about leaving the EU, even that Boris is not 100% committed, Boris blows with the wind but long before Brexit, I could not see the point of UK being in the EU, the EU by flooding the UK jobs market meant UK workers could not live on the wages bosses were paying EU workers. Greece went bankrupt because of the EU, the German and French farmers has never made a profit and are claiming unemployment benefits from the EU. Why have two EU parliament building, that’s because the Eu is overindulgent and sloshing about with UK money, the Eastern EU countries have borrowed on the never never money to update there roads but each country always ask for a billion more than they need the EU bank is threatening to take them to court for reimbursements. I could go on to why I want out of the EU, I see no benefit to the UK being in the EU. Although Boris is much better than paedophile trump, this is not about Boris, Boris is our only hope of getting out of the EU for those who strongly want to leave the EU.

  12. Right wing leaders are the single biggest threats to modern society today, together with the imbeciles who think they are being smart voting for them.

  13. At this point Brexiteers no longer care about economic chaos, they just want to get started kicking foreigners out of the UK.

    • @Rodrigo Escapades got ya passport ready…cya…no loss

    • Granted there are the Nazis/racist/supremacist but still the UK must leave the EU, I do not see any good reason for the UK being in the EU….There’s no comparison between paedophile trump and Boris, Boris in proroguing parliament stays within the law of the UK parliament and with the blessing of the queen, Boris is well read on policy, Boris is intelligent, can construct an intelligent argument, Boris is positively decisive, nothing ruthless about Boris unless done in the most intelligent way, Boris is most eloquent. None of these attribute you can say that paedophile trump has. MAGA arrest paedophile trump aka individual one and vote out paedophile trump 2020. If paedophile trump was anything like Boris I would be telling you so, because I have no liking for Boris but I have to admit strength when I see strength of personality and character. I only see weaknesses in paedophile trump is why is call it out. You do not get it, there’s no conservatives or labour party it is so simply, a Brit is either a remainer or a Brexiteer just like the Musketeers. simplesssss. Nothing else matters. Does the UK want to be ruled by the UK parliament or unelected officials accountable to no one in Europe, derrrr simplesss. Why does the EU have two parliament buildings because the EU is sloshing around with two much UK money, opulence and overindulgence. It is the EU officials that cause the collapse of Greece and I could go on.

    • When the elites say no, even democracy dies.

  14. I never thought they,d ever be someone who was as big a liar as Trump but Boris seems to be if not an even bigger one.

    • Die Pippa vom BR | September 12, 2019 at 10:50 AM | Reply

      Go watch Boris Johnson: PMQ 11.09.19 “The Sun” and read the the comments. 95% are voting for Johnson, and want out the EU with a no deal Brexit. It’s like the Fox News comments, all Trump followers.

    • @Die Pippa vom BR Old bigoted people are more than willing to starve if it means keeping Muslims and refugees out…

  15. In all Brexit conundrums, the main positive is that elected members of the Parliament did their job by demanding transparency, and fighting against the result of a simplistic referendum which resulted in manipulative lies and without any obligation nor conscience of the likes of ERG, UKIP and others to present the real consequences of a no deal withdrawal from the EU.

  16. All this time and they hadn’t figured out how to solve the most obvious problems. The States and U.K. seems to have gone totally mad. Idiots destroying their own countries from within. Putin and China are so happy now.

    • Brendan Gavaghan | September 12, 2019 at 11:53 AM | Reply

      yup, and China is the bigger player, so glad they love ai er lan hehe, nice people to, if they weren’t, I’d probably be an insurgent, but for what? They do right by most every form of decency.

  17. It should be pointed out the Boris Johnson hoped to have an election before the effects of a no deal Brexit would become apparent.

    • Alex D his offering big budget spending to counter the effects….. the money withheld by austerity by his own party for a decade plus…!

  18. Andrea Ledsome who thinks everything should be kept from us the people because she thinks she knows best. I don’t think so, this bunch of entitled fascists have been a disaster for Britain since Cameron. We need a referendum, ant then a new government personally I want the Lib Dems.

  19. Walter Ontiveros | September 12, 2019 at 6:25 AM | Reply

    Congratulations brits now you have your own trump

  20. Scotland, craddle of reason and sanity. I tip my hat to all you people up there.

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